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Plus Size Bikini Try On Haul, Feat Prettylittlething, Target, Asos♡♡ |gabriellaglamour


[MUSIC] Hello, beautiful glam girls glam fam glam! Everyone, welcome back to my channel. Thank you so much for joining. If you’re new welcome, My name is Gabriella. We do new videos every Friday. Sometimes we sneak in an extra one, But every Friday. I’m here doing a new video for you. We do, uh, try on hauls. Which is my main thing. So if you’re into plus-sized shrine hauls, please check out my channel. Subscribe like leave a comment. Let the algorithm know you want to see more so that I show up and you’re recommended. So, yeah, every Friday. I do a new video. I also do a podcast on Thursdays and every day I post on Instagram. I also have a tick tock. All the links will be linked down below and all the socials will be linked down below also. I have a poshmark where I, uh? I sell a lot of clothing that I’ve either only worn once or I’ve only used for work and things like that. So my poshmark a link will be down below as well anyway. Today’s video is going to be a pretty little thing haul. This is not sponsored. This is stuff I personally purchased also two extra bikinis in here. One is from target and one is from nasty gal that I wanted to show you. So those are just random that I figured I’d throw in here since they don’t have anywhere else to go. I also do mini little outfit, videos and things like that on reels as well as tic. Toc so definitely follow me on all my socials to get a different taste of all the kind of content I make because I make different content for each channel, so I do like restaurant reviews. I do food videos. I do different things on reels and tick tock. So I try to keep it different for you guys, depending on where you like to get your content And I also have a Facebook. Um, if you’re interested in following over on Facebook if you’re a Facebook person, so with all that being said, let’s get into the haul video. Also, if you’re interested in this makeup tutorial, I did film it on Amazon Live, which is another platform that I’m on with Amazon live. You can follow me and get my live videos directly on your regular Amazon app, which I’m sure we all have the Amazon app. The literal app that you use to shop is the same app. You can use to watch my live videos. You do not need any other app. All you have to do is follow me on Amazon, and you will get notified every time I’m live. So I actually just did a live makeup tutorial today. Doing this look, you can shop all the products I use and follow along as I do my makeup. So with all that being said, let’s get started with today’s. Haul, okay, So this first piece here is so cute. I’m not sure if this is still available. But if they have something similar, I will definitely link it for you guys. It’s a snake print, colorful little top. It’s like a button down top love this. I love tops like this. They’re so easy to wear and throw on so comfy and comfortable, so yeah, definitely recommend the button down tops. If you’re looking for something, that’s like, still fun casual but can be dressed up. I actually did a really cute look. When I wore this emerald earrings because I felt like the green matched the blue really nicely. And then I did an eye similar to what I have on. But instead of brown on the lower lash line, I did cobalt blue like a blue teal color and then just all of blue and teal and the everything together just looked so pretty and I’ll post a picture here for you guys to see a lot of you really like that Look, and I did post the link when the shirt was available again. Not sure if it’s still available, but I will post something similar if I can piece. Obviously I wouldn’t wear it with this button down underneath, but it’s a blazer, so I can’t not have a shirt on underneath, but it’s this really pretty like cognac, orangey brown colored blazer. I wanted something that was like a brown color because I just think it looks so different. I haven’t had a chance to actually wear it out yet. It’s kind of a difficult, difficult color to wear because you can’t really wear black bottoms with it. And then if you do blue jeans, they have to be the right color. It’s just like a really nice oversized, but without being super like masculine. And when it’s paired or styled the right way. I think it looks so cute, So definitely like this in New York. It’s been kind of like a toss up like some days. It’s warm enough some days. It’s still really chilly like today. It’s like 50 degrees, so on the days that I’m going out and it’s still chilly. I like having a little blazer moment. I think it’s really chic. It’s easy to dress. It’s easy to style, so yeah, really loving this color and this this piece. Overall, it’s just really nicely done again. I will leave the, um, links and sizes of everything in the description for now I’ll let you know I did get a size 20 and so this next piece I am obsessed with, and if you recognize this, you might recognize it because I actually wore this exact dress in 2019 but in green so back in 2019 for my husband’s Christmas party for his job. Um, it’s like a really nice event. Everybody dresses up like super black tie and cocktail style. So I always love, you know, really getting dressed up, so I was looking for, like an emerald green dress, and I came across this one from pretty little thing, and I added, like feathers to it and I got it. Um, taken in because you see on the top, it’s too big for me. I got it tailored and everything and you guys went crazy for that dress. And then they brought it back in this champagne gold color. You know, I had to get it in the color that I love. I love it and it’s the perfect length. I’m just obsessed with this dress. This could be really cute for a bridal party If you’re getting married and you’re having, um, a bachelorette party or a bridal shower. This would be a really nice dress for that as well. So, yeah, so many cute things you can do with this dress. Um, but for me? This is gonna be probably like a Vegas dress. I would wear this for like my wedding anniversary in Vegas, where I could feel like a sexy little Vegas bride. So for the rest of this haul now we’re gonna switch over to bikinis, so it’s mostly a summer bikini haul, but I have to show you guys these other items that I picked up as well because they’re too good to not show you so yeah. Everything else is going to be swimsuits. Bikinis, It’s just and then, really, really nice stuff too, like I’m so excited to show you so, okay, so the top and the bottom for this. Um, swimsuit is from two different places. The top is pretty little thing. The bottom is aso. I am so obsessed with this top. Um, okay, so I never really go for, like, long sleeve, bikini tops or bathing suit tops. But this is so sexy, and I think it just is a great balanced kind of look because you get so much cleavage, and you get this, Um, upside down V bar. That really creates a lot of support. It has this bar that goes all the way underneath, so