Rose Gold Meteorite Ring | Making A Rose Gold, Meteorite, And Carbon Fiber Ring For Sean Kelly From Jersey Champs

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Making A Rose Gold, Meteorite, And Carbon Fiber Ring For Sean Kelly From Jersey Champs


Hey, what’s up guys in today’s video? I’m going to be making a really special ring for my friend. Sean and Shawnee. He’s the founder of a company called Jersey Champ. So you might know them from Instagram. They do a lot of really cool Custom Jersey work so a while back. Sean made me a custom Jersey and I wanted to return the favor and make him a custom ring. So as far as design goes for this ring, we’re kind of going all out here. We’re gonna use carbon fiber meteorite and rose gold. These are three super premium materials. It’s gonna make for an epic ring and it’s going to match a watch that Sean has so. I’m really excited to get into this. I’m gonna go over the steps with you here. Real quick, and then we’ll just get right into making alright. So I drew up a sketch of how we’re gonna lay out. The whole ring design. We’re gonna have carbon fiber on both edges as well as on the inside of the ring, and that’s gonna sandwich all the materials together. We’re gonna have a rose gold stripe on either side and then the meteorite in the middle, so it should be a really solid design should have some great contrast. It should look wonderful and then. I’ve calculated all of the dimensions I need. So the 17.7 five That’s the inside diameter of Sean’s ring size, which is seven and a half and then this middle diameter here. That’s what I need to make the carbon fiber in order to fit the rose gold over the top of it, and then the outside diameter super self-explanatory just the outi’s outermost diameter. So without further ado. I’ve got a block of carbon fiber. Here we’re gonna go cut it out on the drill press and won’t get started Machining that. Alright, So the ring has two halves that means. I need two carbon fiber blanks, and so I’ll use my diamond hole saws to cut two of those out right now. [MUSIC] Alright, so now! I’m going to use one of my handy. Patrick Adair supplies ring Mandrel’s shameless plug link to those in description and Ill. Attach the carbon-fiber blank on here. I’m going to do one at a time, and then I need to machine it down until my already Machined rose gold piece fits over it. Just barely. It needs to be pretty snug, so as I’m machining these. I just kind of want to walk. You guys through the steps that I’m going through in my head here. So carbon fiber is a very kind of temperamental material to work with. It’s always prone to splitting and cracking and then having voids chip out of it. And so you really kind of got to know what you’re doing with it. The first thing I did to avoid that was I left the blanks super thick that allows me to have some really good contact between the layers of the carbon that way it’s not going to split so much, and then the second thing is just using really sharp carbide on my lathe bits. I just switched to a brand new one that way. It’s not putting any extra strain. It’s just removing material really easily and then. I’m taking really thin passes. That’s my clear thing that I’m doing is just removing probably about a half a millimeter of material at a time and I’m just going slow taking my time and then the fourth and final thing is I’m keeping it cool. So that’s what you see me just spraying this water on here. Keeping it cool that keeps down the dust as well as keeps it holding together and because this blank is so thick. I’ve got a lot of material to remove on the inside, and I know what you’re thinking, like. Isn’t the carbon five we’re gonna crack when you cut it at the end, and isn’t that even worse because you have to start all the way over and the trick that I do there is I use abrasive, so you’ll see what I do rather than using the lathe pit, which is really harsh and can really cause cracks and damage to it. I’m just gonna use sandpaper and I’m just gonna slowly slowly sand the whole thing away until I’ve got it to the thickness. I want [Music] [Applause] [Music] now that I’ve got the meteorite piece cleaned up a little bit, It’s time to throw it on a mandrel and start getting some of the dimensions we want and so. I’m just going to trim down the outer diameter. Make sure it’s nice and smooth. Get the whole thing concentric. And then I’m going to use a parting tool to split off some of that excess meteorite, because I only need kind of a thin piece, and I’d really hate to waste all of this material. It’s super expensive and super rare, so I like to conserve it as much as I possibly can. [music] all right. I’ve got all the components pretty much ready. Still have a couple of little things. I need you to do to the meteorite. I just need to clean it up. Widen out the inner diameter. Then we should be ready to start assembling it. [MUSIC] All right, I typically use my small lathe in my videos, but I need to switch over here to use my collet Chuck Because this is such a thin piece of meteor. I don’t want to put too much pressure with just the three jaw. Chuck, on there that’s gonna leave us with the risk of it cracking, so just call it. What, it’ll do just put it in place. Suck it in and thatll. Just hold it in place without putting such high pressure on those three points like the three jaw. Chuck does. So I’ll just tighten this in place machine it out Just like I would on my other lathe. [music] all right. I’ve got all the