Save The Date Engagement Pictures | Wedding Series: Engagement Photoshoot + Save The Date

Tess Christine

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Wedding Series: Engagement Photoshoot + Save The Date


[MUSIC] Good morning friends. So it is very early. We have an engagement shoot today. So it is a wedding series video, which I’m very excited about today. It is also sponsored by SK 2 which is a skincare brand. I’m really excited and I really wanted to put a skincare brand into one of these wedding care wedding series videos because I feel like skin here. Is something that a lot of brides stress about on their wedding day or when they’re taking photos because you want to have nice skin for your wedding day. You want to feel good and definitely for me? That is something that. I’ve been really focusing on. It’s trying to really stick to a really strict skincare routine to kind of maintain my skin. So this is the SK 2 facial treatment essence. I talked about this stuff before in my travel essentials video. And I swear which I could just like stress this to you enough. How much this actually it’s like? I stand behind this. This has worked so well for me. This is my second bottle. I really love it. I use it after my cleanser and toner. And then I basically Pat this into my hands and Pat it onto my face, and then I follow up with a moisturizer and going with my makeup. I really really like it. It has Patera in it, which is packed full of amino acids, vitamins, minerals. You guys know, or maybe some of you don’t, but I have suffered from cystic acne, and I’ve done so many things to kind of fix that and treat that and really, like calm it down, but a lot of the times they leave behind scars, red mark’s dark spots like just my little skin tone is uneven, which sometimes makeup can even fix so. I needed something that was gonna fix that, and this does the work for me and it’s great. So if you’re looking for something and you have problematic skin, I definitely would recommend this. This stuff has shown results quicker than a lot of my other products that I switched to, and I really mean that, so I definitely would give it a try. So if you’re interested in it, I will have links in the description box below, but I’m going to go ahead and finish my skincare routine and then I’m going to put on my, so I’m not late for this shoot, but I just uploaded skin or my everyday makeup routine and so I will have that here. You guys want to see that? But I will see you when I’m all cute and ready to go. Hair and makeup is done. I just went for it. My classic everyday. I didn’t want to do anything crazy because that’s not us. That’s not Pat and I. We wanted to do stuff that we wear and look like every day. We didn’t want to go crazy, but we’re shooting at this place called the funky oft, and I found it on Instagram. I thought it was really cute, very different. I’ve never seen like a save the date or like engagement. Shoot there, so I thought it would be really fun and kind of give people from home, a taste of New York, so we’re here at the zombie loft [Applause]. Here’s the crew getting married, friend friend, like this is the space. Hi, hello, it’s very, very cool. We got mr. Gellin behind the camera like could be live. Sure, you look so great in this kitchen. Wow, yeah, it’s like Matt. Oh, there he goes the leg. Okay, oops, make it. I went for a white dress Classic and Pats. I’m going for Dawson. Yeah, there you go, It’s like your classic. Pat, look, I love my suspenders. Just like a gesture like, okay, so I think we got one on the swing. Oh, we are going to move to this piano setup now. It’s got a really cool pattern wall in the back. This place is a very photogenic. I feel like anywhere we walk. We’re gonna get a good sound out, absolutely. [MUSIC] Paige into something pretty simple. I’m in just a white tee and denim, and then Pat Now Pats in a flannel, white tee and denim cash. And we’re gonna shoot in the kitchen because it is so cute. Secur secur one. Oh, knock, knock who’s! There hungover, hungover who last night [Music] were finding a because Pat normally shoots me that us together being like, cozy and cute. It’s like I was a little weird. I have my stellar one-liner jokes and it just makes the whole room. They know she’s good at that. She has her little one-liners or she’ll do like an interpretive dance and then that’s how we get the laugh, laughing. Shot a cute laugh. We change into our last outfit that we have. It’s going by. Really quick. We’re getting all the shots. Place is so photogenic that it’s like hard to get a bad photo, but I just changed into this dress from Reformation. That’s in like a printed. It kind of actually looks like this wallpaper Looks you like blend in. Can you see me anyways? We’re gonna shoot on this couch. It’s really cute! [MUSIC] So far, so good question is good job, John. So I think we’re doing really well, and basically, we just did another spot from above, and I think we really just nailed it. You know, with my direction and [Music] swimmingly, good eye! We’ll, okay, check in later. Thank you over it up, so we got three looks done in three different spots, and I feel like they all turned out really good. So thanks, Dylan. Boy, wait, you’re out of focus, there you go. You did no, it’s good. He’s the best saved us and Carrie is the best person ever and really helped with all of the posing the laughs and all the clips that you’re seeing on now on Youtube, so it is the next day I wanted to give you guys a little bit of a finale and what we ended up going with for our save the dates. So you guys could see like what we chose but first. I just want to give a thank you to freaking. Kerry Murray. Because she’s amazing, and she always makes these wedding videos like behind the scenes when it comes to like my dress. This video, probably many many more of these wedding videos. She always makes my life so much easier and makes it more enjoyable for you guys to watch because she really films a lot of it. So, yeah, huge shot at her. She’s like the best best friend and best maid of honor ever, but also to. Dylan are one of our good friends who is a photographer, but he helped us out. We didn’t shoot with our wedding photographer. Who’s in Minnesota just because of the time crunch. So, Whitley. If you’re watching, we’re really excited to shoot with you, but huge, shout out to Dylan for really helping us out and finally, this is our save the day we love it. We feel like it fits our vibe really, really well. I obviously blocked out the date and the location just for security purposes. Guys know what’s in September, but you know, I just didn’t want to give exact details, but we absolutely love it. We feel like it. We both agreed on that one. We thought it fit really well. I made the template on minted in case. Any of you guys are curious, but we thought it fit really well and the save the date kind of looked like a frame. I don’t know, we thought it was cute. Um, but anyways, thank you guys so much for watching. I really hope you guys are enjoying this wedding series. There’s so many more things to come. I literally just finalized. Most of my Bachelorette plans. So yeah, many fun videos. I can’t wait for you to meet our wedding party and see the bridesmaid dresses. Which some of them are right next to me so? I’m excited for all that, but I’m gonna shut up and I hope see you all in my next video, also a huge. Thank you to sk2 for sponsoring this video. Make sure you guys check out a couple of my other wedding series videos that I have on my channel and I will see you guys in my next video bye.