it really lifts the girls up without having to have like a crazy strap or anything like that. It just it fits so nicely. It’s so true to size, So I’m wearing a size 18 and I’m like, uh. I guess, like a 36 38 triple d. I don’t know, I haven’t gotten my bra size professionally done in a really long time. I don’t even remember the last time I bought a regular bra, but yeah, I’m wearing an 18 Um, and I am obsessed, so it’s like this really beautiful rust, orange like bright orange with this beautiful, silky, um, material. I think it looks so good on me too, and it’s a really nice break from always being super naked. You still get all the sexiness of the coverage? I think the way it looks on the on. This area is so flattering, and you know for me. I have a gap. I also have very flat. Um, low hanging, girls and so. I need that extra little lift and support to give me a nice, a nice little shape. A nice little look, and this does that without being uncomfortable without having any straps, it’s literally you put it on like a t-shirt, so the bottoms are from Asos. They’re really nice kind of like they’re like the style of a high thigh with the coverage of a high waist. And I really like that for my big body, so you can see, there’s a little peekaboo of a hip which I love a little fast. Is that what they call it? I forgot the word a little a little bit of a crease there. A little hip action, but it’s still high waist like my belly button is down here, so you still get that high waisted coverage still some booty coverage, but it’s a really comfortable like woven material. This is not like shapewear swimwear. This is comfortable, super easy. I am here for this little. Get up and mixing and matching having fun, okay, so this next bikini Top is from target. I also put my hair up, so it wouldn’t be bothering me. I’m a target. I’ve been seeing a lot of people do like little try and hauls with target bikinis, and I was like you know what let me see. Let me try, so I picked this one up as a starting point to see if I liked it. Um, and I really like it. So this is from the sand and shore brand in the size 38 double D cute. Um, nudie beige with? I think this is supposed to be some type of animal print. Yeah, it has like Tiger Stripes, And I love the cut out here. It’s like a halter. Look, it’s not actually halter. It has a racer back like a crisscross, so it’s more supportive. You actually have to tie it yourself. Which that’s the only part that’s a little bit uncomfortable is having to tie this part here. Um, if you’re not with someone who knows how to do a good tie? I just personally tied it. Um, before I even put it on, really comfortable. This one does have. Um, slight padding impressed. I think I can definitely see myself. I can definitely see myself wearing this this summer, and then I’m probably gonna pick up some more from target. Okay, so this next bikini top is definitely more on the sexy side. This is definitely more on the traditional string bikini side. I really like how it looks. I don’t know if I would wear this again. Like around a lot of people or like on a public beach in front of like children and stuff. This is something I would wear more in a secluded area or like a private pool or in Vegas on vacation where there’s less people just because personally for me, I just would feel more comfortable being able to move around without being scared, but I think it looks really nice, and it’s a really nice, like, um, velour material, snake print. It’s like a rusty, uh, burgundy color, snake print. It’s really pretty again, traditional string bikini. So it is a string bikini in the back as well as up top. So this is a size 20 I would say this runs a bit small. I feel like for a size 20 The actual triangle should be bigger because it is kind of spilling out from everywhere, But I like how it looks again. I don’t mind a little sexy moment. There’s a time and a place, and I feel like this is a really little sexy number to throw in for a vacation, Okay, So this next bikini is another string bikini and this one is from nasty gal. This one! I meant to put into my next nasty out haul, which is mostly bikinis. That one’s coming out next week, so stay tuned for that another nasty gal haul, but I forgot to put it into that haul, so I thought I’d throw it in this one, but yeah, I love love love. This it’s a little snake print again. I told you! Animal print is trendy. This season, especially like nude brown beige animal print and this one again is a traditionally like nude and brown themed animal print again. It is string bikini, so it’s a string in the back string on the top, and you have to tie it all that good stuff. Um, this one again. The triangle could be a little bit bigger and the bottoms are very high thighs. You can see like the black. There is my underwear. So typically, I would prefer something that fits more like that, but these are really really high, and then they’re low in the back again something. I probably wear like on a private vacation or in a private house. This next swimsuit is actually a one piece and it is so beautiful. I am obsessed with this colorful vibe. It gives me very Jlo Versace vibes. I think that’s kind of what they were going for. Swimsuits like these are definitely reserved for the pool parties for the events for Vegas. You guys you can hear. I want to go to Vegas. Um, but yeah. This is definitely a pool party vibe. I am obsessed, guys. Check this out. There’s a matching freaking skirt. Look at this skirt. Are you kidding? This is really giving Jayla vibes. Oh, my God, look at this. So the whole thing is see-through and has these big cutouts, so definitely not to cover too much. And then it has a zipper on the side. No stretch waistband, so it really sucks you and gives you a really nice shape. And it also has little gold detailing the same chain detailing from here to get both because I feel like this is such a moment such a look again. Something I would wear to like a Vegas pool party or even like a rooftop party. Hope you guys enjoyed this video. Thank you so much for watching all the links to shop. Everything will be linked down below again. Thank you so much for being here. Don’t forget to like comment. Subscribe all that good stuff. And if you do want to shop any of these pieces, please use my links below. It helps my channel grow. It shows the brands that you guys like the, um, products that I’m showing you. And it shows the brand that they have a big audience with me and that they can sponsor my videos. Which again makes me? Um, help helps me get more work. Helps me get more clothing to create content for you, so it’s like a nice big, uh, circle of love that gets completed when you use my links, And of course I make a small commission so you are helping me, and it’s a great way to help me out because it’s a win-win for everyone. If you’re gonna shop might as well just use my links anyway. So again, thank you for watching. I love you and come back next Friday for our next video. Bye, big lamb. [music] you!