components Machined out is looking great. Everything fits snug. Everything’s flush. This is going to be a beautiful ring. Lets quickly before we combine all the pieces. I’ll go over what we’ve done and then I’ll just explain the next couple of steps, all right, so here’s the sketch of the exploded view of the ring that I made at the beginning, and I think we’ve done an excellent job of recreating everything how it should be. We’ve got the carbon fiber over here, Rose gold as well as the meteorite, and then just the copy of that on this other side. And then what you saw me machining at that last second there? This is just a little plastic tube. This is gonna be super helpful and gluing everything together, so it’s machine, so it really tightly fits the carbon fiber on there, but it’s important that actually does fit, and then it rests against the shoulder here, so it can’t go any further, so it stops there and then I will put glue on each component individually. Press it all together, and then this will allow me and what’s important here. Is you see the white? It doesn’t come to that edge quite all the way it’s important that the Vice will put pressure here as well as here and because of the shoulder, it’s going to sandwich it, just like this pretty much, but we’re not going to end up gluing the ring to the Vice, which is what’s very important because it’s gonna rip itself apart at the end. Then once we’ve got this. We have the problem of this being stuck to it, so we just need a machine that away should be really quick and easy. Then at that point, we’re going to shape the ring. Get it all to its final dimensions. The last steps we’ll need to do is going to be an etch to the meteorite and then just polishing it up, So we’re in the homestretch. It’s looking great, lets. Go ahead and jump into it. All right, we’re ready to start gluing everything together. I’m going to be using CA glue for this. I kept it in the fridge. That will give me a little bit better working time, and I’m just gonna go one by one and just glue each individual component. It’s important that I do it one by one so that I get glue all over every single surface, and it’s going to be very important not to forget any of these pieces. Because once I glue this in carbon fiber cap on, there’s nothing I can do to get another component off, so I’ll just move quickly, but stay focused, and then I just need to put it all together in the vise and we’ll be good to go. [MUSIC] All right, everything’s all glued up. I went ahead and sanded away the majority of the plastic. And now I’ll just use the lathe to remove any remaining bits. [MUSIC] All right, earlier, I was telling you how I like to avoid using cutting on the lathe on carbon-fiber, and instead I like to use abrasives. Here’s a great example instead of putting this on a mantle and shaving it down. I’m going to do as much as I can here on the belt, Sander. That should avoid any risk of splinters and traffic. I believe that’s really don’t want that to happen. [MUSIC] [Applause] [Music] All right, I’ve got the outer diameter all shaved down perfectly smooth. It’s looking great all. I had left to do. Then you could stand some bevel onto this And typically on metals. I would use a bit to give it a nice bevel like this, but again, I don’t want the carbon fiber to splinter so very carefully going to sand. Some nice, really precise as precise as I can bevels with the dremel. Then I’ll just sand and finish everything out the inside. I need to hollow out a bit more. Get it to sighs can. I have everything polished. Then it’ll be all the finish. So then we just need that edge. The meteorite and acid after. I’m done with that Ill. Check back in with you at the grand reveal, let’s do it. [MUSIC] All right for finishing. I’m just going to go through all the different grits of sandpaper like you’ve seen me do before, but what’s new here is? This is a new petrica in air supplies polish. We developed it specifically for jewellery and it’s a super effective Polish will leave us a fantastic finish. I promise you you won’t find anything better. [MUSIC] All right, this things finished, check this out. We’ve spent a very long day on this. It looks incredible. That meteorite finish turned out perfect, rose gold, super, super glossy, super smooth. I love how the acid doesn’t do anything to it. That’s just kind of like proof of how corrosion-resistant gold is. And then those nice bevels. I was able to keep on the carbon fiber. Fantastic, a nice finish on the inside and guess what? Sean and I have their same ring size. I have to keep this one sorry. Sean, just kidding. Okay, anyways, guys, that’s the video. This was one of the coolest rings. I think I’ve made in a long time. This is I know this. Just has it all every kind of cool material you’d ever want in a ring? This has it, it’s beautiful, it’s comfortable. It’s gonna be super convenient to wear very nice. Alright, guys, thank you so much for watching. Sean, I hope you enjoy your ring. This is a lot of fun and Ill. See you guys next week. Alright, guys! The ring is finished. Sean is actually here for an event. We are both going to so here It is Sean. I hope you like it. There’s a lot of fun to make we engraved it, and everything is a good time. Sean, if they want to find you on social media, the Internet, where should they Look? It’s on Mike Kelly on Instagram, guys. Alright well. Have that in the description, all of that. Thank you guys so much for watching it’s. A lot of fun. See ya!