Qipao Wedding Dress Hong Kong | Chinese Qipao Wedding Dresses From Ali Express And East Meets Dress | Modern And Stylish Cheongsam

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Chinese Qipao Wedding Dresses From Ali Express And East Meets Dress | Modern And Stylish Cheongsam


Hello, beautiful brides and welcome to the wedding laundry. Lester’s Channel, where your host Britney and John Betty’s and today’s episode is about Keep out dresses. So if you’re looking for keeper choice for your Chinese tea ceremony and banquet, then this episode is for you with the help of one of our lovely Brides. Alice will be showing you five beautiful key piles to choose from two of which are under $40 from Aliexpress and we’ll be showing those alongside three higher-end dresses from the San francisco-based company east meets dress. Make sure you watch until the end of this episode so that you can find out which dress always chooses for a tea ceremony and your reception. [MUSIC] So what we have here today? We have a few boxes So, Alice. Maybe tell us a little bit about these boxes. Yeah, so being a Chinese American bride. The struggle is being able to find a Chinese. Keep a dress for your wedding reception a lot of times. We don’t have the luxury of being able to go back to China to get a custom-made dress. So many of us have the resort to buying keep house online. There’s auctions like Aliexpress, which is similar to like it’s a Chinese Amazon, But then there’s awesome Startup companies such as it’s me stress, which share that similar struggle up being able to provide modern qipao gowns for that modern Chinese American. Right, so I’m so excited to share these with you, lets. See what what’s in these boxes, awesome? Yeah, wait so today. We have, it’s just gonna be our beautiful faces in front of the camera. JB is actually behind the camera filming today, so he’s just gonna help us out. I think he has a very scary knife that he’s gonna help us. Open the boxes with so JB. Okay, boxes are open. Let’s dive into them, so maybe start with that one. Sure, definitely, oh, so sweet. So, in addition to our dresses, they also provided pillows for Chinese tea ceremony -. Typically, what happens is that the bride and the groom are sent are actually kneeling on these as they’re serving tea to the elders so cute ready, and this is a lucky symbol, which means, like double happiness and prosperity. It’s very sweet. Oh, my gosh! This is so cool! All what, this is a tea set. [MUSIC] So we have some Aliexpress dresses just to give you an example of what a piece meets dress. Looks like along with what a Aliexpress from sub-site. This is the Aliexpress dress which under with this box out of the way so you can see there? Go looks nice. Yeah, it’s pretty. What kind of fabric is it? It feels very polyester like so. I’ll grab one more here. Another Aliexpress dress [Music] very different, very different, very modern compared to your traditional. Keep out dress looks nice. Is it weird that my eyes are itchy right accessories? Oh, this is freaky! Oh, it’s so cheap! That’s so amazing chopsticks. I love it, lets. Lets, uh, stick together amazing, so I don’t know if you know, but JB is actually a chopstick, master. Oh, sob, here! Take him, show us your skills. JB, that’s the challenge. Wow, my parents would be very impressed. It’s the first thing actually, not all right, yeah, now. I wish there was like a grain of rice for you to like picked up. He can do a grain of rice. I can confirm. Yeah, okay, Chopstick, master. You are dismissed! Thank you how cute. Oh, this is giving me ideas about favors. Say, ready to say there. Is the wedding favor -? I think so, and typically, we cap them around like, during like Chinese perceptional kind of tea ceremonies and they pick candy inside here. I love all the red and gold, it’s so funny. [MUSIC] This is eat. Sweets dress so, okay. Wow, it’s different. Oh, it has a train. Oh, hello. Whoa, there’s a train. Okay, that’s great. The quality feels much nicer to get. Just tell when you touch it it just it just doesn’t look no offense. I’ll express it. This just doesn’t look cheap. There’s nothing that I don’t like about it, but I think it’s really important, especially with like Keith Hall dresses like with those long dresses. You want to make sure that there’s a slit so you can actually block as opposed to like walking like a mummy, which I’ve seen, you know, with a lot of the Aliexpress dresses? Add it to my keep a pile. Okay, another one. So this one is white white, so this this is just a western gown, then in a keep a style, maybe, and then, of course, there’s green beets who represent Jade. So could you wear that in a Chinese tea ceremony? Generally not? I don’t advise it, because, and traditionally it’s really up to you. But traditionally with a Chinese tea ceremony, you want to wear a lot of the red and gold, which is symbolizes a lot of like good fortune and wealth and prosperity, whereas, like the white, unfortunately means death. Hey, another, you cheat stress. This is pretty! Oh, wow, heavy! Whoa, this is, there’s a there’s a train. It’s more chiffon feeling. Yeah, it’s definitely more chiffon feeling, but look at this back, though. The back is really pretty. Yeah, it reminds me a lot of these like the modern gowns. All right, so which dress are you to try on? First, let’s start with the. Ali dresses, let’s