Stocking Stuffer Ideas For My Wife | Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas For Her ♡ Budget Friendly // Christmas 2019

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Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas For Her ♡ Budget Friendly // Christmas 2019


Hey, guys, and welcome back to my channel today. I have another Christmas video because this season and I just loved it so today. I have another one and I’m gonna be doing sort of like a gift guide for like the stocking. So if you want to spoil your mom, your bestie, your sister. Whoever during the month of December and add a little something to the stocking. Then I have a lot of cute ideas to what you could get them. So if you want to see, you know, all the cute things that I found and that I personally would love to get then. Just continue to watch guys, so I basically have a whole basket right here. Just full of stuff that I probably should have rearranged to look really cute, but I haven’t, so I have so many different things, so I’m just gonna get right into it and show you all the cute things that I found that I feel like will just be perfect for a stocking. Okay, so first thing is if they don’t got a stocking, you could always gift them one. You can find so many cute ones this. I actually picked up at Target, Probably like three years ago. Four years ago with an L on it. And my sister got one with an S for her name, and I just feel like these are super super cute. You can get really cute with like the faux fur. You can get like the sort of knitted ones that are like chunky knit. You can find so many cute stockings. So if they don’t have one, you could always get one and either completely fill it up with all the presents that you get them and just give them at once, or I don’t know if that’s how people do it in other countries here. I sort of at least everyone that I know you sort of add something like every day every other day. Whatever, so yeah, you could always get them like you’re really a cute stocking. If they don’t have one next up is my personal favorite thing to get like? I am so you see you guys. If you want to be on my good side, you want to give me a little present? Just give me cozy socks or like slippers, slipper socks like these like. I will be the happiest girl in the world. Basically, so I found these super super cute. They’re almost I’m like I’m socks, slippers where it’s like a sock, but it’s so big, it’s kind of like a slipper and has like the non-slip on a need, which is really important because like you’ll be sliding around the whole damn house if you’re without the little grips underneath. But I found that these were just so cute. They have like the little Rudolph nose. The little little reindeers. What is this cold, you know what? I mean. It’s cute little like a reindeer boots and on the inside, it’s super super warm and fluffy, and I am just obsessed with these. I’ve been wanting to use them, but I wanted to make sure that didn’t get like dirty anything before this video. So I feel like a cute pair of, like cozy socks and slippers are always a really, really good idea. Another idea is 80 So if you know they love tea, which I personally do so you could either Get them like their favorite tea. If they have one that, you know, they just absolutely love or you could get them a seasonal one. I picked up this sugar. Cookie sleigh ride from celestial. Seasonings, it’s an herbal tea. It’s caffeine free and like I said, it’s this sugar cookie sleigh ride. So it has like a vanilla in it. Some orange in it has like sugar cookies and stuff like that so. I feel like this is gonna taste so good. And the packaging is like super Christmasy. Another great idea would be to get them out of wack smells. If you know they have a wax burner that they use a lot. I personally am obsessed with mine. I use it all at the time, so I would love getting something like this. So a nice whack smell would be a great idea. You could either again like a bigger packaging. I try to do like a different budgets because I know that, you know everybody has different budgets, especially for, you know, just sucking suckers and stuff because that’s not really like the main thing if you’re also giving them out Christmas presents, so I wanted to do like different of budgets, so you can either buy, like bigger packages. I picked this up at Target. This is from just a peek. Bay candles. They smell amazing, and they have six little wax cubes. In here or you forget them like single ones. It’s a specific one is from Yankee Candle, But obviously, depending on what country you live in, you probably have different brands, but this is their Christmas cookie at wax melt, and it’s most so so good, so you could always just get them smaller, single ones or like a bigger package, depending on your budget, But I feel like a nice Christmas Cinder to wax mold is so nice and like such a thoughtful thing if you get them into Christmas mood like very comfy and cozy and just just like nothing better than a nice smelling home, which also leads to the next idea, which would be to get them A small, send a candle. Bigger candles are typically a lot more expensive, so you’re trying to stay on a budget? I would suggest looking for smaller ones. This specific one is from assistant. Ghana, which is a Danish store. I believe to have them pretty much all over the world. At least it says all over the world, so I’m gonna have a link for their website down below where they probably have like any location Finder. So maybe you guys live in a country where they have it. If you do and you live near one, you go check it out because they’re really cheered things, but I’m I picked up a small, crushed cookies, candles from damn. I feel like small. Candles are just a great way to give them something. That’s like cozy. That has a nice scent to it without a really a freaking bank. The next up we have hot chocolate sticks? I personally love love getting these. They’re so nice to taste so good, and it’s just like feels so nice to make the chocolate like that. It feels like extra bushi, and I just always tastes so good, so