Two Piece Rehearsal Dinner Dress | Dresses Every Brides Need!! Bridal Party, Bachelorette, Rehearsal Dinner!

Emma Catherine

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Dresses Every Brides Need!! Bridal Party, Bachelorette, Rehearsal Dinner!


Everybody, welcome back to my channel. So in today’s video. I’m gonna be sharing with you at dresses that all brides actually need in the perfect place to get them from, so I found Lulus and they had the most vast variety of dresses for bride, and I became so obsessed and I was like I need every single one of these. So luckily, I’m just so fortunate and blessed to have Lulus be able to send me these products to share with you guys, so I was able to wear these for all my Bridal event. It’s like Bridal Showers, Bachelorette party, my rehearsal dinner, So I’m just gonna go through and just show you guys exactly what dress is. I’m wearing and hopefully you guys get some inspiration from these. I think the pieces that I chose. Have a lot of variety, there’s. Some that are super classy and conservative. Some that are a little bit more like risque for Bachelorette, and then really good in-between one. So I’m super excited to share them with you. Guys searching for dresses for my Bridal Events has been seriously one of my most favorite parts, So this video is super exciting for me to film, and I really hope you guys get some inspiration and just ideas from it again. Thank you so much to Lulus for sending me these products. I’m just so grateful and I felt so beautiful at all my events, and I want you guys to feel the same – to made me get these for your events -, and if you do, send me pictures because we can match and I want to see them, so I’m gonna, of course, have all of the dresses in the description down below so that you can get an exact link of how to get to the dress. I’m gonna master the size that I wear and like my measurements just for reference emphasizing. Alright, so now let’s just go get started on what the dress look like. Alright, so this is the first dress And this is called the Annika ruffled Bodycon dress. I think I’ll have everything in the description down below, but this dress I wore for my Fort Wayne Bridal shower and I am obsessed with this. I just feel so good in this, which is weird because it’s out of my comfort zone. I’m not typically a girl to wear like tight dresses, but I feel like this gives just like that girly classy feel to a bodycon dress, and I just felt so good, and this material is very thick and stretchy, and I feel like it hides like what you want to hide in. Just flatters you really well and I love the little details like this. Ruffle all going down the slit. It’s just like a perfect length -. I guess this is like a mini length at which I don’t typically go for. But I think this looks so good. This is probably the dress. It surprised me, and it honestly is probably my favorite. I love this so much. I felt so good in this. It’s just a beautiful dress, so I’m wearing a size extra small in this for reference. I have an extra small in all dresses. I’m really sure I’m only five two and then 105 pounds. So I hope that guy can give you guys like a kind of a good reference on what to do with sizing, but yeah, this. Is this dress so yes? Oh, my gosh, guys, look at how beautiful this dress is. Wow, so I wore this dress for my bridal shower with Zach’s family, and I just feel like this was the perfect dress for the occasion. I feel like such a bride in this dress. I love the intricate details of it. It is just so unique. I’ve never seen anything like this, and I’m obsessive this. The first thing that I was drawn to, and I love so much is just the Swiss dots like it’s like a white mesh with just these white Swiss dots, all unlike the neckline and down the sleeves. I love this! I think it is so girly. I love like a really girly feminine style, and I feel like this dress is that the length is perfect for it. It’s a little bit more conservative. If that’s what you’re going for, and I think it was perfect for in the bridal shower that I went to. It’s not like too tight, but it just fits and hits all the right spots. I also love like this thick lace. It’s on the sleeves and just like right here. There’s like a belt below the bust and just going all the way down. I think this is just like the perfect bride dress. I just feel like such a bride in this. Made me feel beautiful, and you feel very classy, but still very pretty and put together, so I love this one so much. Okay, it’s in this dress. Just the cutest ahh! I just want to dance in this, which this one is for my bachelorette party. So my bachelorette party is two days. I haven’t gone to it yet, so I’m really excited to wear it because it’s this weekend, so I’m obsessed with this dress. I think it was just so fun. I love off-the-shoulder. So I think there’s just this perfect for me because it just like encapsulate what I love, so I loved off the shoulder. The Steve V is a little bit out of my comfort zone, but I mean, it’s my Bachelorette party, and I’m gonna be with all girls. So so this is like a skater style dress. I think it just cinches in at the waist, Really. Well, and then it just flutters out and it just like spinning and fun in the back, just like just plain white. I think this would be perfect for even a bridal shower. You can really wear this for anything, but I just think this screams bachelorette. I think it’s super fun, really girly. And I love this one. Just giving you a little look at it. Do you do it to do? Just makes me wanna dance pretty. There’s not much to say about this. It’s so simple, but I think this is perfect for the Bachelorette