New Years Eve Wedding Centerpieces | 5 New Top Trends For 2021 Weddings [real Photos & Videos]

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5 New Top Trends For 2021 Weddings [real Photos & Videos]


Guys, in case you didn’t know 2021 Wedding planning is already. Well underway. Alright, let’s add a. I’m here to dish on 2021 Wedding trends that you can look out for as you’re planning your beautiful nuptials next year. Alright, now again, my name is. Feyisola and I’m the owner of Statuesque Events. We are a wedding planning and design company and we service weddings all along the east coast. I’m talking from Connecticut all the way through Orlando, Florida. We’ve done it, so we love planning amazing luxury weddings and today. I’m excited about sharing some tips with you. So let’s hop right on into the tips. Okay, so number. One one of the biggest wedding trends for 2021 is definitely going to be intimate weddings now. It’s already kind of starting in 2020 you know, intimate weddings already starting now due to COVID-19 (coronavirus) and travel restraints and you know, limits on how many people can gather within a building, etc, but this is definitely probably going to continue into 2021 as you continue to battle the virus, even honestly, as people start to get used to having more intimate Ahmed’s right, so intimate weddings possibly would last and attach to the people who couldn’t make it could watch over live. She’s definitely going to be a trend that said Insula doesn’t have to be understated, its. Macon still be glam and fabulous, so I think that definitely intimate. But super glam and amazing weddings and amazing experiences are definitely a trend for 2021 And one that you definitely want to look out for. Okay, so I’m talking like amazing floor, amazing, lighting, amazing florals like all those things put together to make a beautiful event that’s intimate, but makes a really really serious impact, like that’s what you definitely look forward to in 2021 now. I’m trying number two If something that kind of already got started towards the tail end of 2019 and of course, slightly into 2020 but definite for 2021 is installations. So what an installation means is things that are hanging from the ceiling. I’m talking trusses and things like that, So for instance, like I’m going to show a few pictures of like installations that involve like ceremony setups, which are like installations and different shapes at the front, the ceremony, like arches of triangle. Things like that, definitely things hanging from the ceiling. Which is my favorite hanging ribbons from the ceiling. All kinds of things hanging from the ceilings are definitely major installations to look forward to, and, of course, like tunnels, right like floral tunnels and things like that are definitely one to look forward to. In 2021 any installation that makes a huge splash for the event is definitely a trend to plan for and to also budget for because these costs money but guys. I gotta tell you it’s worth the experience. It’s worth having guests talk. Oh, talk about alright, so you never want to buzz it. A few thousand extra for this, but installations are big one for twenty. Twenty one that you definitely want to save source and you’re trying to have the luxury wedding. I said number three is definitely carpet carpet carpet carpet. So I’m going to show you an event. But this is a tented wedding that we worked on in Stenson wedding, so we have a mix of a floor. Wrap over the dance floor, and we also have carpet all over the guys. This made the entire floor of the entire room white, and there’s something about that did transforms the entire. It makes everything look clean and beautiful and let’s face it. No one likes the carpet at hotels and venues. The carpet is always like way too. Many colors put together and weird prints, so the truth. Is that bringing your own carpet like hiring a company to carpet? The entire event or white changes the entire feel of the event, For instance, like we had one event again. The tented wedding, where, on one day the carpet was one color and on the next day. It was another color. It changed the whole feel of the event, and even though it was a two-day event in the same space, it felt totally different on both days and gets wear out differently on both days. So carpet is a major one, and if carbon doesn’t have to be black or white. You can have pink carpet. You can have purple carpet. You can do a like, you know, green carpet. You can have a lot to really change the feel in the room so carpet. It’s going to be a major trend in 2021 now. Another theme is having wedding day photo shoots, all right, like, literally not just capturing the day as it happened, but really setting time aside to have amazing photos like through a first look, or maybe taking photos during cocktail hour or whatever, but making sure you have adequate time to do a full glam like beauty. Shoot on your wedding day. And this is becoming bigger trend because again, with going back to having intimate weddings and all kinds of regulations like you want to capture the day so you can share those moments with those who were there and those who couldn’t make it like really, The memories are going to be crucial at this point, so definitely having enough time carved out for your, you know, glance shots for your first book shots, pictures with you and your fiancee like those are nothing major like those are the things that you know are definitely going to be trending in 2021 Those are definitely things that are going to be. Shared, you know, if you look at wedding magazines and blogs, what they normally share a couple of shots, so having lots of time for those intimate shoots on the wedding day and your wedding gown? I mean, the grooms. Tux are definitely going to be a major trend for 2021 and last, but not least, you know, non-traditional centerpieces are definitely going to make a big splash in 2021 I already know it like I’m talking centerpieces, You know, the traditional centerpieces are like the big puffs on a clear face. You know, on a table, maybe with some candles around it, but definitely going a little non-traditional with different geometric shapes with different kinds of stands and possibly even going completely non floral with interesting candelabras Like guys, you can do a lot with candelabra, especially the more modern candelabras me. A super super modern looking advance like those are going to be major like different again. Different shapes of centerpieces are going to be major in 2021 so definitely thinking outside of the box and going to more. Non-traditional looks for your wedding. Are definitely going to be a big thing for 2021 Then you want to budget for and plan for, and, you know, just make the time and space for. Oh, we’ve reset in the video. Those are your five tips. Let me know in the comments. Which one of these you consider something doing like. Are you more of a non-traditional center? Keys kind of girl. Are you more of a carpet kind of girl? And do you care a lot about the You know, the base of what you’re building on? Let me know in the comments and I left off a few more tips now. In addition to that, we also have an entire wedding Web series which you can see. I’ll link it up in the cards above. We call the modern multicultural wedding Shogi, So if you’ve ever been interested in seeing a wedding starts to finish, including the plating fees, seeing the wedding day and then hearing from the couple after the wedding, that’s where you can go up, so go ahead and check out the wedding series and watch more don’t. Forget to make sure you subscribe because there’s more tips coming your way. Alright, every couple of weeks, right here on this channel. So make sure you subscribe, so you. You are always the first to know and that you get more information from us. When it’s released, alright, so thanks so much guys for watching this video and stay tuned. Because again we’ve got more tips. You’ve got more wedding features and more coming your way this year.