Short Bob Wedding Hairstyles | How To: Perfect Beach Waves + Boho Updo Hair Tutorial!

Brittany Marie

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How To: Perfect Beach Waves + Boho Updo Hair Tutorial!


Hey, everyone, welcome back to my channel today. I am working with Aveda to bring you two really cool hairstyles and lets. First, start out with this super Easy Beachy Wave. Hey, everyone! I’m Brittany Beachy Waves are my favorite hairstyle. You will probably likely see me. In this type of a hairstyle on a day-to-day basis, and there are a bunch of different ways to create a Beachy Wave hairstyle. But I’m going to show you guys the easiest way and probably my favorite way to do it, and I’m also using the Aveda texture tonic in this tutorial, which is amazing at creating really soft, but workable texture. You can shop the hair products online at Aveda calm or you can go to a Nevada salon or store to get them, and I hope you guys enjoy this video and let’s go ahead and get started to start out the tutorial. I will actually be using the Aveda sham, pure thermal, dry conditioner for some heat protection. And I’m spraying this on the mid links of my hair to the very bottom, and since I have a little bit of a flip going on on the bottom of my hair. I’m going to use my straightener to just kind of straighten that out a tiny bit on the very ends, because I feel like Beachy Waves look best when the very ends are Street, so I’m going to quickly go ahead and do that, and then I will be using the star of this hairstyle, which is the new Aveda texture tonic, and it’s already become one of my favorite hair products ever. I’m basically spraying this all throughout the like middle part of my hair to the very ends. This gives you instant PC texture and it is crunch free, so it doesn’t feel like damaged, unhealthy hair afterwards. It honestly makes doing a Beachy Messy kind of hairstyle so easy, so I’ll be using a larger curling wand. You can also use a regular curling iron if you want and I’m going to be curling my hair in a bunch of different directions, so I will be doing some away from my face some forward and some I will be doing a lot tighter than others and a few of them. I will be leaving a large section of hair out at the very end so that it’s straight and then you get that really PC kind of messy texture where all the curls are different than the other ones. And if you want an even more natural-looking Beachy Wave, you can use the Aveda texture tonic on damp hair and since it has salt and sugar. They both work together really well. The magnesium sulfate helps to and compress the hair to give that natural Beachy wave to it. And then the sugar actually keeps a healthy shine to your hair. It’s my favorite texture spray. I’ve ever used, so I highly suggest checking it out and for the top section of my hair. I will be doing the exact same thing, leaving some of the pieces out at the bottom to be quite straight and I will always curl the pieces right in front of my face away from my face. It’s just something that I personally really like. But, of course, do whatever you feel, most comfortable with another thing about Aveda hair products. I want to mention. Is they smell so good? I went into a Nevada salon to get my hair styled and afterwards my mom just kept saying how good my hair smelled so after. I have finished curling my hair. I’m going back in with the new Aveda texture tonic to add even more texture. I will be using my hands just to scrunch it up a little bit. It’s totally not necessary, but I just like to do it, and then I will go through my hair with my fingers to slightly separate the curls to make it a little Messier and more textured and that’s. Basically, all you have to do. It is so easy! I love this hairstyle. It’s definitely my favorite that. I wear everyday and I hope you enjoyed this first hairstyle, but before we get into the second one. I wanted to let you know I will be doing an Instagram giveaway. So make sure you’re following me. I will be posting the pictures soon and you will have a chance to win some amazing Aveda goodies. So for this next hairstyle. I wanted to do something really fun and like boho, messy, kind of textured updo. That I think would be perfect for Proms or weddings or just some sort of event, and I’m working off of the beach wave that I did in the first portion of this video, but you can curl it. However, you want and I will be using a bleed, new Aveda texture tonic to add a bunch of workable texture to my hair. This will make sure that everything will stay in place throughout the entire day or night. Depending on whatever event you decide to wear this hairstyle. – it’s made with salt and sugar, which work together so well. The sugar keeps your hair looking shiny, While the salt adds a lot of workable natural texture. So I’m going to be taking the top half of my hair and sectioning it off and then also tying it into a little elastic and then I made a little hole right above the elastic, and I flipped the ponytail through it. So you get this really cool. Textured, twisted look, and this is going to provide a base for all the rest of the little twist to work on and secure to so now with the remaining hair. You will want to take little sections. Maybe an inch to two inch sections. If your hair is longer, you can definitely take bigger sections, and you’ll want to twist them up and then pin them to the base of that ponytail or the twist. I like to keep this looking a little bit messy, because I’m a big fan of boho hairstyles, but you can do this a lot neater if you prefer that look. And the texture tonic from Aveda is so easy to work with. It really provides a stylish grit, especially when you’re doing Updos like this, but it doesn’t feel crunchy, which is why? I love it, so you’re able to get these kind of soft looking hairstyles, too. So for the hair that I left out around my face, I’m going to twist them and drape them over the top of that entire twisted section in the back, and then you get that really pretty draped. Look, and you can still have the textured look on the side of your head, and there’s no real right way to do this, and I’m still leaving those two sections out in front of my face because I really like that look, and then to finish off everything and make sure it stays. I will be using the Aveda Air Control hairspray, which I love so much this hairspray and the texture tonic. Both smells so good, so you won’t walk around smelling like actual hairspray. If you’re going to an event, which is so great, so definitely play around with the Aveda texture tonic. If you try it out, it is extremely versatile and you can watch all the other videos on their channel. Make sure you subscribe and I will see you in another video, you.