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Christmas Presents Challenge | Sister Forever


Hurry this huge! – got a tiny butt -. [MUSIC] Today we’re doing the Christmas present. Chop, so how’s work is we’re? Gonna each be picking one number from this box and opening the presents back to Layla’s with that number. A is Lucy, who has the better gifts It ain’t who has better gets gets a point and at the end of video number as most points wins. Look, we’re gonna try the name. Let’s do analysis moving on to be obsolete right down below, so let’s get present opening like this video because they’re excited for Christmas or like this video if you guys celebrate. Hanukkah or Kwanzaa or any of those other holidays. So let’s get started, so we’re gonna open the neck and pick a number. I think there’s one. I got number 16 the last one. Well, by the way we have 16 presents, okay. I think the key thing is don’t. Let that out right here. Here is number 6 okay. I got number 12 okay. Let’s see, which is number 12 okay. I got some cookies. You got some rainbow confetti cookies and I got a carbonated remove dream, and this is like one of the drinks that I’ve tried one of these before on that side. This flavor, though, it’s not one of those crazy a like. I don’t know what restaurant normal, yeah? If you look what to open, lets. Try each of them. Okay, so you feel like go like this? This is just but some people like, smash it down and it starts exploding that you push it. The Officemax back there. We go, it’s just so fun opening. And then here are the cookies. This is melon melon flavor. Okay, let’s try, it’s pretty good. It just tastes like busy, you know? I’ve tried better. I think I’ve tried. I don’t know, it’s like I tried, but I think the other thing were that I tried is way better than this one. I don’t really like the melon. Now let’s try the cookies. It’s fizzy! I don’t like that. Why don’t you like balance we? I’m good! I think not like super sleepy. It’s like a sandwich cookie like, very sweet at the beginning. And then the and it’s like salty. The package looks good, but they don’t taste good so. I think I won. Cuz mine is a very cool drink, and they have a lot of flavors, and I’ve tried a few different flavors before, but this one much wasn’t my favorite flavor, but I think I definitely won it at least taste better, so I have one point and add zero time to think. We’re going on my chip. Okay, so I got ten ten cans over here, okay. I got a number four. I think there were four is over there. This is a line looks like, really light. Okay, lets. Open it up another box. Yeah, so they hurt but pens. I think, yeah, there’s our pens, so don’t worry, they’re cute for, like, have little poof balls at the top. I got more cookies. It’s a different like, weird or technical piece. Katie likes these, but I don’t owe any help. Anna’s vanilla cream-filled cookies by size cool. I don’t like them, so I got these, and they’re actually really cute. It says so over it. And then it has two people ones too yellow and too blue. I have to be legally here. So would you rather get two vanilla cookies by Tommy? Boy, let’s take a mistake. It may taste good, then eyes get a point. Hopefully they take this. No, this not what they look like, awesome. Try it, okay. It tastes like a cracker with a good, So I won Mm-hmm. I’m going to be like a sweet cookie. It’s not released what I won Mm-hm’m why I won? You said it’s good, it’s! Good, it’s always it’s good. I get in line it kind of Excel. So crappy one thing. But it kind of had a little bit of a sweet. It’s really good. So who do you think won? Mommy, hey! I’ll use them. These are hers. Pedo jingling. I don’t know what to do well. I like more, Alex impressive. Yeah, these are cuter and those are gonna go away. This isn’t gonna go away, yes. I do, let’s see you lose them. Okay, fine. Emily, it’s a point, So it’s now 1 to 1 Also round Number 3 Okay, so I got number 8 which is right here and this one. I got number 7 which is right here, okay. This one sounds here, okay. Oh, wait a minute. Oh, no, they’re gone! Let me get this gonna be a boss to like different packages of face masks. This one has five 20 whole coconut face masks and this one has. What is that, five? Yeah, be nice five. And this one has cameras what? Matt’s piece might find out and lip mask. It has like all the mass together. These are really cute for the third time in a row. I’ve got in a food