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10 Favourite Poses For Wedding Portrait Photography


Hey, guys, welcome back to the channel On this week’s episode. We’re going to talk about my top 10 favorite wedding poses. [MUSIC] Many of you might not know, but I actually started out as a wedding photographer and filmmaker. That’s right, I started in the wedding industry, and I’m actually still in the wedding industry, but obviously nowadays. I’ve branched out now into Youtube and Instagram, shooting travel and lifestyle photography, but still throughout the year. I shoot weddings and I’ll make sure to link below my heart visuals, Youtube page and as well my Instagram page. So you guys can check out more of my work right now. It’s September, and I’ve got 16 weddings behind me and four more to go And then 2019 wedding season is over, so that’s why today, being in the theme of weddings and all. I thought I would share with you. My top 10 favorite wedding poses as well. Today’s episode is sponsored by. 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Thank you for helping people learn and get better at what they do, but now let’s get back to this week’s episode and talk about wedding poses now going into a wedding portrait session. It’s really important that you’re prepared because the couple that you’re shooting, They’re not professional models. They’re not actors, they’re just everyday, normal people, and they’re so crazy nervous to be in front of the camera, so the more prepared you are the more confident you are the more It’s going to allow the couple to just be relaxed and to know that they’re in good hands. So when you’re going to a wedding portrait session? Make sure that you have a whole ton of poses prepared so that you don’t get into this mode where you’re just like. Ah, what should we do next? Where instead you’re like, Yep, bang, let’s go to the next pose. Let’s do the next shot, that’s. What, it’s like when you’re prepared for the portrait session, My style of wedding photography is to keep things really relaxed, really simple, so whenever. I’m shooting with a couple. I love to just get to know them to crack jokes with them. I love to make it a really just light-hearted fun, relaxed environment, because otherwise, they’re gonna be really stiff and really nervous and don’t want that when I’m shooting my wedding photos. I want them to be so relaxed. I ultimately want them just to forget that I’m even there, and then for them just to focus on themselves and just to really embrace that love that they have for each other. All right, so pose number. One is the hipster pose. This is a classic. This is when you have the couple facing forwards at you standing a little bit farther apart from each other holding hands in the middle. This is a really easy post to start off off because they’re really nervous, so you want them just to loosen up a little bit and it’s not a hard pose to do so. You have them standing there. You have them facing you. And from there, you can go to a lot of different variations so first you can have them standing. Maybe a meter width apart from each other holding hands, and then you can ask them to turn towards each other, and that’s always great because they get to look at each other. They’re smiling, They’re a lot of things they’re having fun, and if you wanna get really well, you can have them stand a meter apart from each other while kissing in the middle makes for a nice, romantic shot. Always, this wide hipster pose is also great when you’re in front of huge landscapes, it just creates a nice symmetry with them in the middle and really makes them stand out from the backdrop. I personally love this shot because I’m a very logical creative, so I like having the symmetry of the couple standing there like this holding hands and facing forwards, so let’s pose number one hipster pose [Music] pose number two is the twirl from the hipster pose than standing there holding hands. You can then ask the groom to twirl the bride, so I asked him to describe her arm and tell her around and this makes for a nice princess Moment For the bride of their dress gets to spin around, it flows around and as well having the couple to do something something active, it makes them forget the year there, so it’s really great because often, you know, maybe they mess up the first time they feel a little awkward A little bit funny. They laugh a lot, so it’s really great just to get those nice, true emotions and make sure when you’re shooting this. You don’t just stop when they’re twirling. But as we’ll keep shooting afterwards because a lot of times the reactions after the pose can often be the best, so that’s close number two, the twirl pose number three walking shots. I personally love. Having very natural candid feels to my wedding photos. I don’t want everything in super post really stoic and just, you know, still. I want them to be movement. I want there to be excitement. I won’t there be fun, so I always ask the couple to do. The walking shot so basically. I ask them to hold hands walk towards me, but while they’re walking towards me, I always say, hey, you don’t need to stare forward straight into the camera. Rather, you can look at each other talk to each other, so I have them stand there holding hands. I get the focus I put in a I serve your mode, so I’ll continue to keep focusing as they’re moving towards me, and then I say go. They start walking towards me at a decent pace, and then you get those nice, relaxed, candid shots of them, just smiling each other, laughing together, just having a good time forgetting that the camera is right there, so that’s pose number Three, the walking shots. [MUSIC] pose number four is the look