Short Sleeve Tea Length Wedding Dress | Amazon Wedding Dress Try-on | Short Wedding Dresses | Former Bridal Consultant

Hayley Segar

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Amazon Wedding Dress Try-on | Short Wedding Dresses | Former Bridal Consultant


Hey, guys, so today’s video will be another. Amazon wedding dress Tryon. But this time, it’s gonna be all short white dresses [Music] for those who don’t know me? Hi, I’m Haley. I have made Youtube videos since 2008 Elsa used to work in the bridal industry and make a lot of Amazon content, so this is going to be a kind of blend of those two worlds. You guys are not already following on Instagram. Definitely make sure to do that. My handle eat right here to also be linked down below. Also, if you guys love. Amazon videos, Amazon content. Definitely make sure to check out my Amazon live channel. I do live! Shoppable interactive live streams multiple times a week on Amazon. Live, so definitely give me a follow there. If you guys want to be notified when I go live so like I mentioned Today’s video is going to be a Tryon of Amazon wedding dresses. This time, it’s going to be short wedding dresses. So about close to a year ago now. I did a video trying on Amazon wedding dresses like typical. You know, long? Whatever ivory white gowns that did not go so hot that I might be liking that video down below. If you guys want to check that out, it was my first time ever trying on? Amazon wedding dresses is definitely a ride. I get asked all the time to review short dresses. Give you guys options for short. You know, white or ivory dresses? What a my thoughts on short dresses. I have said this multiple times before. If you want to wear a short dress, go for it. I literally said if you want to wear the blue dress you wore to your cousin’s wedding four years ago. If that makes me feel good, go for it because I want to present to. You guys! Good, viable options. If you are looking into doing, you know, a short dress, a cheap dress and inexpensive dress. Whatever you want to say if you are looking into doing this, you know for your wedding. I wanted to present you guys with good options. Therefore, I’m doing the same thing that I did with the first Amazon wedding dress video very easily. Choose all dresses that I hated, right. I could choose dresses that I wanted to choose because I thought they’d be a good laugh and lets, you know, pan this dress that like in no world would look good, right. I made sure to search things like short wedding dress or little white dress on Amazon like things that were, you know. In Amazon’s eyes and the Amazon seller’s eyes things that were viable options for wedding dresses like I could have gotten creative and, like found like a cute like Marc Jacobs like mini dress that is white. What I want, choose things that were being marketed, specifically asked short wedding dresses and B. I also want to choose things that I thought I had a chance of liking, so I actually over ordered. It ordered more dresses than necessary Because I knew that when they come in, I would automatically not like some just based on the way they look and again. I want this to like, be helpful to you guys. So it is no help to you if I go in with the intention of ripping all these dresses. I will say short dresses for whatever reason, even when they’re bad, they’re more passable, right so and there’s more ways to work around them a lot of times to make them look passable. It’s just easier when they’re short. I don’t know, there’s something about it. It’s where the four that. I chose to physically try on. I’m really excited to show you guys these dresses because there’s actually two that. I like, really like, like a lot, but let’s start out with the one that I think was like the most comfortable and made me feel so good. Oh, my gosh! I love this one. I love this one, so I think this is just so cute for what it is, so it. Is this all lace? Kind of more like a little bit more form-fitted? I guess dress the lace pattern is pretty large, Which I kind of like. I also love that It’s got this like more detail at the bottom here in the lace like it almost has that kind of, like fishnet sort of looking detail across the bottom there. I really like that. I think that adds value to it. Got this sort of sweetheart bust outline right here. This sleeve is so flattering the white flares and the way it hits on the arm is so flattering. It’s so good if you are self-conscious of your arms. I got the medium. The medium was borderline too big with so much rather. Have it be too big than too small because you can always nip it in you. Can’t always let it out. You’re like looking for a little white dress to like, change into so that you can dance or be free or whatever. Oh, my gosh! This is such a good one because you can really move in it. I love this little dress. This is, this probably is the cheapest one in this whole boiler. This is my favorite one. You’re getting married in, like a really impromptu situation or if you just want a short wedding dress or if you are, you know, getting married like on vacation or like having a wedding party like whatever it is love. Love, love. Love, love love, okay. Let’s start with one that’s not as strong, but that. I actually did still like, okay, so this one is definitely one that like. I feel like I wore the stress to homecoming, like, in high school. I love this! I love the design of it. Saw this one on Amazon. I was like, okay. I have the best chance of liking this. One arms are just the way it is right like. It’s my style. Get a little sparkle. I like the lace on it. I like the tulle. I love the color of it. How the color is like a champagne? I think it’s so cute and feminine