item. What are you cookie? And now? Pop rock candy. What are you can actual item? Why should I not have sealant like she loves cream? Iron Man popping candy. Strawberries are not you. I like the packaging. It’s like, really authentic. If you want green, apple or strawberry, I am good note. We’re gonna try again morning, So it’s popping candy. There’s strawberries and green apple. I’m gonna try the strawberries. If it is good, then I win. No, this is way better than those. You can already say that this is like way better. Not everybody likes face masks like. I hate face mask. You only gonna want and they’re humongous on me wiping our line, not have to try to yet. It looks painful! I think I might grow flowers. It’s our you don’t have to say we can see in your face. I think I definitely know. I can’t even keep a straight face. This is way better to not anything. Look at this, so not know. I think used to the time do it too. Nah, I know my mama. Say Facemask achieved love doing skincare stuff! Nobody what is better, it’s! Not why not why not everybody needs face masks? More people like candy in face mask, face mask, so two little tubes or two to one, which one two – one or two – two anyway, number nine, right, No, that’s a six to ten right here. – it’s heavy, lets. Open it up her. This huge – kind of tiny, but my second. I boxed up like a pillow or blanket because it doesn’t sound like too much for me. So I got this movie A blaster. I want to try that. No batteries needed. Otherwise it’s gonna wait. I haven’t seen her so sloppy for like one. Take it already! Let’s know, okay. I’m making frozen fruit smoothies. This is so other than thing saw pillow that lasts forever. You know, like that is only for the. Lenox knows even like holiday. This is forever, so you can. It’s called flipping it over in it. Shepard, excuse me, okay. Would you gotta pick this rooster room pillow? Let it snow, or would you rather take this? Are you gonna give me that pillow for my living room? Yeah, okay, yeah, it’s three to two. Oh, by the way. I’m the one with the way she’s doing with to just slinging them. Okay, what did I get? I got 11 it’s over there and I know it’s not over here. It’s right there, okay. This is 9 I feel like this isn’t gonna be in a box. Could look then, Nikolas. He has it in the box. How much do you wanna bet? This isn’t gonna be in a box. I told you the intervener box. The white water bottle that it’s super. I think he was, yeah. This is so cute! I got a wild heart screw doll. This is a stainless steel, 30 ounce bottle, and it has like a little thing right here, and then you open it like this and this hangs down. That’s cute 3 2 3 on to round number 7 so I’ve got number 3 Which is over there 15 Okay, just keep looking. Oh, oh, you wrapped it twice as I’m saying, I got a canvas, That’s like already drawn. I need like filling in with the paint. I’m gonna shoot really cute in way. Better event of donut Rummy. Doctor thing. No, my better beep. Ugh, if you mess up, you only have one canvas so once you mess up and you want anger issues? If you have anger issues with it, you can just go. Oh, my God, but as well as that, you just mess it up and there’s no redos, so it comes with these, cuz it then at the bottom, see anger issues. It was are those actual sprinkles me. I definitely got the point. Annalise is just like a hard gummy. That’s fine, so I think I definitely won. This round and this is like a really good. Christmas gift, cuz. It’s like you can use it and you can put it in your room or something. It’s really fun to play with. It’s very fun to squish together -. I have to tell you know, this amazing our abstract art coloring book for adults. I can give it to mommy. This is the abstract book, and it has a bunch of coloring in it. Oh, coloring pages thinking color. And my mom will probably enjoy this a lot because she loves the color when she’s waiting friendly in the car line or just in general it, she’s born, so jewelry tray, the silver piece and it can hold your necklaces. Yeah, okay, so 13 and whoa, let’s see gonna stick in here sticking yours. Oh, that’s so fun! You mean it’s stopping? I got sand or and I’m gonna open it. Good idea right now. Basically, this is what it looks like you. Layer the different colors, sand and it may look like this once you’re done. I think I won this challenge. [MUSIC] Oh, really, you just Cyril and Emily see you for another video [Music] [Applause].