Steel Gifts For 11 Year Anniversary | 11 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas | Steel

Lane Fournerat

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11 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas | Steel


Hey, guys, today’s. Krista and I is 11 year anniversary and we got each other gifts. If yall don’t know every year, I get her the traditional gift, so I’ve got it right here and over here. We have a lot to do today, so we’re. Having our anniversary lunch over oven-baked pizzas with our kids at the table because we’re trying to pack to go somewhere and get a whole bunch of stuff done, okay. Our pizza looks delicious. This is our special anniversary It is, and Krista got me this right, some hors doeuvres! Yeah, it’s fancier that way. Yeah, it’s a picture frame. Is it a picture frame? Okay, yeah, you might. Your mom did the ribbon. You might need some scissors. Okay, dear dad, happy. Anniversary to Dad from me. Me and Mom and Amelia and Jacque’s. Dear Dad. Happy anniversary have a great anniversary. I love you, Amelia, thank you. Did you notice how she wrote your name with an Airstream? She used Air Springs to spell out you. That’s cute an Airstream for the El, that’s right. She said she was gonna use jewels and I said I don’t know. Jewels are Dad’s favorites. Two air streams are his favorite. That’s perfect. Thank You bumpkin, all right. Be careful! Get that some scissors, careful! I mean, it’s glass breakable. All right [Music] and the kids help places that we’ve been, or they have sometimes significant that they have some kind of significance that we that we’ve traveled to. I love it, that’s such a great idea. You did a great job. Did yall just print that from Google Maps? Yes, and it was it didn’t. Come out as well as I wanted it to. But I couldn’t get any other way to do it. Yeah, no, I love it. This is great and your mom said this, and I said yeah, like we can add on to it only ever several years, and I can’t make a new one. I just use a simple black frame and yeah, so love it, thank you. Can you figure out all the places, yeah? I came in Tulsa. We live there. That was our first, our first house, our first house. I tried to get down to the street and it was really ugly. Yeah, so I just Seattle. That was our first family trip on an airplane, yeah? Crowley, that’s where we got married Cape Town. That’s where we did a mission trip. Yeah, Lafayette. That’s where we lived. The born had that kids. Jacksonville first time We took the kids to the beach. Ah, first beach trip. Yeah, to the. Atlantica. Yeah, and that was like a big, exciting thing for them. Yeah, Avery Islands. Where I proposed to you don’t. Put your hand in front of the way, you goob. Cocodrie hop, buddy. Dan one sees a video. Cocodrie is where my dad has his camp and we go fishing. Huntsville and work. It was Mother’s Day. Yeah, Huntsville, Arkansas, where we take our kids every summer. Yeah, but is that it, Arkansas? Yes, I just don’t recognize any of the towns around us. I mean, that was pretty careful. There’s one Alabama -. That’s files. Oh, no, I mean, I have to go up to Arkansas. Kauai, that’s where we went on our honeymoon. Las Vegas. That’s where we took our first couple’s trip first trip without kids. Yeah, and Philadelphia. That’s a trip that we took last trip before. We thank you so much. I know it’s not like you’re manly. I know simple things like this that remind me of something. Yeah, all right, moms. Turn the steal anniversary. Oh, yeah, read the card first. Not a bill. I’m surprised you didn’t put Nashville on here, cuz. We that’s where we did. I’d get three screaming on it, but that’s. How getting gone the next? So I know when I first saw online, the picture that I was looking at. They gave me the idea had sixteen of them uh-huh, but then whenever I actually put it, it started putting it together. I had to take off a few things. Yeah, so I didn’t get to put everything. I want it, but me and you’re right now for a little bit of good, but we can sad. Good, that’s fine, yeah? I’m gonna make it. You know, every couple of years. I’ll try to fill up another. Yeah, yeah, all right. Oh, the road of life is best traveled with the one. You love here’s to many more adventures of life in love in the years ahead. That’s a good card, your husband. Lane, that’s a week, all right. Hey, something made out of steel. Yeah, something steel. It’s a love bird. Bombardier, they are birds that look like they’re happy together. Jewelry on. Maybe it’s a car. Yeah, one car keys. Cars are made out of field. Look how beautiful it’s an essential oil necklace since this one didn’t work very. I thought it was so funny that you put that one on today and you’re like I’m gonna try and make this work so and then it comes with some pad, and then you put it inside the next little. This part opens up. I think it’s a magnet. Actually, so you have to do is pry it on the side. I don’t know how yeah, yeah, there. You go good. Yeah, and you put one of those in there and everything keeps. It closed a lot of them too. They had something on the back and, oh, it was open on the back, but that would get a little bit. That would get all over your clothes. I had to find one without, yeah. I like it cool so you can use this one to keep some in and have that one okay to fill it. You think that’s gonna be nice? I like it looks good on you well. I haven’t put any oils yet. Mm-hm’m maybe em before we go to me any sale. So I’ll put some in there. Thanks, and I love it, you’re! Welcome, glad you liked it. Yeah, happy anniversary. [LAUGHTER] We had fun doing it. Making it making yall. Yeah, all right, guys. If yall want more videos from us, little boy, make sure to click that subscribe button hit the bell that way you get notified of our videos. Thank you guys for watching. Thanks for being. Oh, yeah, we’re that way. Take it easy!