length of it is great. I thought this was just like super, flirty and fun. A very specific bride, super cute and fun and a good party dress, right, here’s the pros of it. The pros is the design. I love this design as a whole. I think it’s super cute and fun. Feel like it is almost identical to one of the ones. I tried in my last Amazon trying on haul, but like I said, when dresses are shorter, they’re just more passable as looking good. The second you put a cheaper, inexpensive dress into long gown format. It’s so much more obvious, and it’s inexpensive, you know what? I’m saying when you crop it. It just looks better sometimes. I don’t know, there’s just a psychology of it. There were some last time. Keep in mind that! I couldn’t even zip up the zipper didn’t. Stay up! Just watch that video. I keep referencing that. I didn’t have any problems like that. With this crop of dresses, however, this arm hole is cut. Incredibly shallow could cut away into this to kind of like. Give yourself more room right here. It’s still not gonna work for some people. So if you feel like you have a bigger upper body, if that’s where you carry weight or if that’s where you carry your build. I would say that this is going to be probably problematic. However, the structure is really good. The cups do sit kind of high. They’re not nearly as high as another one. And I’m going to show you, yeah. I love where the waist hit. I thought this is really cute, but this arm thing like there is absolutely no way that I could wear this as is. I would have to do something about it. Cut into the bust. Cut away at the arm. This would have to be altered and I don’t want to say dramatically, but it’s invasive work. I love the belt, though. I love the color of this one. The arms to me we’re just problematic and they’re not going to. It’s not going to be something as universal as like that first dress that I showed, you know what I mean, so just keep that in mind, but I really, actually like this one in theory and in execution, there’s just some with the fit, but I think it’s workable, depending on your body type. If that makes sense, let’s go to another one. I want to end on a good note, so let’s go to another way. This was the most problematic of the crop. I really like this one, and I wanted it to work because it’s super retro, it’s very 50s I love this is actually Chee length. It’s gonna look like it’s long, But it is actually T length. It hits right at the ankles, which is a very 1950s cut, so it was very retro, very nostalgic. Very sweet, really want it to work. There are buttons all the way up the back and this one again. It’s got the bow at the waist. I go with that tea-length. That’s got the Salons on lace. The sort of v-neck there’s a lot of good elements to this. However, the back did not give up all the way, which is obvious like a fit thing so obviously should have sized up cups. Sit so freakin high. I am high chested normally like when a bust cup is high. I know it’s too freakin high. That this was too high, and they’re very close together. Do you see those points? That’s gonna be problematic for most women. That’s not gonna be a good fit again with reworking. You might be able to make it work. A waist felt really good, though, like it really cinched in, and it hit me at a really good point. I think but again like the fit up top was just not good. The arms were tight but again. Some stuff is like you know, my personal body, but I’m also trying to speak to things that I think will be problematic across the board, ie. Bust cups that sit like, essentially at the neck. Not good for anybody involved. I love the cut, though. The quality actually feels really nice. The cupboard buttons. I think are a really good detail. This to me is a very passable gown, Quality wise. Just the fit was problematic much like some of the ones that. I tried in that first Amazon video. I let me feel around in here to see there are cups in here that probably could be removed and you can maybe take out the boning and that would remedy that issue, but that’s pretty invasive work, but then again, if you’re paying like less than you know, 200 bucks for a dress and you want to do that if it’s like you love it and whatever look like the V in the back again, it really does like it really feels very sturdy on, but I don’t know just that top portion really was a lot to handle, okay. Now let’s end off on a sweet note. Love this one. It is so sweet, it’s so sweet. Okay, this little dress right here. It’s a high-low. It’s got this off the shoulder, Very like princessy neckline. I’m starting to lose some of my terminology, So excuse that I normally would probably have this looks, but I know anymore. This is a super stretchy. Chantilly Lace. There’s no structure to the scan whatsoever. It’s a high-low. It’s got a waist seam. Dress invites you to put something here at the waist, a sparkly sash or something like that. You wanted to do like a grosgrain ribbon? Something like that. Yeah, there’s no structure, but that’s also kind of what. I like about it. I like that it’s so loose. It’s the perfect party dress. It’s got a really easy zip in the back, So it’s high-low, which I think is a great time to pair it with, like a fun shoe again. Really great dress, super comfy, casual but very Bridal at the same time. Good shower dress. I just thought this was like the sweetest cutest thing, and I want it to end on a good note with that one. So there you go, alright, guys? That is it for this Amazon short wedding dress, try on haul. I hope you guys enjoyed. All of the dresses will be linked down below with their prices as they are right now. Thank you guys so much for watching. Please comment. Subscribe bye, guys. [MUSIC].