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Top 10 Most Expensive Engagement Rings In The World


Top 10 most expensive engagement rings in the world. Welcome to a luxe calm. The place where future billionaires come to get inspired. Welcome back a lectures to another glittering video. Look into the lives of the rich and fabulous now. Jewelry plays a huge part in the world of the wealthy and there isn’t a piece of jewelry as important as the engagement ring. The first known use of a diamond engagement ring took place in 1477 when Archduke Maximilian of Austria gave Mary of Burgundy, a gold ring featuring an M spelled out in diamonds Since then it’s become a great tradition that men get down on one knee and present their lover with a diamond ring before popping the question. Modern etiquette dictates that a man is expected to spend around three month’s salary on the ring, but of course, to each couple their own. However, there are those who blow this budget right out of the water when they propose to their future spouses. If you are new here, welcome, be sure to subscribe and follow us on Instagram at a logg’s so from the exquisite to be obscene. Let’s take a look at the top 10 most expensive engagement rings in the world number 10 red light in vintage diamond engagement rings, price, 2.5 million dollars. HOLLYWOOD legend Michael Douglas presented Welsh goddess Catherine zeta-jones with this gorgeous vintage Marquise shaped Diamond back in the year 2000 The rock is a 10 carat diamond set horizontally on the band, and if it wasn’t enough, there are 28 smaller, glittering stones encompassing the large show-stopping diamond. They’re long and successful. Hollywood marriage is something to be admired in a world where celeb marriages last no longer than a week. Perhaps this diamond has something to do with it. Number 9 without those three diamond engagement rings, price, 2.6 million dollars, American royalty and former first Lady Jackie O was gifted this exquisite jewel by second husband Aristotle Onassis the less. Oh, so 340 point for two carat diamond was one of only 16 cuts from a 601 carat rough diamond that was discovered in South Africa. Now, despite this ring being so beautiful, Jackie only wore the ring twice and afterwards it remained locked up in a bank vault in New York City. What an absolute waste of a fine piece of jewelry number eight graph, emerald cut diamond engagement ring price three million dollars. US President Donald Trump didn’t hold back on budget when he proposed to his third wife, Melania announced in 2004 This is 15 carat. Emerald cut diamond is present on a platinum basket setting. Donald purchased the ring from the House of Grass in London For his bride to be the diamond is flanked by baguettes and a leaf like design. Well, they do say the third times a charm number seven. Neil Lane, blue diamond engagement ring price, four million dollars. Curvaceous popstar. Jennifer Lopez is known for her bling and glamour. So it’s no surprise that Marc Anthony, her boyfriend at the time, pulls an absolute gem out of the bag. Anthony presented Jlo with this N viewable 8.5 carat diamond ring. The rock itself is mounted on delicate metal and was created by me. Alain, jeweler to the Stars. The engagement ring has been considered to be the rarest and most prized piece of jewelry. Miss Lopez owns sadly. The couple split in 2014 But we wonder if she kept this amazing ring anyway. Number 6 Cartier Emerald cut diamond engagement ring price, 4.06 million dollars. If there ever was a true fairytale love story, it would have to be that of Hollywood royalty. Grace Kelly and her husband, Prince Rainier, the third of Monaco Grace, went from Oscar winner to becoming a real-life princess in 1955 So you can bet that the engagement ring was something you could only dream of the official engagement ring was the legendary ten point four seven carat emerald cut diamond, which was flanked by two. Oh, so chic diamonds again. If this is what love looks like. Then sign us up number five gold diamond encrusted engagement ring price 4.7 million dollars. It’s no secret that Millionaire heiress Paris Hilton likes the finer things in life, especially when it comes to sparkly jewelry. Well, former fiance. Paris Lassies did not disappoint her. When you propose with this beauty. Paris gave Paris a massive 24 karat white right with an impressive centerpiece, A rectangular diamond that was