Regular Makeup Vs Airbrush | Airbrush Vs. Traditional Makeup Application

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Airbrush Vs. Traditional Makeup Application


Hey, guys, it’s! Adriana, thank you for tuning into this video today. We might have sent you this direct link so that you can figure out if you want airbrush or traditional makeup for your big day. I will be discussing how each one is applied. And what the big difference is right now? I have half of my face done in traditional and half of it done in airbrush so stay tuned and take a best guess of which side is which, and we’ll see you in a second. I’m going to start out by doing this half of my face and airbrush and then I’m going to do this other half and traditional. Once I’m done. I’m starting with airbrush first because the airbrush is kind of going to go everywhere. Which is the kind of the part and good part about having airbrush is that it’s not specifically just blabbing on your face like a traditional makeup would. So I’m going to start with that and make that perfect line between my face using the traditional makeup so for a brush. I’m going to use my temptu machine. A brush can be used in so many different formulas. So you can use Tim. -, which is a silicone based foundation You can use Dinair, which is a water-based foundation. There’s so many different options that you have. Mac also makes an airbrush foundation as well that you can put into your machine. Mine is actually a handheld compressor, so it goes and it recharges. And then I can just turn this on, and it’ll work like this now. Some other air brushes do have physical cords that an artist would need to be hooked up to an outlet in order to provide you services if they are on site for that day. I’m often asked how we are going to do airbrush and concealed underneath your eyes. In terms of any blueness that might be happening, but really, there is no airbrush concealer, so we’re just going to conceal my face and how we would do it in the traditional makeup, so this will be the exact same process on the air. Wear side of my face. Add the traditional. I do have a little bit of blueness under my eye. So I’m going to keep this color correction right in here. I don’t want to go overboard with this. Because airbrush is such a light base compared to your traditional makeup now. I’m going to keep the concealer right underneath this eye socket because this area will be covered by airbrush and I’m going to try to keep the two fluids from hitting each other that is concealed, so I’m going to go ahead and move on to the airbrush. I’m going to use my Tim to foundation in the shade four, which is called sand. And I’m going to insert it into the top of my airbrush pause so here. The airbrush has started and it just feels basically like a mist. That’s what’s going to feel like. It’s if you were at an amusement park and it’s a really hot day. The misters come on and you’re just soaking it up. That’s basically what it feels like, so this will be a little bit different of me, applying it onto my own skin because I know where it’s hitting, and it’s not as scary so typically when I apply this on clients, I will have them close their eyes so that they can stay relaxed while I put this on. I am applying it in circular motions because with airbrush because it’s kind of spraying straight at us, I can’t just slab it on in different streaks, so we’re just kind of doing a nice fluid motion throughout the skin. The airbrush is now complete on this half of my skin. I’m just going to extend it down my neck a little bit. It does feel very, very, very light on my skin, so it’s not heavy at all, and I really love the airbrush because it doesn’t sink into any of my fine lines or my wrinkles, because I do get them right here in my laugh lines and I’ll get them up top as well, so this kind of just sinks into my pores, and it doesn’t create the just ability to crack on your skin. I guess, so I’m going to extend this a little bit down. One of the trade-offs you do have with airbrush? Though, is that it’s not as full-coverage. So you can see down here. I have a little bit of lines for me and spray tanning, and it’s not gonna be able to cover that up perfectly, but we’re going to try a map or spraying the back of my neck, which I will do with any foundation. Just you’re going to blend it in everywhere. My biggest pet peeve is seeing lines. I hate, I hate to see where your foundation stops and it starts, so we just want to extend it down. So one of the cool parts about using silicone airbrush foundation is that it is pretty sweat proof, which is perfect. If you’re getting married or you’re having you do something where you’re supposed to last all day, long things, especially out in the heat. This is a great, great, great formula for that, as opposed to your traditional makeup, which sometimes can crack. Or you’re going to sweat and it’ll wipe all over the place in the heat, so I really recommend the silicone airbrush if that’s something that you’re interested in so like I mentioned before this is a lighter base on your skin, which also means that it’s not as full coverage. I definitely don’t recommend airbrush if you have any rosacea, or there’s a lot of acne to cover or anything like that because we’re going to see that really soon on the traditional side where we can just cover up all those mistakes. So now that this half of my face is completed with the silicone airbrush? I am going to go ahead and put the blush on with the airbrush as well. This is not necessary to do. You need regular blush over it, but just to show you kind of what it looks like in the differences between both sides. I’m going to go ahead and do it today. So now that my blush is done. I’m actually going to go in and put a little bit of highlight and create that Bridal flow right here on top [Music] now my face is fully completed in terms of foundation blush and highlight all with the airbrush we are going to go ahead and move on to the traditional side on this half of the face. This side of my face will be a little bit heavier, so I’m going to go ahead and extend my concealer down and do like I typically will conceal and highlight in a traditional makeup application. I’m going to go ahead and mix both of these NARS foundation shades, which is light, three and medium two to create microfolk shade. And I’m going to play on this part of my face [Music] instantly. You can tell that this side of my face looks heavier than the airbrush, and it looks a lot more just kind of flawless, but the only downside is that it doesn’t really last as long, it’s good. Ids definitely take a lot more touching up to keep up with this side, but this side is a lot more. I guess blanked out. It looks just like a perfect canvas. I like to always compare that. This side is more of your Kim Kardashian looking face. It’s a lot heavier, and it’s a lot more dull, like because the traditional makeup does like to move a lot more. I’m going to go in and set this with a loose powder all over this side of my face. Just so hopefully stays in place a little bit more also. Can we take a second to appreciate this amazing hairstyle? I have going on Q. The traditional makeup were just using a regular powder brush on our cheeks like I mentioned before. I truly do love both of them. I love airbrush and I do love the traditional as well. It just depends what kind of occasion? I’m going for now. I’m going in with the regular highlighter. It is a powder as well and just highlighting on top. Both sides of my face are now complete with the airbrush versus the traditional eye. Wicked and finish the rest of my face just so that you can have more of an idea of what it might look like. Go ahead and leave a comment right down below to let me know. Do you like the traditional more? Do you like the airbrush more also? If you enjoyed this video, please go ahead and give us a thumbs up just so that we know that we are being informational and helpful to you and subscribe to my channel right down below and we do have Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. So if you have a college station location, which is opening up August 1st, So that wraps up our video today. I hope to see you next time bye.