Traditional Persian Wedding Dress | Traditional Persian Clothes Expo Presstv Iran Program Elpida Soltani

Elpida Soltani

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Traditional Persian Clothes Expo Presstv Iran Program Elpida Soltani


Today, people can pick out clothes to wear from a wide range of variety and as far as history recalls for women, clothing and related accessories have been critical, not just for fashion and beauty, but for the personal values they convey those values could become the identity of a nation. Yvonne is a country with many different ethnic groups. Each of these have their own exceptional building, an assortment of color, beauty and elegance. The Iranian people have been wearing these exquisite clothes for centuries and centuries, and not just for a certain occasion, but every day nowadays, especially in big cities like Tehran. These traditional clothes are not that much popular anymore, but there has been a recent growing trend among designers to go back to basics and seek inspiration from the past. Yah salmon habilis. Poole is a 20 year old motivated fashion designer who’s very enthusiastic about Iran’s traditional motifs and patterns and how they can be mirrored in today’s clothing Five years ago, Yattaman decided to create her own fashion line, using patterns and motifs that are rooted in the country’s traditions and customs. You see for her, it’s? All about combining modernity with tradition, expressive designs in vivid colors and elaborate floral patterns are the signature mark of your summon’s clothing line and the reason why they’re different and unique. Your sermon has three factors in mind when designing her clothes for her, they should stylish. They should be comfortable and most of all have great quality. She gets her inspirations from nature and you can see all these colorful elements reflected in her designs. I want a Kshama. Indonesia identical in timing last purchase Panoho. She carries Nicosia shoulder. I mean, and the hot arena came. Mom has been getting th lobosdied esta Ciudad que dar al Khaimah DNA es a la-z-boy fri nomination body Irani Buddha nomination Bank and Madonna Irani me to name Bahaman push a cicada in Bahaminy. Joe became cheesy by pushing Keisha esta. Emma’s she’s revolution cannot be a drama talking about enthusiasm. I introduce you to new chef. Aaron devotee, a passionate fashion designer and researcher who was dedicated years studying the clothes. Evon Yin woman have been wearing throughout centuries in the recent exhibition held in Tehran’s Miller Tower. We got to see from up close how? Avani and women dress and express themselves. The variety of clothes was tremendous year from clothes worn in the second and third millennium BC. To those worn by different tribes and also religious minorities. The women in the Safavid period used to wear some kind of headwear now that depended on their social rank from different crowns made with gold and silver with beautiful jewels, two different forms of fabric in different colors. This beautiful blue dress that I’m wearing right now has been inspired by the clothes that women used to wear back in the Tamarack period, which is about six hundred years ago. We’ll never say yes on my ear, and if you wanna ask berry, acai berry. Dona Mati – Makani. Arango showed you to live a subway car. Millionaire -. The kid will ever sign Jongshin homonymous. I hated to see Ruben – Z 1 to Z novel. – see, that’s a montage take. A to Z come time again. I mean, say clinic as Nishinoya Rambo named Mally Economo by Hon Challenger bacteria. Hanami – Tammy Ahmad. A pasta dough is a cultural diversity. Lm Katti K the omnium in yellow Mati. Very own me Irani Buddha Lobos’s Ana New Year. Anita, Actually, Teresa in Isabel. Your church never sees the opposite. I get comment with a hotter. David Bowie at 30 Theron over in Batalla de animal Lavazza. Balanta mucho pronto. Kishida, the women in the pod, your period used to watch order to cover their clothes now. This chador ranged from different colors from black to navy, blue and beautiful turquoise. Now let’s take a brief look at some of the clothes. New chef. Aaron presented in the exhibition the Tour Cmon. Women in northeastern Iran wear outfits made in silk and decorated with needlework. Clothes, tend to favor rusty and earthly colors, such as deep reds and dark Browns, The core mangy women who live in the horizont province where a colorful dress with coins a sewn on the best and on the scarf. A pair of long earrings is also attached to their scarf. Their handmade shoes are called Shahrokh. The cash by women who live in the province of farce are known for their multi-layered skirts, bright tunics and lengthy head scarves that blanket a large part of their tunics, The Bellucci women living in the southeastern province of cysts on and Balochistan wear outfits decorated with needlework, their sleeves, colors and pants are donned with embroidery. They also wear a chador, made out of fine fabrics to cover clothes going back in time and Lissa’s have women. Dressed in the Bajoran period from 1785 to 1925 Long sleeves, dresses with slits on the sides or white frilled skirts edged with laces in the bottom. We’re typical those days. This stunning dress is from the colored Non-dairy region. A city in the northeastern province of Horace on Red Silk is used throughout the outfit with large baggy pants underneath the skirt. Women who live in a Leo bought cattle, a city in the north province of Golestan, where sequin clothes decorated with handmade frills and coins Their traditional costume includes a dress, a crimped skirt, a hat, a scarf and a special collar and finally the women in Mohammed, a city in the northwestern province of Azerbaijan. For these women. Brocade fabric says it all. The dress is often colorful and vibrant, with hats decorated with coins and shiny sequence. Waddell is gay for Iran.