these are basically just like chocolate on a steak. Why you like, stir it around and hot milk or whatever, and it gives you a hot chocolate? It’s just like a very nice way to do it and has a super nice flavor, so I personally love getting these. You can get them from so many different brands and you can make them yourself so you can easily and DIY these. I’ll see if I can find recipes down below my sisters. Make these before for me in the family, and it’s so nice and people make you like homemade gifts, So I feel like this is perfect, especially for a hot chocolate lover like I love when I get at these so highly recommend looking out for these. If you know whoever you want a gift a little bit of something to this year, it loves hot chocolate, then definitely see if you can find these because it’s just like an extra special way to make it next up. I have something I personally love and I cannot wait. I’m totally gonna use this myself. It’s this little like reindeer makeup skincare, a headband! So it’s a super like it’s thick, chunky one. It’s very soft, it sort of like microfiber material. It has to keep the reindeer on top, and I’m just like. Oh, my gosh, it’s the cutest thing ever, but this is the perfect, if for anyone with long hair with baby hairs who likes to do like skincare. Take off the make up, do their makeup and do face masks because you just, you know, pop it on slide it back and it just holds all of your hair away from the face. It doesn’t talk on it. It’s very comfortable. It looks super cute and Christmassy. And you can sort of do skin care. Why should face and all that stuff without getting here in the way and speaking of a face mask? I picked up this cute little multi-masking set from Loreal. It has their different masks in it. It has three different ones. It has a clear eye mask, a detox mask and a peeling mask and I personally actually really liked their face masks. I have a few of them, so I found this. It cured a little mini. A trio said that. I just feel like would be perfect for anybody. Who really loves to pamper themselves? They can use them all at the same time. They can use it one at a time. I just felt like this was such a cute little set and a speaking of skincare and math. I also found a bunch of really really cute sheet masks that I feel like would be a great idea for pretty much any age. I feel like everybody loves shed mask. Everybody can start using them. If they aren’t already and you can get them for so many different like parts of your body like you can get the for your face. Hands feed pretty much anything these days, so I found a bunch of cute things. You could either get them like cute. Little eye patches. How about of the eyes to make them, you know, more hydrated and smoother and deep. Huff it. You could also get them like no strips, which I feel like every girl loves, because don’t we all just hate Blackheads and I also found a hair sheet mass. So this is a it’s a 15 minute. Treatment has like a little flamingoes. It’s a sheet mask. You put on your hair. Basically, it has the ruler oil to nourish and condition your hair. It smells like coconut. I would never try to shoot mass butter here, but I feel like that’s such a little gift. You could also get them, of course, a face sheet mask. And why not get the animal one? That’s a reindeer? How cute is this? I’m totally gonna wear this and then have my reindeer headband on and just be rockin the whole reindeer. Look, but I believe I got this one from Asus. If I can find links to all the things that I’m showing, I will have them linked down below a lot of it is poured in like local stores in Denmark, So I don’t know if I can find it Brands online, but I’m definitely gonna try so look in DA description down below up to something specific. You wanna know, but yeah. I feel like a face one. It’s always a really, really good idea and then. I know you can also get them. Where was it, um, for the feed? So it’s basically a sheet mask for your feet and it’s like peeling, and I feel like everybody just likes to take care of the feed. This is a great way to peel them and make them super nice, and you especially want to use these during the winter. Where you don’t have you feet out because after a few, um, like a week or two, your feet are gonna start peeling a lot, but after that once they’re done peeling, you’re gonna have to softer speed ever so yeah. I feel like she’d mask up for various parts of the body. You can get them for your hands as well. I couldn’t find any, but you can get them for pretty much anything and I feel like it’s something. Everybody would love to do on like a little pamper night at home the next up. I found the cutest straws. I’m obsessed with these. I cannot wait to use them and it’s these little snowman and reindeer one. So these are paper straws, red and white stripe. And then they come with a little paper. Snowman and reindeers that you can put on at the actual straw. I don’t know if the picture up here, just up on a camera, but it’s the cutest thing, so you can have your straw and your drink and a little snowman, A little reindeer on top. But I just feel like it’s perfect, but when you want to be extra cozy extra holiday when you’re drinking your hot chocolate drinking your cold brew. Whatever people drink kind of coffee. I just feel like this would be the perfect little. You know, it’s not a necessity, but it’s freaking cute, so I had to pick these up when I saw them and I can’t wait. I’m totally gonna make hot chocolate pop one of these in and take a picture for the gram. Because this is just way too cute. Another a great idea, especially if you live somewhere. That’s super cold would be to get them A very nice hand cream. My hands are starting to get so dry these days because it’s getting so cold here, and I just feel like a nice little holiday scented hand cream. It’s just always a nice idea to give somebody so definitely check out the body shop. If you’re looking for a nice hand cream, that’s like seasonal. Center like their holiday Christmassy because they have the perfect sizes. They’re more like affordable because they’re not so