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The Truth About Jewellery Insurance - What You Need To Know


Why do we have insurance simple? We don’t live in a perfect world. You know, disaster can strike anywhere. An insurance allows us some degree of protection in a financial way that if we become very sick, have a car accident, a disaster while traveling or having our jewelry stolen or damaged, having insurance is your parachute or at least that’s what you hope and believe what we know is that jewelry insurance is different from all other insurances, because it involves a financial side and an emotional one and it’s because of this that most insurers fail When you have a claim, so let’s understand. What are the three key problems, okay. Most jewelry insurance is normally part of a home contents insurance policy. You know, this is a bit like taking a big paper bag, throwing everything in and covering everything, making it really easy, one simple policy. But, hey, who reads the fine print anyway, right well? That’s obviously the first problem you see, unless you make a note of your jewelry on your policy, you have minimal cover. So if for an example, you had a ten thousand dollar diamond ring, you might get as little as five hundred dollars if it was stolen. If you actually went to the effort of specifying it on the policy, you face other problems that people are oblivious to you. See, almost all policies say things like we will put you back into the same position. You were prior to your loss with something similar, but here’s where the problems come first. If we assume that you had a diamond engagement ring that you paid $10,000 an evaluation from your jeweler because you bought at a very good price for $15,000 Do you know that when you have a claim? Your insurer is going to tell you that you’re insured actually up to $15,000 It’s not an agreed value so that they can actually buy it for $7,000 It’s their right and let’s be clear. Does anyone think that? If your insurer paid $7,000 you’re ever gonna get something which is worth $15,000 because it’s not how business works it doesn’t matter. How well you or your insurer think you can buy or negotiate? Such a deal doesn’t exist? You need to know that on every jewelry claim, which is a total loss 99.9% of insurance. Companies are gonna ask you for a quote sometimes. Two, maybe even three. Why do they want or need a quote? You had it insured for $15,000 Isn’t that an agreed value? No, it’s not you see in simple terms. They want to quote so that their claims team can try and negotiate the lowest possible price that they can pay for the item that you had stolen. Nothing else matters, That’s their goal. That’s their aim and last, but not least remember that statement replace it with something similar. Your home Insurance company doesn’t have people who are jewelers so to them, they don’t understand the difference in things like diamond certification or the effort that you went to to choose your jeweler. The person who made your friends and maybe your family’s jewelry. They don’t appreciate the difference in quality of workmanship and service. It’s impossible to appreciate these things. If you don’t understand, live and breathe jewelry, your insurers believe they can pretty much. Send you anywhere to a jeweler who gives them the lowest possible price or one that they have a special deal with, and this is where it’s different. You see it, Q report? We all come from a jewelry background. We love jewelry, we’re passionate about it. So this is our take on it if you bought a diamond ring for $10,000 from a Q certified jeweler, And they said, you know what we gave you an excellent price and we suggest you ensure for $15,000 Then. Hey, at Q report, we agree with that. We do want you to know that traditionally we want our customers to ensure their jewelry and a price paid. Because we don’t want you paying excessive premiums, but here’s the difference you see when you have a queue report if you’re insured of $15,000 and you have the total loss, then we don’t ask for a quote. We just send you back to your original jeweler and ask for an invoice and we pay the full $15,000 because that’s what the some insured is, and in our opinion, that’s what you’re entitled to, and this is where our jewelry knowledge kicks in and our experience, you see, our policy has a hundred and twenty five percent cover, so if we felt that your diamond ring couldn’t be replaced for the fifteen thousand dollars that it was insured for that at our discretion, we may pay seventeen thousand or eighteen thousand dollars or a smidgen more. That’s additional two or three thousand dollars, because that’s the true definition of putting you back into the same position. You were prior to your loss. We can’t all be good at everything, so we don’t try and do home insurance. That’s why Q report. We only insure jewelry. We love it! We understand it, and we know what’s important when it comes to things that are not only valuable, but have an emotional attachment. You know, we suggest that every one circumstance is different. And so you need to do what’s best for you. Why don’t you check out our website go to? Q Port Comdata. You download our product disclosure statement. Our policy have a read and feel free to give us a call. Should you have any other further questions? The right jewelry insurance is important. Have a look at. Q reports right for you you.