also flanked by two triangle cut baguettes. Hilton said the ring was so huge. It hurt her finger. Oh, how the other half lived. Sadly, the Pariss didn’t make it to the aisle, but Hilton auctioned off the ring and gave the money raised to victims of Hurricane Katrina suite number 4 Lorraine Schwartz, Platinum Diamond engagement ring price five million dollars. Queen of Pop Beyonce joined Kingdoms with the reigning Prince of Hip-hop Jay-z to create one hell of a power couple in 2008 But just how do you win over a megastar like? Beyonce, well, just like Jay-z did with this 18 carat flawless octagon cut diamond ring set on a platinum split date, the five million dollar. Rock has been certified as an exceptional, internally clear and premium stone. You would expect nothing else for the flawless. Queen, now, would you? Jay-z didn’t just put a ring on it. He puts the bead ring on it number. Three asscher-cut Krupp diamond engagement ring price eight point eight million dollars. Elizabeth Taylor married not once not twice, but eight times in her life. So you can bet her jewelry box is well and truly stuffed with some of the finest gems. Around, however, it was the love she had with the gorgeous. Richard Burton. That really set our Hearts aflame The to marry twice once in 1964 and again in 1975 due to their On-again off-again alcohol fueled passions. Richard idolized Elizabeth and to prove it. He presented her with a massive 33.1 nine carat asscher-cut Krupp diamond with a large Colette Bassett. The stone is certified as a type of 11 a diamond, the most chemically pure type of diamonds with exceptional optical transparency. When Richard died, Taylor was heartbroken, but they were reunited when Elizabeth died in 2011 and was buried next to her beloved burden. The ring has since been auctioned off by London auction house Christie’s. It was won by an unnamed Asian buyer who collects rare and expensive diamonds, number two bull giris blue diamond rings, nine point, five million dollars. If you want to show your lover, just how much they mean to you, maybe consider opting for one of the rarest diamonds in the world. This dazzling 5.3 carat blue gem was purchased from Bulgaria by British jewelers graft, the world’s largest collector of precious stones. The diamond is so incredibly rare. It makes up only 1% of the diamonds in the world. Now you’re probably thinking you’ve seen this stone before, and you’d be right. This was the jewel Old-lady rose dropped into the ocean at the end of the oscar-winning film. Titanic now is Leo proposed to us. We’d definitely be happy with just an onion ring and here we have it, The most expensive engagement ring in the world and while the couple may not have lasted. This diamond is definitely forever Number 1 Mariah Carey’s huge 35 carat diamond ring price 10 million dollars. There is only one diva in the world that could pull out this obscenely huge engagement ring. And this, of course, is songstress. Mariah Carey, following a very swift period of dating Mariah’s Millionaire Man James Packer quickly put a ring on it and well. It was quite the ring. The ring has been estimated to be a ginormous 30 carats set in classic and shining platinum, framed beautifully by more diamond beggars. You can see clearly from images that the stone is so big. It reaches her knuckle. That’s some serious weight lifting. However, the couple were not destined to be and split up back in late 2016 But here’s hoping Mariah kept that diamond there. You have any lectures The 10 most expensive engagement rings ever, though. Beautiful, not all of these unions ended well, but as Shakespeare himself wrote. The course of true love never did run smooth. Would you marry for money or is true? Love your only goal. And now here’s the bonus fact. The ancient Romans and Greeks believed that diamonds were tears cried by the gods or splinters from falling stars, and the Romans believed that Cupid’s arrows were tipped with diamonds, Perhaps the earliest association between diamonds and romantic love but was 24% of women’s dating. They would turn a man down if they didn’t like the engagement ring. It seems not even the gods above can predict the outcomes of thank you for spending some time with us, a Luxor’s make sure to LIKE and subscribe. So you never miss another video? We also hand-picked these videos, which we recommend you watch next. Thank you for being an a lexer and we’ll see you back tomorrow.