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Jjr's Fancy Fault Line Wedding Cake | Man About Cake


What’s up, guys? Welcome to MEK presents. I’m your host, Joshua. John Russell and this week We’re doing the super trendy fault. Line cake, except I’m gonna do my spin on it and make it into a perfect, sweet 1 tier wedding cake. You guys ready? Yeah, let’s do it. [MUSIC] I’m gonna start by breaking down an 8-inch banana peanut butter cake, new cake. What type of cake is it well? I started making a banana cake and then I have some peanut butter powder and I thought banana peanut butter. I never made it before it. All that sounds good. How is it? Oh, it’s really good. It could use more peanut butter. Though why don’t you throw throw me a piece, okay. It is kind of like a little boy. Well, we’re gonna throw me a piece of cake. I’ve never asked my mom to throw me a piece of cake. See, watches of the show. She’d do it now. Yeah, be ready for the Frisbee, yes. I am good catch [Music]! I’m gonna clean my crumbs up, and we’re gonna fill this with vanilla buttercream, just Swiss meringue buttercream, vanilla flavored. I just figured, cuz. The cake has so much flavor in it. You know, gotta balance those flavors. We’ve all the kids on peanut butter or chocolate chocolate. Lee, where it’s all banana peanut butter and chocolate. Yeah, homie, sounds like one of your cake. Tacos there. Tommy [Music] [Music] All right, we’re gonna take our first trip to the cooler and let it get super firm. Then we’ll come back, trim the sides and do our crumb coat. [MUSIC] [Music] all right now! I’m gonna give it a crumb coat and then we’ll add our sprinkles for our fault line. So this is like a cake. You used to blame people with take this fault. Line cake! No, like you know what a fault line is like geology. Like, we’re two tectonic plates. Fine, right. Yeah, that is what it is, isn’t it? Yeah, very scientific with two plates. We come friends. There are only friends unless they’re sliding. Then they’re not friends, and then that’s how earthquakes happen man about. Jake, the best place for science. It’s so not the best place for science. [MUSIC] It’s gonna scrape [Music] So now I’m gonna take my small offset spatula, put a little bit of buttercream arrow on my fault line to be, it doesn’t have to be perfectly straight. It should kind of have some sort of organic movement to it. So it’s this buttercream’s fault that it’s not a straight cake now. No, because the sides used to be really nice and tight, and now they look bad again. No, this is where the sprinkles are gonna stick, and then we’ll go back and do the final coat and it’ll sort of like. Hang over this wrinkle. It looks really cool when it’s done. I don’t know, actually who invented this, but it has become a crazy phenomenon. Oh, wasn’t it Susan fault? Alenia, no. No, she was busy. I want this to be more of a wedding cake. So I’ve got this beautiful mix of sprinkles. Oh, there’s some stars and the nonpareil’s some. Krispies, no draw. Js those things. Break your teeth. So why did you get branding the day off? Today he had to go on. I don’t know somewhere vacation. Where is he? He told me he had a dentist appointment. He told you vacation, yeah? He told me he had a ingrown tooth, which sounded fake to me. I hate Englund teeth. They’re the worst I justi the clean it up just a bit. [MUSIC] And just put those extra ones anywhere. We’ll get Tommy to clean them up. Hey, cleaning up. Sprinkles is, there’s a lot worse thing you can clean out, trust me. Plus, that looks beautiful. Look, stop, all right. I’m gonna get this guy in the cooler to firm it completely, and then you will come back and do our final coat and it will reveal our fault line. This will finally find out whose fault it is. This one needs to come off. It’s nobody’s fault all right now. Our crumb coat is nice and cold so now. I’m gonna do is I’m going to ice everywhere Where there’s no sprinkles. Does that make sense sprinkle free? Yes, the sprinkle free zones structural. Anyone here, some viewer comments and questions. Yes, please, all right, Creative fan says. Why can’t this man have 1 million subs? Subscribe to them. If you want that to happen insane. Thanks answering coming down. You can come to their so you can come to dinner. When is this dinner happening? I don’t know, but so far, it’s a wedding. The guest list is huge. It’s a huge! [MUSIC] candidate Fortius says hi. Could you please make a confirmation cake? It’s my cousin’s confirmation. Please smile, you laughing, face Smiley laughing face smiley face smiley face smiley laughing face smiley laughing face, smiley laughing tasters finally laugh and face smiley, laughing, fake smile, laugh and face smiley left the face prayer hands, four hands, four hands, four hands prance. Well, you broke. James, I read as many as are written. That’s