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How To Make Mini Mason Jar Wedding Favors


Hi, welcome to the bride links. DIY Youtube channel. I’m Alexa, with events with Alexa. And today we have Lindsey from custom love gifts, and today she’s going to show us how to make mini. Mason jar favors. Let’s get started. [MUSIC] What do we need for this project to get started? You’re gonna need some of our mini mason jars. We actually sell these empty. If you have some of your own filling, you want to put in there or well? Fill them for you with honey. Homemade apple butter. All kinds of different flavors. You’re also gonna need rubber bands, twine, ribbon, scissors, and maybe a cute little addition like glaybels or little wooden spreaders and, of course, fabric circles to fit the size of your jar that you’re getting ready to decorate. I have a question, though, Okay, Wait to the viewers that are gonna have. I don’t have all this at home and so is there an easier way because even filling a jar is frustrating to me, right. Yeah, the easiest thing that you can do is just purchase a. DIY kit from custom love gifts calm included in our. DIY kits are either empty or filled jars as well as custom design, fabrics and pre-cut fabric circles and twine and ribbon, and also the rubber bands to attach these to the jars. We also do custom labels that you can choose to purchase with the DIY kit or separately we do. Aged labels like this one with a little vintage look, and we can also do them in any color that you can think of they’re awesome. Absolutely the first thing you’re gonna want to do is lets. Step back! I’m gonna teach you something you’re gonna do a thumbs up song and an okay song like this twist, You’re okay, so it’s sideways and then grab your thumb, Okay, So now if you hold it like that, you see? You’ve made a complete circle. This helps you when you’re putting your fabric on to make a complete circle like this. So that way you can pop your rubber band on there in a snap. Hang in there, kitten. We’ll get through this, but if you put it right smack in the middle like this. Put your thumb down. This is your thumbs up. Son, okay, mm-hm’m. Okay, thumbs up. Sound like that. So you’ve got your jar. You’ve got your okay sign that you’re gonna go over holding it like this. Slide your thumb down. And now you’ve got the entire thing held tight on there. Grab your little rubber band. These are gonna go around twice and there. These are little outfits. We call them. This is our little dress so okay. I still would just pay you to do this. Absolutely, and I’d love for you to do that. I’d love to make them for you. Hold so for these particular ones. We’re going to put twine as a bow on here and this is super easy. You just want to pick a ribbon. That’s thick enough to cover the rubber band and eighth inch ribbon works, but the fourth inch ribbon is actually the cutest for this particular one. We’re going to use twine and it’s just a real simple ribbon tie around there. Cute little bow. Grab your scissors and snap it like that. And this one can be done unless you want the custom labels on there as well. If you’re going to do any extras to the jar like, say, the little mini spreaders or the custom label, a trick with the label is. I recommend that you put the label on before the outfit and the reason why you want to do that is it’s just faster and easier because right now. I thought we’d put the label on. I’ll have to lift. It’s a little skirt up and hold it up. It is an outfit and then put the label on like that while. I’m holding this and I can do this because I’ve made literally thousands upon thousands of these the first-timers. It’s going to be a struggle to get them on. So if you’re gonna do a label, I recommend that you do the labels first, and when you put the label on your first instinct is going to tell you to put it right smack centered in the middle because personally, I always like for things to be perfectly lined up. That’s not the right way to do this. You’re gonna want to put it close to the bottom because once you dress these with the cute little outfit, the skirt’s gonna hang down and it’s gonna cover a lot of this area, and so you wouldn’t be able to read the word love right there. If you put it in the center, well thanks so much. And where can we find any other gifts or any? DIY kind of buckets to take home and be able to do this. Well, you can do anything on custom. Love gifts, calm. You can start with an empty jar. A filled jar, a filled jar with the label address jar address jar with lace address jar with the label or address jar with label and a special little added Extra of a little mini spreader or for the honey. A wooden honey dipper. And you could also purchase them locally if you’re in the Knoxville area at the wedding market, it’s located on 80-78 Kingston Pike in suite 119 and the wedding market also has our completely finished ones. If you’re in a hurry or a rush and you need favors in a snap, you can go there. Buy a few boxes of these ready to go in your different colors and do bridal shower favors 15 minutes done. Oh, awesome! Thanks so much! Thank you for having me. Thanks for watching the bride links. DIY Youtube, channel and again. Thank you, Lindsay. From custom love gifts for coming here today and showing us how to make mini. Mason Jar favors and it was so fun and they’re so adorable, and I hope to see you soon next time. Thanks for having me sure you.