Nightmare Before Christmas Wedding Cake Toppers | Diy Cake Topper Nightmare Before Christmas| Wedding Diy | Jack And Sally | Alternative/ Goth Wedding

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Diy Cake Topper Nightmare Before Christmas| Wedding Diy | Jack And Sally | Alternative/ Goth Wedding


Hey, guys, so! I am working on a project today. I’m trying to make a cake topper accessory. Basically, I have two little mini hand-painted wooden figures of Jack and Sally and, um, since they’re hand-painted, I don’t want to stick them straight into the cake, so I’m trying to make a little spiral hill for them to stand on. That will be attached to a piece of plastic that will then be set on top of the cake. So I had a disastrous result with these ringing Moldable multiple plastic and couldn’t get it to work either. So this is the best that I’ve managed to get, which at least is flat on the bottom, so that gives me something to start with, and it’s kind of a bit of a body, so I’m gonna use this. This is what we’re gonna start with, and we’re just gonna build on this with some hot glue, and I figured while I’m here, I will just record doing that for you guys, so all right, so I just start off here just by kind of building around the base, and I decided to create the spiral by putting glue on the mat itself that I was using and I just kind of built up. You see that I did one above, but I really didn’t like the way it turned out, so I scrapped it and created a new one and then just wrapped the old other one around the base to try to just add some extra weight into it. But then I peeled the spiral off, and then I built up on to the other side, and then I easily just attached it onto one side of the hill, and then I just slowly started working my way into making the full shape of the hill and getting it to stand where I wanted it to, so I’ve kind of just used the glue kind of like I would, clay, except for with clay, you’re carving out and I was building. So I kind of got tired of putting a hot glue on the base itself because it actually started to, as it cooled. Kind of settled down, so I just started making shapes out of hot glue and letting those dry and then attaching those to use as kind of like a wire work to build on top of and so I wouldn’t have to just spend forever doing this, so I just slowly build my Hill just trying to take my time until I got it to the way I liked it and randomly going in and filling up any kind of holes that I had using pieces either that I made on the mat or just by filling it up with more hot glue. So hot glue is a bit messy, but it’s really cool for things like this when it doesn’t need to be like super smooth, and it can be, you know, different, so I wanted this cake topper to be some thing, unlike anything, you know, my friends and family had seen before, and I wanted it to be more my style, which is totally, you know, the whole Nightmare. Before Christmas, just I was super excited to be doing my wedding so much like me and not the traditional, so I was pretty happy with this, so I just kept building upon that piece until I got satisfied with the way it looked. Okay, guys, so this is my Nightmare. Before Christmas Hill that I’ve made using the removable plastic and hot glue. So I like how it turned out and I then painted it black, of course, and I just wanted to do basically a 360 shot for you because I like it that much and now we’re gonna move on to the next step. Alright, so next step of the cake topper is? I actually try to figure out for a while. What I was gonna do because I wasn’t really sure and I finally decided on setting this up. This is just one of those Halloween similar things that they have at the Dollar Tree. They always have different ones, and they’ve got like this. You know, a piece has spent it from the top now and the magnet kind of moves it around, so I got a Halloweeny one. It’s got a skeleton and his head floats around in there. I can’t show it to you exactly because of the angle of my camera, but you can see see it there. It’s got this pattern. I’m going to attach my hill that I’ve made to this today. All right, so here. I’m just Criss crossing some glue so that it’ll stay firmly attached to this base because I didn’t want it going anywhere. And then at first I was just going to just paint the top block, but I decided that to make it more aesthetically pleasing and to match the rest of it that I would, you know, fill it in with glue and I wasn’t really thinking I just started putting blobs everywhere, and it just kind of smoothed out on its own. It settled as it dried. So then after that happened, I went through and started just adding more layers. And then I started making dots on my silicon mat and just attaching those onto the top just to kind of give it like a bumpy texture like more like a ground or a hill, maybe covered in rocks would do and then just putting glue over the top of that to fill in any spaces in between, and I was just kind of trying to make random shapes to make them more realistic well, as realistic as The Nightmare. Before Christmas could be, so I then decided to start adding kind of like drips along the edges Because I thought that would look cool, and I decided after doing a few of those that doing the drips like I was did not give me the results I wanted, so I just basically spread out a bunch of glue in one spot until it ran over and created its own natural drip, Basically, so now. I’m going to paint this black so here. It is painted black and attached well. I’m just wanting to give you a quick video shot of it. Now we move on to the next step. Alright, guys, so. I have finished attaching this to my piece. That is gonna actually sit on the cake. I did some drips down the side because I thought that would look cool and I painted them black. I do need to go back through with some water and touch up where I got paint on the plastic, but that’ll come later. I can do that any time. So now here comes the fun part. So I have these hand-painted pieces that I’ve been saving for many years now and they’re Jack and Sally. I had to glue Sally’s head back on because she had lost her head over the years, so I’m going to set these two on top of this hill together, so it’s gonna kind of look like like this. Her hairs is pretty big, so maybe, yeah. I can fit them closer together that way, cuz. I remember. This is a wedding cake, topper. I’m putting glue down in there now. I’m just peeling off these strands that get everywhere with hot glue. We’re gonna add a little bit more here a little bit more in here. Now, we’re gonna stick him on there, So that glue inside of him will kind of come down too, and I can actually feel the heat through him, which is pretty crazy. Alright, so now we’re gonna figure out where she’s going again. So we’re gonna put a dot here, So I know where I’m going. You know, we’re gonna do him or her, just like we did him. We’re gonna put some glue down inside of her. Just tried to make that as neat and even as possible. We’re gonna put some glue there, and now we’re gonna stick her on there now. I did not make these. I actually got these online at one point years and years ago. Planning on using them as a cake topper. So I did not want to stick these directly on cake because they’re hand-painted. So my goal was to create something that they could sit on, so I decided to do the hills since that’s from the movie, and then this is so that it can actually sit on the cake since you can’t put acrylic paint on food. So there you got it, That is the finished cake topper. It’s too big to show here, but I will show a full photo of it, but there you go. It is all complete [Music]. Oh, baby, who always ago at the bottom? Oh, [Music].