Thank You For Wedding Guests | Bride And Groom Sing Epic Thank You Song To Wedding Guests – Best #wedding Speech

Jamie and Megan

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Bride And Groom Sing Epic Thank You Song To Wedding Guests - Best #wedding Speech


Look at you, all don’’t, you look neat. It’’s about to get cringy. Hold on to your seat. A wedding of ours. Wouldn’’t be without a song from us. You’’ve traveled here to see us. Tie the knot. Others are here just to drink quite a lot. We are just happy to share our special day with you. We’’ve got Uppingham, Westholme and Loughborough We’ve got family and old friends galore. And later we wanna see you. Going wild throwing shapes on the dance floor. You’ve traveled from near, traveled from far. We can’’t explain how grateful we are. It’’s amazing to see. You wanted to be part of our day. Oh, Harry, you’re the best. You’re his fav. Don’’t, tell the rest. It started long ago. He loves you more than you’’ll know. He will always be so grateful for your friendship, Mac. You’’re fit and you’re funny. Have ten abs on your tummy. You are our bro-in-law. Who we simply do adore? Can you please stop being so good? You make Jamie look average. Damn all these beautiful boys! Don’t, they scrub up well. Jamie has some sexy ushers dashing ushers. Can I marry you as well? And to Jamie’’s brother Ash, who likes to get out on the lash? Even though He’’s settled down, He’s so fun to be around And we’re so proud of you. For the man you have become. Oh, and we just wanna say to our gorgeous Georgie. May You’’ve been there from the start. We love you with all our heart. And it’’s cool that we Have a friend Who looks like Tarzan. Damn all these beautiful boys! Don’t they scrub up well? Jamie has some sexy ushers handsome ushers. Can I marry you as well? Another turning point one hell of a ride. Over the years, you’ve always stood there by my side. And I’’m so grateful for everything you do. Especially later, when you help me on the loo, It’’s something indescribable, so special and so, right. You are the greatest girls in my life. Thank you, Gracie. For being one of a kind. And Laura I’m so grateful that our paths aligned Lauren. I’’m, sorry, I didn’’t turn out gay. Cos this could have been us on our wedding day. It’’s something indescribable. So special and so, right. You are the greatest girls in my life. Let’’s get down to business. To discuss the guys. Whatever they will tell you, we guarantee its lies. So if they try and bend the truth? We’’ll say we haven’’t got a clue. Just know that’’s what best men are supposed to do. A boarding house at Uppingham. Where you might be surprised. A night of heavy drinking. Rossy was hospitalised. He’’s known you boys for far too long. There’’s so much that you’ve been through That’s why he made best men out of you? They signed up both of us. To a marathon out in Stockholm To try and get our wed bods looking great. We ran so many miles. We hated every second. At least we got to run it with our mates. [MY Best men] Fifteen years since you met at school [My best men]. You’re always there for my handsome groom. [MY best men]. He couldn’t ask for any better best friends. So please give it up to the best men in the room. To my maid of honour, She’’s amazing that’’s for sure. For two short years, you had Mum and Dad. Then three became a four. You are my big Sister. And I’m your biggest fan. Your heart is full of love and happiness. Just like our lovely Gran Han. You look stunning tonight. Thank you for all you do. You planned the hen and kept me calm through it all. That’s the hardest thing to do. Han I’’d be lost without you. Best friends since we were young Growing up. I wanted to be just like you Here’s to Han. Ah Chung. Look at my Mum, look how she shines today in every single way. The mother-of-the-bride. And my Dad, oh, how you made me smile walking down the aisle. The father-of-the-bride. Mum, one things for sure. You taught me all I know. Then you watched me Go and get carried away. Dad, you are such a softie at heart and you’’ve played such a big part in who I am today. Thank you, thank you for all You’’ve done because we’ve. Oh, we’ve had so much fun. And you know, you know, I love you so. You know, I love you so. Hey, Baz, don’t know if you knew. Everyday Jamie turns more into you. The tech the filming, But I don’t care. As long as he doesn’’t start losing his hair. Hey, Diwy Dank, je wel. Because you’’ve managed to raise this boy pretty. Well, He’s kind he’s caring outside and in and that’s from all the things that you have taught him. So all let’’s just take a pause And raise a glass to my mother and father in law. Thank you for everything that you’ve done. I promise. I’ll take care of your lovely son. We want to thank you. Thank you to everybody. We want to thank you. We want to thank you. This song is nearly over just one last thing to say. You have made our dreams come true by coming today. And I wish I could. Thank each person individually. Because each and everyone of you out, there means so much to me, So it’’s been cringe and cheesy, But what We’’ve said is true. We can’’t describe how we both feel inside. It’’s been one hell of a ride and it’’s all down to you. We want to thank you. Thank you to everybody. We want to thank you. We want to thank you. We want to thank you.