Short Dress Long Veil | Want To Rock Those Wedding Veil Pictures? — Then Watch This!!!

Alain Martinez

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Want To Rock Those Wedding Veil Pictures? -- Then Watch This!!!


Ah, the wedding veil. Every bride should have one on the wedding day and a really long one. -, what’s up, everyone? Alan Martinez here today. I’m going to talk to you about my favorite wedding accessory. And that is the wedding veil. I’m going to show you three ways in which you can use the veil to get you unique shots every time and for the brides. I’m going to show you how to rock those wedding pictures. So that your photographer has an easy time taking your wedding photos. [APPLAUSE] We’re here on location with our model. Christy, who is modeling a beautiful dress, Byam, south from New York and the first tips. I’m gonna give you is actually geared towards brides. I’m going to show you how to walk with the veil so that your photographer has an easy time taking your pictures. So walking with the veil may sound intuitive, but there’s a little more to it than just walking. If you just walk straight to your zero photographer, the veil is going to bunch up behind your dress, and you’re not really going to appreciate the whole veil. What, I tell all my brides do is to hold the veil on the tips of the veil with both hands a little lower and just give me a natural bend of the arm right here, and as you walk, just give me a natural movement of the arms, and that’s going to look as if there’s wind picking up your veil, and it’s going to give you amazing shots. So, Christy, we’re gonna do that. I’m gonna have you back up just a little bit and then you’re gonna walk towards me with your arms. [MUSIC] [Applause] the next tip. I’m going to give you is both for the bride and the photographers, and I usually do in the wedding day. Tell the bride just to rub the villa round her and move it from side to side and forget that we’re even there. Look off to the side, Look up to the light, Look at the photographer and just kind of wrap the villa round her and have as much fun as you can. While wrapping the veil around her. Yeah, let’s put the blusher over her, so she can have another layer of movement here, so just keep it there and then grab the veil right around here and then just wrap it around you open and close it a few times and just keep moving in and every so often look at the camera, look to the side. The lighting is coming right from that spot right there. So look up towards the light whenever you can and just have fun, here we go. [MUSIC] Alright. So next we’re gonna talk about those? Vail shots! You’ve seen a lot of photographer’s websites where it looks like the wind is picking up the veil and effortlessly is carrying it behind there. So we’re gonna show you how that’s done. I’m gonna show you also. What looks good and what does not look good, so stick around and we’re gonna show you for this part. We’re gonna put the blusher back and what we’re gonna do is. I’m going to do what my assistant does at every wedding, Which is she holds the veil in such a way that it looks like the wind picked it up and then when I say one two three, she’s gonna let it go in. This case is going to be me but before. I do that! I’m going to show you. What looks good and what does not look good? You want to make sure that the fall of the veil looks natural. In other words. You don’t want to be too close to the bride where when you drop it? It looks like that, and that does not look natural. You want to make sure also that you do not throw it up in the sky? Just kind of let it fall, so if you throw it up in the sky like this, you know, like that’s not gonna look natural because it gives it gives those sharp edges there that the wind does not do that when it picks up your veil on its own. Therefore, all you have to do is really just pick up your veil and just stretch it back a little bit and let it go. That’s all you got to do, and here’s some other shots like these that. I’ve taken in the past. Alright, so we got the bride walking towards me playing with the Veil, the veil falling behind her. And since I’m already dirty and sweaty, I might as well lay on the ground, Switch this to 16 to 35 and have the bride walk over the camera with the veil right over my lens and reveal what’s behind her, all right. I’m going to lay on the ground and I’m going to open up my lens. This is a 16 to 35 lens. I’m going to open up all the way to 16 and one two and three go ahead, Walk [Music] so for this next technique, I switch to the 85 1.2 to get really, really shallow depth-of-field. The key to this technique is to have the veil flow in and out from in front of the lens as much as possible. There’s going to be plenty of rejects, but there’s going to be a lot of good pictures in here too. If the veil is flowing in either direction, hold the veil with one hand and hold the camera with the other end and shoot shoot. Shoot, shoot like I said, it’s going to be some rejects, but there’s gonna be a lot of good ones, so I’ve shown you a few techniques for both photographer and the bride that if you use these techniques, you’re sure to get unique shots every time I want to. Thank the beautiful bride, Christy, and also AM Sal from New York for sending this beautiful dress for us to bring you this episode, and there you have it. I hope you found this episode useful and next time you’re at a wedding. You’re gonna rock those veil shots. If you found this episode useful share with anyone else, you also think they may find it useful? If you’re not already a subscriber, consider subscribing and hit that bell next to the subscribe button, so you can be notified as soon as I upload a new video. It’s good to see you here and I’ll see you on the next one [Music] you!