huge. They always have really, really great sense, and they’re just like the perfect size to Chuck in like a purse or something. You could also get them a really nice fast bump if they have a bathtub. I personally don’t, but if I have one, I would just be living with, like the bubble bats and cobalt bombs, and it just looks so nice. I would love to have one. I sadly don’t, but if you know somebody, who does I feel like a nice holiday scented bath bomb would be a great idea. This one again is from the body shop. It’s a peppermint candy cane. One, it’s a little reindeer, and it’s so cute, so I feel like you could always get a very nice like bath bomb, or I liked about this ease or nice bath. So whatever I don’t really again, I don’t have a bad, so I don’t really know what people put in there, but I feel like that could be a very cute little gift as well. Then I have a little something if you know this person loves makeup because I feel like a good red lipstick is a must-have for the holiday season and also a nice lip liner. So I have these two from NYX data from there. I’m a mad a suede collection. These are very affordable for the quality like again. It’s Nick, So it’s always affordable, but the quality of these are so so good so you could give them a lip liner one day. I love to take another day or get them together again. Depending on how many days you want to give presents or you know how much your budget is but, um, like. I said these are quite affordable since there are Nicks, but your lip liner Cindy color spicy, which is a very, very nice, dark red, and then the lipstick isn’t one of their mad suede. This is also in color spicy. It’s a super super nice red. So I feel like this would be perfect for anybody who loves makeup, maybe starting to get into makeup or anyone who just needs a good a red lip for the holiday season, and then I have three larger items. They’re not like super big anything, but definitely a little bit more expensive, probably for a stocking stuffer for most people. So the first one is a nice body of butter. So this is again from the body shop. This is from this year’s collection with the warm vanilla scent, which is so good, It’s most so so good so anybody it loves a good vanilla scent and this is perfect for you. The body butters are really really nice and creamy, very, very hydrating. So I feel like again. This would just be your perfect gift for anybody who loves to pamper themselves. Another larger item is one of TF bath and Bodyworks hand soaps. I’m personally obsessed with these. I love them, so if you live in a country that has like Bath & Body Works. I feel like be perfect because who doesn’t love a nicely extended hand soap like Bath & Body Works. Is there one store that I gotta go to every time? I’m in this day. It’s like I will not leave that country without going to bathroom bodywork and picking up something like hand soaps, lotion, room spray candles like. I just have to go over there so this time that I was there. Last month, I picked up at five different hand soap. I think which five for $22 or something that are sales. So that’s very affordable because there’s quite a lot in it, and they just had so many nice scent, so I feel like this would be a very nice gift as well. You can get them some of their favorites or your favorite and get them some like nice. Christmas ones and last stop. I have a really really cute room diffuser. I feel like you can buy these. In so many different stores, obviously, depending on what country you live in, but I picked up this little. I don’t know if he’s a gingerbread cookie. If he’s just a cookie man, I don’t really know what he’s supposed to look like, but he looks like Christmas, and it smells like vanilla. So I picked this up in a store here in Denmark. Obviously I live in Denmark, so my options are quite limited. I don’t feel like we really have them. And he stores. How many options compared to those of you? I know a lot of you live in the states. A lot of you live in the UK, and I think a lot of you are from Germany as well and I love Germany to have so many like stores for shopping. They have so much Christmas stuff and again the US and the UK. You guys have like Poundland and B. Mmm, and be an M enm. I think it’s called. I’ve seen a lot of people go there and you have Primark. You have like Target. Everything is generally just a lot more affordable in a lot of those countries than here in Denmark. So it’s quite hard for me to like, find a lot of stuff for these videos that I feel like aren’t too expensive because everything’s just expensive here. Your guys like I mean, I’m just you guys. I feel like I’m breathing, and I’m spending money like that’s. How expensive I feel like it is human. Make especially right now. It’s frustrating next year. I just want to be able to like, go to either like Berlin or something. I’d go to London and just go to Primark and all those like, really, really nicely affordable source Because I’m tired of spending money. Okay, like I’m tired of it, but these were a lot of things that I picked out. I feel like I did okay, considering. I don’t really have that many stores that I feel like. Have you know really cute things that weren’t super expensive? So I really really hope you guys enjoyed this video? I’m gonna be doing like an actual gift guide like a Christmas gift guide as well where it’s gonna be. You know, bigger gifts as well so. I’m really really excited for that. I already have so many things for it. So I really really hope. You guys enjoyed this. I hope you found some inspiration, but again, thank you guys, so so much for watching and follow the love and support. If you new here, I would love it if you would go ahead and click the subscribe button, So you don’t miss any of my new uploads, and of course. I’m going to give this video a big thumbs up If you liked it and let me know any at Christmas video suggestions down below. So I can. Athens from My lips list will add them to my list. If there’s anything specific, you would like to see and other than that. I just want to say thank you guys so much again and I will see you in my next video.