what I do. So the answer is yes. We’ll put it on the list. Put on the list of cakes to do. Chelsey Riley, so Chelsea. I have a Mac challenge for you, Okay, Every Russian piping tip. You have on one cake. You guys are so funny. I enjoy every video, Joshua. You are so creative. I loved what you were doing. Keep it up! Thank you very much. How many Russian piping tips do you have? I have no idea ten thousand. No, okay, but a lot one. Last comment from Ahmed Mossad. Hamed says I like you and your work heart. Smiley face heart smiley face normal smiley face smiley face with the tongue out kissy, smiley face. Thank you very much. Ahmed, very nice. That’s very nice. [MUSIC] You see Tommy? It looks like that’s a fault. Line so the sprinkles were innocent. Yeah, all right, so. I’m not gonna end up smoothing the top on this so building. This ball up is awesome because I’m gonna pour some mirror glaze in here, So I’m gonna keep building it up a little bit higher. I’ll be honest. I’m as confused as a duck in a spaceship. I think my grandpa used to say stuff like this. I’m just trying to fill in since Brandon’s not here. I’m trying to fill in. Oh, yeah, this would probably annoy Brandon. Yeah, oh, yeah, look. How boy can’t you just ice it like normal, and then that’s when I say brainy. We got a panelist and I can see his face, okay. Our fault line is looking pretty good. I’m gonna take this thing to the cooler. Let it get super firm and I’m going to put another probably small coat on it. And then we’ll finish it up okay now. It’s time to paint gold, so we’re gonna paint gold around the top edge here and then around both of our edges where the fault line is so. I’ve a little bit of gold powder and I’m gonna hydrate it with a little bit of confectioners glaze. You could use vodka as well. Whoa, that was a lot, but I’m now gonna put all of it on his cake. Okay, that’s the real reason. Brandon’s not here. You couldn’t afford him anymore. Gold budgets getting out of hand. No one has a question about why. I have this ridiculous giant paintbrush to do this with. Oh, yeah, what’s with the paintbrush? I’m prepping in a different place and I had to bring a lot of tools. Guess what got left off the list. But I found this one. Well, it’s good. It works, all right, right. It looks like a child painted a sign with it before. Well, the good thing about this. Is this supposed to look rough? Which is good because I have a giant paint brush. So now we’re gonna paint the top of our fault line here. Why am I doing this paint? The top and the bottom at the same time, Dude, like, imagine, take four trips around this cake. Come on, there’s! Joshua and then cynical Joshua’s his two personalities that talk to each other [Music]. You know what, I’m not sure if I’m gonna use this cold, maybe don’t. I wasn’t too much, okay. My gold is all complete, so I have some mirror glaze white married glaze that I have heated slightly. He’s gonna be shiny spread. I don’t see you to get too crazy and spill over [Music] [Applause] [Music]. Okay, so I think I want the believe Aires to be like a teal color, so I’m gonna put some pearl dust on them first. A little pearl dust well. Do a little bit of blue, a little bit of green. Okay, okay. Those are beautiful cherries in here. Look like cherry to make it all. Take some. Let’s make these like bright red or a different color red. Oh, like cherries red. [MUSIC] gold on the blackberries. There goes my son’s college. That’s the chief goal. You’re going to be going to Philadelphia School of air conditioning. Repair, there’s nothing wrong with that for one semester strawberries. I think we’re just gonna leave. Oh, I’m a special. Well, cuz they’re already pretty beautiful. What if they were purple, though? I don’t know if I love it. Yeah, okay now. Let’s play some berries. It’s like he’s taking a bubble bath, you’re! Welcome, have a nice spa day. [MUSIC] [Music] yes. I’ve got some of these white pearly things, but soft and delicious. [MUSIC] Our follow-on cake is all complete. And I see no fault with this one. If you guys want to see more videos like this, everything’s in the description box below, let’s go find. Somebody was getting married. You know how babies can’t talk? But every time they wish for something? It turns into a sprinkle on a cake if they can’t talk. How are they listen magic? Joshua, keep trying, buddy. We got a bunch of those vanity muscles. Hey, bro, what’s up? Bro, meet GTR. Oh, what’s up, guys? Yeah, JJ, are you. I do call myself roll along right now. I think I say, dude. I say it to myself like I mess up something. I’m like, dude. Why did you do that and people are like, are you yeah? I talked to an animal objects. I’m trying to get like a chair carrying it through a doorway. Bro, come on, you can do this. Oh, yeah, come on, That’s just the Mack way. Yeah, [Music]!