go in order. Yeah, let’s go and order from how we showed them, so we’ll do a little bit of show-and-tell. Gosh, Michelle, what’s fashion show? Stay tuned, not bad. You look really pretty. Thanks, I think it looks good. How does it feel doesn’t really feel too good? I mean, and this is maybe just my own personal preference. I’m really sensitive to different materials and different fabrics. So it feels really itchy on my skin, but I think this is a great like low-cost option, that’s. Yeah, that’s in your budget. Um, especially if it’s for a tea ceremony and you’re gonna have a Western ceremony afterwards. No, you’re only wearing it for a couple hours. So if you can deal with that, then by all those, be worth it. Choose this cool. Yeah, nice well. You look beautiful. Thank you, see the next one. Oh, [Music] ready! I like this one even better. I think guys like a little bit better. -, that’s you great. Um, it feels okay, you know? I like it definitely feels better than that first. One, the first one felt like very polyester, a little bit more higher quality. I really like the back. Yeah, the sheer back from the mid waist up. It’s really pretty, It’s a very modern take on the gound. There’s definitely no gold, but you can add that with jewelry later on accessory. I’m sure, yeah, great, so another great low-cost option cool. Alex, nice. Alright, lets. Try on the next one, and I think we’re on to the East meets dress options. We have three of them cool. I know mmm, so. What fabric is that? I think this is silk and I have trained nice love. This little slit is great. It’s great now you can like walk through. I think my thing would be like to make sure that you know there’s an American bustle, so you can bustle it up, especially with going if that makes sense because you would wear this for the tea ceremony, but also for the reception as well got it. This smells good. I think I like the feeling of this more, but I think I would probably – these details while they’re beautiful. They’re great. I think. Can you put them off to the side? They’re wonderful if you don’t mind that, but I’m just very particular about the look that I’m going for, got it. Yeah, very pretty well. I think tomorrow very different, very wise, very modern, but the great thing is that you have this such a beating mm-hmm, which has a little bit of a taste of like Chinese culture. Um, it feels good. It’s very fitted, especially for a sample dress, which is great. It feels nice overall. I think my only thing is that I already have a white Western gown, so I don’t want to add another Western gown to it, but I would say for that Chinese American bride who is looking to just have one dress. Only this is perfect. Well, let’s try on the next one. Yeah, is this the last one? Okay, we’re gonna turn the last one, all right, another all red dress and the split and trainers so pretty so pretty up sheer in the back too. Oh, yeah, your share in the back like a love. I love how it looks. I just don’t necessarily love how it feels just from this still detailing here. I think if it were to be away from the art, so I think that would be great, but for the most part, I love the Train. I love the silk. It’s a very elevated down. It was very fancy awesome. All right, so I think we’re gonna pick a face. Yeah, okay, so surprise us. Take your favorite, and then we will Accessorize you. Okay, so that we can see a finished. Look, all right, so you picked the last dress. I did the reason why I really liked. It was the way, but I really liked how it felt against my body. There’s just a few little things that I like to, you know. Customize a course a lower neckline. Maybe one of these, and then maybe not so much too many frills, but for the most part. I love the style! I love how it feels for the most part. And I love how it looks great. Well, you look beautiful. You looked beautiful and all of them. [MUSIC] Well, Alice! Thank you so much for coming by today and showing us all of these different. Keep out options. It’s super helpful. I think for our rights to see, you know, the different options and to know what an existing bride is already doing. And so maybe. Can you leave our brides with a little bit of advice? Yeah, definitely thank you so much for allowing me to share of my experience. It’s very important for you to try before you buy. Definitely buy many options of dresses for you to try. I thought that I wanted one dress and I completely went with a different direction and then also to toe as you’re trying this and really make sure that the fabrics sit well with you, you know, there’s some fabrics that can irritate your skin that don’t necessarily fit We’ll like, for example, this high neckline while it looked me look beautiful. It may not feel the best. And you want you to really feel your absolute best. That big day, absolutely awesome. Thanks so much again and happy. Keep out shopping. You keep a copy our mission here on the wedding lawn or Lester’s channel is to help you create your dream wedding, so be sure to like this video and leave a comment below with any questions or advice. You’d like us to cover as you plan your big day and for new and inspiring wedding content every Wednesday make sure to subscribe to our Channel, and we also love receiving your Deans on Instagram, so be sure to follow us there at Jpj pictures thanks for tuning in happy learning [Music].