Monique Lhuillier Wedding Gowns 2015 | Monique Lhuillier Bridal Spring/summer – 2015 Backstage, Interviews & Runway | Videofashion


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Monique Lhuillier Bridal Spring/summer - 2015 Backstage, Interviews & Runway | Videofashion


The inspiration the Honda collection is a John Singer Sargent Fortress. So we wanted to do something. That’s very romantic and ethereal. We wanted to replicate the cloudiness or the matte texture, so we use spray pour, take our sauce, report a and powder bluff to create this soft matte texture, and then we put the hair straight back into a classic. Shenyang, it exerts very classic, very ethereal, romantic, but very timeless elegance, simplicity. The look is inspired by a portrait and it’s very picturesque. It’s very dreamy and ethereal, so it’s all about using soft washes of colors, peaches and corals. Which is the IT color for spring/summer 2015 The brows are a bit more elongated, making them feel a bit more elegant. It’s all about being completely done, but in a very effortless way, it’s a very confident bride. This collection for bridal. I was inspired by a John Singer Sargent painting and portrait, and I wanted the collection to feel dreamlike, ethereal and effortless at the same time and just very elegant. I was like for Bridal. I want the pace to be slower. I see all these girls in a lineup. I see a painting and I see a dream happening, so then that’s what started the process and the night I looked at his pictures and portraits and I was like. Oh, my god, this is the story. I want to tell, and in the play of a lot of layers, this season is new for me and also like making the dresses. Feel like you’re seeing skin when you’re not, That’s a technique that I like to do and really, she’s effortless in the theory of the season. I feel like Bridal. It’s about romancing that girl. This is her dream day. You know, she’s been wanting this interested little girl and so the looks, you see? Today are not minimal at all. It was about bringing it all all the details. The bails have details in everything whether it’s pearls on the back of the veil or the embroideries on the veil. I really wanted to bring that all on and I didn’t want it to feel minimal. It was about living that dream, and I thought you know I can do that in. Bridal, I can’t do that with my other collections, but that’s the fantasy. I guess I say that the veil should just complete the look. It shouldn’t be too heavy or overpowering the dress. And if you’re having an intimate event, you don’t even need a veil. You can just have a beautiful hair accessory if that’s enough. I wanted to really dress her up the season. I wanted to have all those little details wanted to think of everything and I wanted. You know, the viewer to not know where to look because there are so many beautiful things happening as one gets so subtle and really telling the same story. So I’m so proud of them. Monique Lhullier collection was absolute genius. I thought I think it was one of my most favorite collection she’s ever done. I love some of the architectural beading. I loved that veils that were coming off of the head pieces that floated behind the girls and the jackets and the the convertible dresses with the over skirts and the blue dress with the roses on it. It had this train in the back That almost looked like a Charles. James, who is the color That’s synonymous with the bridal Today was always say something blue, but it’s the right shade of blue. That excites me this season. I have mist, which is just a hint of blue and it’s a very light shade of pistachio and we custom dyed all these colors. So even Blake. All the dyeing process took a lot out of us to get the right shade because for me was the subtle differences in Bridal that make it feel new every season. Mornig always brings a femininity. She brings a contemporary eye. You know, she makes a tradition with contemporary feel. Today’s girls was sponsored because it fits beautifully. It has, of course, that is sort of lingerie based. A lot of girls respond to that on a positive way because it feels as good as it looks. And that’s really important A tease. Girls don’t care so much that it’s a gorgeous dress If it’s scratchy or hurts you. These dresses feel good on the inside. What a tableau that she went on for us. You know, the end statement of that looks like a watercolor painting from a Charles James era of 1940s or 50s couture fashion. It was a stunning, stunning stunning show was so fabulous. I think my bride is a confident woman who wants to feel beautiful on that day. She loves fashion. She appreciates beautiful fabrics, and and she doesn’t want to compromise on that date, and this is the day when she’s gonna wear the most beautiful dress that makes her feel the most special, and I was that girl once, so I’m so happy to be able to have that effect on a lot of women.

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