back now? When you’re doing the walking shots, you can do a nice variation of the walking shot where you have them walking forwards past you, and then you ask that the bride after a few seconds looks back and looks at you at the camera. It’s really nice because it gives that kind of candid little sneak peek that she’s. Just, you know, giving a little peek at you often. She’s smiling when she’s doing that, so it’s really great. You get really nice documentary. Candid, feel to the shots, so that’s opposed number four. The look-back pose number five is the intimate pose. Basically, Now you’re gonna ask the bride and groom to face each other, get really close to each other and just wrap their arms around each other often. You can have the bride wrap her arms around the groom’s neck and hold the bouquet behind, but you really want them to get really close to each other. Maybe even put the four heads together and just ask them to just close their eyes and be really close often. When I’m shooting, I will take a huge landscape shot of this, and then I’ll just run close and take some really intimate up and close shots once. I’ve got those shots. Then I go to the side and take a shot of the bride and her face in her reaction, and then I take a shot another side of the groom in his face and his reaction. So you got a lot of shots just from this one pose and that’s the intimate boat Pose Number Six is holding him from behind. This is one you have the groom face sideways, and then you’re gonna have the bride come from behind and just wrap her arms around him. This great’s always a nice, safe, intimate feeling for the bride. You know, she can just squeeze her husband her groom and know that everything is, okay. It’s really nice, intimate shot, and it’s really comfortable for the bride and groom just to be close to each other like that and make sure to always say the closer the better always. So that’s number six holding him from behind. [APPLAUSE] pose number seven is the lien on shoulder. Pose this is what I have. The groom face totally sideways often. I have him looking 45 degrees into the distance somewhere, and then I have the bride. Just come and put her arms around the groom’s arm, and then she’s got to lean her head on his shoulder and just look at me. You get really nice, soft, intimate photos of the bride at this moment, just like she’s just relaxing and just experiencing love from her groom by leaning on her. You can also ask her as well to kind of just look off in the distance. It makes for great moments, so that’s pose number seven leaning on the shoulder. Pose number eight is the wraparound. This is when you’re gonna have the groom standing behind the bride, and you’re gonna ask him to hold hands with the bride and as well, you’re gonna drop the arms around her. You got to make sure that the groom’s head is not right behind the bride’s head. So we’re gonna have the groom kind of slide to the side, so you can see both of their faces from there. You can ask the groom then to whisper something romantic. Inter, make her laugh. Maybe kiss her on the cheek. There’s a lot of variations that you can do with this shot, but it makes for a really nice, intimate close, just pose that they can enjoy together, so that’s the pose number eight, the wrap around. [MUSIC] All right, pose number nine is the lift now the lift, it can be a great pose, any bigger great for photos, but also it can be disastrous. If you’re gonna want your couple to do the lift meaning. Have the groom. Lift her up! Maybe spin her around. You got to first evaluate the situation and make sure that the groom is able to pick up the bride because you would not want to embarrass the groom. Make him feel weak if he can’t pick her up, and you definitely don’t want the bride to fall or for them to hurt themselves. So make sure that the you know. Groom is looking buff and that the bride is on the slender side and that you can do the lift pose. So basically what you’re gonna do. Is you’re gonna have him? You know, put his arms around her and lift her up when we spin her around. Her dress is just gonna flow around. Oftentimes, it can go a little bit wrong. Maybe the first time, so they’re gonna laugh and feel awkward, so make sure that you keep shooting the post photos as well, so don’t just shoot while they’re spinning as well when they stop and just their reactions to the moment you’re gonna get nice photos from that, so that’s number nine, the lift It can be disastrous, but it can as well be amazing and number 10 The final pose is the dip kiss now. This is one you’re gonna have the groom. Hold the bride from behind and he’s gonna just dip her down and give her a kiss. Very romantic, very classic works very well. If you’re a black-tie event, you want to just get that nice classic romantic dip kiss pose. All right, guys, That’s my top ten wedding. Photography poses for you guys. Hopefully that will give you. An arsenal of wedding poses for your next wedding photography gig as we’ll make sure to click below. Skillshare link to month free trial. Go check out my wedding. Photography course all about shooting portraits posing composition. I’m sure you’ll learn a lot more on top of what you’ve already learned from this week’s episode as well. If you like this week’s episode, make sure you smash the like button comment below your favorite pose. What you like to use at wedding photography gigs? I’d love to hear, and maybe if you have any other poses that I didn’t mention because I would love for people just to be able to learn from each other, and if you’re new to the channel, make sure you subscribe to the channel. So you’re up to date on the latest videos? All right, guys, have a fantastic week. [MUSIC].