Rose Gold With Morganite Stone | What I Wish I’d Known Before Getting A Morganite Engagement Ring // Pros, Cons, Price And More!

Kirsten Nimmo

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What I Wish I’d Known Before Getting A Morganite Engagement Ring // Pros, Cons, Price And More!


Hi, welcome back to my channel so today. I wanted to talk about my morganite engagement ring. We’re now married, we got married. March the 14th of 2020 just about three weeks ago today. Right before everything went. I remember when we were talking about getting engaged and he was asking me about rings and everything and I had always sort of had in my mind. I kind of didn’t really want a diamond don’t. Get me wrong! Diamonds are gorgeous. I love diamond. I own a couple pieces of jewelry. They’re a couple. I’ll buy just one. I think it’s not my dad, but you know, there’s a whole issue with diamonds, And once I met my husband, we actually I actually learned that he. He has a huge hate on for DeBeers. He thinks they’re some of the worst people ever because it basically needlessly Drive up the price of diamonds anyways. We talked about process but possibly getting a moissanite all those different ideas, But there was a stone that I’d loved her ever. It was morganite once. I realized that my relationship with my husband was the real deal. I started looking at rings, started looking at shapes, and, you know, I would if I was hanging out with girlfriends that we would go to the jewelry store and, you know, try on different sets. You know, from the time that I started collecting collecting jewelry. You know, for a birthday or graduation? I’m slowly morphed into, preferring rose and yellow gold over white gold or silver platinum. Or whatever. Emily, because I think it looked better on my skintone. It doesn’t necessarily in my opinion Showcase the stones better, but I just think I think it’s pretty lots of people say it’s just bad. I disagree once he started asking me about the kind of ring that I want and by asking me about the tie ring I wanted. I mean, I started sent incessantly sending him link after link after link after link, he did a little bit of research and decided he also liked Morganite. He was really, really not into getting a diamond. Um, a ver price. Lo and behold! It was the day before. Valentine’s Day mm 2019 My now husband went to my mom and said. Hey, do you want to come? Help me pick an engagement ring for Kirsten. It went to a few stores together. I went to a feud a few jewelry stores and he had settled on one, but they didn’t actually keep in the store it was. I found it in a catalog in the store. He ordered it online now. The nice thing about Morganite is and Frank or one of the main reasons I wanted it. Is I sort of have short stubby. Thank you and so one of the bigger stone, just sort of fill in my hand for lack of a better word, He essentially got an almost two. What would be equivalent to a two carat diamond? So it’s big stone, and that’s exactly what I wanted and he got it on sale because it was actually on a Valentine’s Day sale, so it’s another tip and it was a bridal set. I think it was originally $2,000 for the set and he got it for about 1500 Plus, he got some extra warranties and that sort of thing and that’s Canadian dollars. Nice thing about morganite. Is it’s very portable now. The downside to morganite and something we’re gonna have to deal with down the road is it is a very, very soft stone and. I wish I had done a little bit more research into this before, really encouraging him to get this get a morganite engagement ring. Otherwise, I probably would have encouraged him to get him more night or like one of those artists laughs things. Spence always goes on about now my ring. I love my ring. It’s so I’ve been wearing it just a little over a year and it’s got so many scratches. It’s what’s called a barrel stone. V ery L which means it absorbs oil. You know, you’ve got oil in your hands. You put oil in your face oil in your hair. Orlin you cook with oil. Its oil is everywhere, so the stone gets very cloudy, which, you know, not really a big deal. It’s pretty easy to clean what I essentially do is. I take an old brush head on my Sonicare toothbrush. I put it on the highest setting. I don’t clean it with toothpaste. Lots of people encourage people to clean with toothpaste. I don’t think I wouldn’t clean any jewelry with toothpaste. I wouldn’t clean. Most things with toothpaste. Toothpaste is super abrasive, So I would stay away from that. What I would recommend is like a dawn or just dish soap in general because it cuts through the grease and I can go from Cloudy House away to what essentially looks like a brand new ring in about 30 seconds of sonic cleaning now do. I think that you need to have sonic toothbrush. No, not at all. I just like my song. Cooper’s in this, that’s what I have, so that’s what I use. Sometimes I will throw it in the ultrasonic at work. You can purchase little ultrasonic machines from Amazon. I don’t frankly, I don’t see a point for me personally, because I have an ultrasonic at work now like I said down the line going to have to replace the stone. I don’t know if that’s gonna be in a year. I don’t know if that’s gonna be in ten years, but we will eventually have to change the stone, and I’ve already mentioned before even married. I mentioned this to my husband, any kind of upset him, and you know what I kind of upsets him too. Because I want to keep this stone. It’s the original stone that he proposed with and it’s. You know, it’s sentimental and maybe. I’ll do something with the stone. I don’t know what, but it’s just not gonna work for everyday, And I’m one of those people. I wear my ring to death. I wear to sleep. I wear it in the shower. I wear it to cook. I wear it depending on what I’m cleaning. I wear it to clean, so I mean, you could probably protect your ring. A lot of better didn’t wear it as much as I did or do, but I just like wearing my ring so many ways, just my to sin. Love my morganite. It’s beautiful when it’s clean and not cloudy. It will always be my favorite stone, but I will need to eventually replace it with more than I are like. A lab created stone. I’ll leave some links to some of the stuff that I’ve mentioned, including a link to my exact ring. Um, it is a Canadian jewelry store that I bought it from. I’m pretty sure people’s is Canadian, So I don’t know if you’ll be able to get it outside of the Canada, but I’m sure you will. It’s it’s a huge chain anyways. I hope to see you guys around comment below and let me know what stone your engagement ring has or your dream engagement ring have let me know your proposal story because those stories make sure to subscribe. My next video is gonna be tutorial on how I achieved this fluffy, voluminous, messy bun. It’s probably the opposite of, you know, a quick hairstyle because it actually involves extensions, so be sure to subscribe to see that [Music].

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