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Diy Wedding Centerpieces - Origami Kusudama Flowers


Welcome back to my channel and to my very first tutorial on one of the wedding. DIY projects that we did for our wedding. So this project is going to be on how we made these beautiful origami flowers. I started experimenting with different types of papers as you can see behind me in the bookshelf. There’s some earlier ones that we did as I mentioned in my other video, where we held our wedding reception was about an hour out of Adelaide and we had some difficulties trying to organize to get fresh flowers to the location, so we had to improvise and Mum did a fantastic job of growing some flowers on the property that we were able to use for ceremony photos, but for the hall, we had to be a bit more inventive as in regards to our wedding centerpieces, so we sort of looked at different ideas, and I came across the origami flowers that this tutorials about, and I just found that they were a real talking point. They look really, really pretty, but also. I have our big book lovers, so I have lots and lots of books and the books that we use we’re just simple love stories. And during the course of the night, they actually became a quite a talking point as people tried to find matching petals for the different stories because we used a few different books, so it was just a nice idea, so I do apologise if anyone is offended by destroying books because you do need to cut up a few books to be able to get this project finished, but as the way I looked at it, it was, I was sharing some of the stories that I loved with the people that came to the wedding. So that’s how I sort of talked myself into it. We found because there’s not a lot to the flowers. As far as thickness to the stem, we used bamboo sticks, and they’re obviously not that pliable, so there are other ways that you could use that. This is just what we did so, but to be able to have them on display in a pretty vase. We had to sort of try and find something. That was more like a bud face. I had just a really small opening, so I’ll insert some photos of what we ended up using and these. We got quite inexpensively at just a local shop called nets, so it looked pretty it was quite effective. And, as I said, it was a talking point for the evening, so thanks for watching my video. Here’s my tutorial, and I hope to see you soon. Bye, okay, so grab a book that you’re going to use for this project. So any book will do it. Just get rid of all those pages at the back row, because obviously they’ve got a lot of advertising and stuff on there that doesn’t make very attractive petals now to make these flowers. You really need to make them as square as you can, obviously. I mean, you can be really accurate or you can sort of do it. We dude after 750 petals and just measure them up like this, so just bend a corner up. Take a pencil or a pen and make a mark and then grabbing your ruler. Just hold that onto the page just so that you can have a steady hand when you’re cutting now in this case. I used a rotary cutter. There are a couple of other things that you could use. There was a we had a like a pen with a knife on the end and that produced a really accurate cut. However, that is at my mum and dads, so I wasn’t able to use that for this demonstration, so I just used a rotary cutter and actually this worked out well because the rotary cutter cut through a lot more pages than what the pending. Alright, so just measure that down the side and cut that one up again, and then that way you’re going to have a square piece of page or a squarish. You’re going to get it without wanting to be too accurate, and that’s done that so just smooth the book out the way you take a couple of pages, okay, so, for the pedals, you want to take the bottom of the page and fold it up to the top, So have it as a triangle first up. Just fold that over and crease that bottom line when I can get the ends to meet. All right, so it gives you a little diamond. Now next, grab the left-hand side and fold it up to the top into the little tip up there and crease that page and other side. Same thing now we’ve got a little tiny diamond, and that sort of gives you an idea of what size the pedals will be. So pull that side down and fold it on the other side. No, the first you will be real, really accurate, but yeah, after doing a few of them. Alright, so pop your finger in and sort of push that out to make a bit of a coin and fold it down. This actually took a little bit of practice trying to get the cone happening, right. Hold that down as well, okay, so just grab the lid or bit up the top and fold that down, trying to get it as close as you can to a straight line with that top bit and we’ll do the same on the other side. See, okay, so now fold the bottom of that little triangle bit up, and that’s the very first of your petal, the inside of your petals. Oops, snuck away there. Okay, So that’s all the folding really for each petal. Now we’re going to join the right side to the left side and to do that. We’re going to use some glue. So I used in Australia. We have PVA PVA glue and that works really well and was able to hold the petals in place while they dried. I mean, any type of glue would be fine as long as it’s a a paper glue and something that’s quite quick drying. I did find when we were doing this, but I was a bit colder to help to leave it a little bit longer before you actually joined the pedal sides together because the glue got a bit tacky, so now join them up, you’ve noticed. I’ve grabbed a paper clip there. That’s just to hold the petals in place, and you don’t need a very long. Sometimes you don’t need it at all. Just grab those little insides, put them together and try and secure that with paper clip. You can get it in there. We go so that is the very first petal of many, so here’s some that I prepared earlier and now we’re going to have a look at getting them all to join together. So once again, I just use the same type of glue, so the paper glue and go through quite a bit of this stuff and just glue as close as you can to that part of the petal and hold that in hand, grab the other pedal and just pop it in there. Put your fingers in just to squash them down, But as I said, if you used the right type of glue, there actually holds quite well and then do the next one, so glue again, grab the next petal, and in a moment, you’ll be able to see the actual flower taking shape very pretty. I get quite a glue on your hands doing this as well and now we’ll just continue with the other petals, yes? I found if I just held this really lightly. I can do it all in my hand and hold them all together. So as you keep your hand quite soft now. I got the four on there. Just squish that down. Oops, all right, so for this last pedal, you want to get glue on both sides because we’re going to be sticking it not only the final pedal, but we’re also going to put in the stem that we’re going to use so. I’m just getting a bamboo bamboo skewer and popping that in the middle there. And yeah, not enough glue on this one. Put that backing in it. Grab a bit more glue just to make sure that’s all nice and sticky and we’ll grab that last pedal and squeeze that one in there and that’s it. That’s your first flower made so. I’ve got some florist tape here, and this is just a cover up the bamboo just to make it look a little bit A little bit nicer. Great thing about this florist tape is that it’s quite tacky, so it’s just, um, all you need to do is sort of squeeze it in and keep twisting it around until you get to the desired length of your stem, so we did a couple where we put the florist tape all the way down the stem, and then, as we sort of got used to judging how tall a flower we wanted, then we would need to put the florist tape about 3/4 of the way down and this stuff you can just pick up at. We got it in a spotlight in Australia. You can get it there or I think. Michael’s in there in the US. Also, however, or you can just go to a florist store. Most craft stores have florists and tape. Or you go to a florist. That’s another ready, okay, so just now snip the end off and don’t need to use any glue or anything. It all just stays in place and that’s done. Okay, so for this next part. I’ve made a flower without the stem. Just so I can show you how to put the beads on. I couldn’t quite get the flower with the stem to reach and not to be blurry under the cameras. So the beads that we are on the right are the ones that we ended up using, however, this flower. I’ve made with quite a, um, a big hole in the middle, so I’ve just shown you how to just put a bit of glue on the end of a bead and put that on in the center. And that’s your flower. Thanks for watching the video, and I hope to see you soon. Bye you!