Rose Gold And Mint | Low Budget Glam Wedding Ideas {you Won’t Believe How Little This Cost!}

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Low Budget Glam Wedding Ideas {you Won't Believe How Little This Cost!}


Hey, Sparkle lovers! I am so excited because I have three incredibly glamorous tablescapes that I put together using one rule or less of our super popular Allegra [Music]. Hi, I’m Natalie, owner of totally delco’m where you can find all of the sparkly products. You need to make your wedding or event Superidol amorous for less. This is one roll of our bling. Wrap, it’s an absolutely giant 10-yard roll. That will do so many projects you will be able to do so many incredible things with just one roll of this stuff. I wanted to start with this. Absolutely incredible, super glam rose gold bling wedding table. I’m so excited to be showing you this table. Because this is our brand-new. The CERN latest color of our bling wrap the rose gold color. This is something you guys have been asking for. I love it so so much. I think the rose gold trend is absolutely incredible, although I shouldn’t even call it a trend. I think this rose gold look is timeless and elegant, and I think this look is here to stay, so I want to show you everything I was able to do on this table Using really just our totally dazzled pulling wrap and a couple of other, inexpensive items. So we made these incredible vases. These are Dollar Tree vases that we just completely blinged out with the cling wrap. I wrapped our candles. I made napkin rings out of the bling wrap. I blinged out the lids of our favorite boxes, and I decorated our chair backs with the bling. Wrap as well. I was able to create this full blink. Look, and I still have all this left on my roll guys out of a roll this big. I still have all of this. I could probably do two tables like this. With just one $15 roll of our bling wrap. It’s truly incredible stuff, guys. Let me show you our next table. This next look is our gold bling rap book. I really tried on this table to use as much bling as I possibly could. So what I did was I created this Jean runner. It runs the full length of the table, It adds a lot of glitz and glam, and I made it double wide, so it’s actually two two pieces that I’ve just laid right next to each other and guys. This is the simplest product. You just literally roll it out on the table. Cut it to the length that you want and you are done and you can make it double wide. If you want single wide triple wide, whatever you want so. I did all that. I blinked out again. These beautiful cylinder vases with just a Dollar Tree bays and can’t floating candle a little bit of bling wrap. And you have a really beautiful table decor. That doesn’t cost much at all. I also laid out our napkins here. Pocket pulled napkins with some playing. I did beep. I’ve added some to the favored boxes, the name cards, the table number, and I also use some on the chair backs again and guys as hard as I try to use the full roll. I still have some left. Can you believe it? I did the full table runner. All of this stuff and there’s. I still can’t get through it. All this roll is huge and you can do so much with it. It will take you a long, long way for your weddings and events now our third and final table for today. I thought I would do something a little bit different and instead of doing another table scape. I decided to do this, okay, dessert table and I just love it. You guys, honestly, this bling rap is so sparkly and when you pair it with mirrors. Oh, my goodness, the sparkle is just amplified like crazy. This look is absolutely stunning. I love it! It was so simple to create just wrapping everything around bases. I made a cake stand. This is just a shallow bays that I wrapped in our bling, and then I wrapped all the candy jars and vases and guys because I just did like some smaller bands on a lot of the bases. This did not even put a dent. This did not even put a dent in the roll, okay. I mean, you can do so much with this stuff. It is crazy one rule. You can do endless amount of projects and just look at what you can do with one roll less than one roll of this incredible product. Thank you so much for joining me. It was a pleasure to have you with me. I’m Natalie from totally dazzled. Comm where you can find this incredible bling Wrap and all the others sparkly products. You need to make an incredibly glamorous wedding. An event or less totally dazzled cells, sparkling, rhinestone wedding supplies. Check us out at totally dazzled comm. But before you do, click up here and grab our free, download 50 ways to bling out your wedding or click down here and watch one of our other awesome tutorials.