party, and I’m so excited to wear it. So here is another Bachelorette outfit. This scream’s screams. Bachelorette, so this is a shirt and skirt set. It’s by the brand honey punch. So it’s a little bit more pricey, but it’s just super cute, very dainty and just looks like expensive so first it’s just like this little peplum top. And I love peplum? Love it so much. I think it’s just so girly. I’ve said that word so many times. But I love to look girly. This has this little cutout right here, which shows kind of a lot because I have a little bit more going on there, but if you’re like a little bit more flat-chested, you’d have no problem, So what I did with this is I just wore a sticky bra and then I just unclipped it and just talked to the sides in, and that looked perfect, cuz. I still wanted like coverage and support, so that’s what I did, and it worked great. So this is the skirt really cute. It just zips on the side. It’s like high-waisted. It definitely is like a little bit short, but I mean, it looks definitely like a Bachelorette type outfit. I think this is perfect, especially if you’re having like a summer Bachelorette party mine is going to be at the end of March, So it’s gonna be pretty chilly, so I’m probably gonna wear like jeans with this. I thought that would look super cute, just like jeans with this top. I thought that would look so cute and put together. I’m just like really cute accessories, so Ill. Show you guys how that looks alright? So I threw some jeans on just to kind of make this a little bit more weather appropriate If you’re having more like a early spring type of wedding, So this is probably something that I’ll wear. I just have on like some like open toe. Booties like this and the bottom of the jeans are kind of like frayed a little so. I think it’s really cute. I mean, this is a cute way to kind of mix and match with the skirt and top set. Why am I so out of breath? But love this super cute last. But not least. This is my rehearsal dinner dress. This is just a stunning dress. You could even wear this. Is your actual wedding gown? It is so so beautiful, so I love just the lace going all the way down the sleeves and just all the way down until it hits at the waist, and then it’s just like tulle at the bottom, and it just is so flowy and beautiful, but wait till you see the back. Look at that! Oh, my gosh! I love just the open back and just where it hits. It looks so good. I am obsessed with this, so it is super long on me like I said, I’m only 5 – barely. Yes, so I do have to get it hemmed at the bottom, but that’s like not an expensive fix, and I think it is totally worth it and you could leave it just flowy, kind of long. If that’s kind of like the look that you’re going for, it gives it a little bit of a train. Wow, this dress is just to die for. I think this is perfect for the rehearsal dinner because I wanted something that was really classy and just kind of looked like a wedding dress but was not nearly as expensive. So this I think is under $100 which I think is an amazing deal for such a beautiful dress. So honestly, if you need an inexpensive wedding dress. I would go for this. At least try it out or even like for a rehearsal dinner. This is just absolutely beautiful, really cute for like engagement pictures. – mistress stunning. So I absolutely love this. I think it’s perfect lets. Have one more looking back even with your hair now. Just let it flow or torso is kind of short, so sometimes it bunches at the side here, so I just have to keep pulling it down, but that’s not really a common problem with most people, all right, so that was it for the dresses, but before I go, I want to show you guys two of the shoes that I have been wearing with these dresses, so you can get some inspiration from that. And loulous has beautiful shoes that are really inexpensive. These first ones. I forgot what they’re called, but they’re just the perfect little nude heel. Only $35 I love how the heel is like a cylinder here. I go with the shapes, but it’s weird, cuz It’s not like a block. It’s a circle, so I just think that’s so unique, okay. No heels are like, incredibly comfortable, lets. Just admit that no fault -. Lulus it’s just how he owes our. I don’t die in these. That’s great, but they are like not super uncomfortable, so that’s really nice, but I’m not going to tell you like they’re the most comfortable shoes in the world Because I would not be the truth, but I love. These are just like a really soft faux suede. I think they’re perfect. Just nude heels really for occasion. You could wear this so many times, and they’re an excellent deal, so these are great basic. This is their little packaging for the shoes, which? I think it’s really cute. These ones are basic -. I just love a basic heel, but they have a little bit a difference to them. The heel is a lot taller and it just kind of. I would say this is like four inches. This is pretty much like the size of my wedding heel. So this is just that cognatic color. I’m probably gonna wear this with more of like my, um. Bachelorette outfits and probably my rehearsal dinner dress just because this gives like a little bit of extra height, and they can’t told you guys. That dress is really long, so I think these are so perfect and like I said, you can wear these all the time. So those are the shoes So that was it for this video. I really hope you guys enjoyed. It is so so much fun. Filming it for you guys. I just love everything. Bridal, it’s kind of sad that this is coming to a close in like less than 20 days. So crazy, okay, well. I gotta get to work, but I’ll see you guys A nice video. Love you all bye.