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How To Style Crossbody Bags


I feel like every time I record a video, and I say I need a haircut, which is true because I do. Hello, that guy that stroll here. I take garlic and welcome back to my Youtube channel. Today’s video is all about body bags, But before I start. If you’re new here and you haven’t yet subscribed. Don’t forget to click the subscribe button If you’ve been here for a while, and you’re not new. Then welcome back And Youtube has changed. It’s settings a game, so that actually if you go on the notification valve, you can now select all so you will get all those patients from my channel rather than just what Youtube thinks that you should get from channels to do this with any channel. Not just mine, but if that is something that you’re interested in and you do want to know what all my new videos drops, you can be the first in the comments section. I’m usually around for comments to reply when the video drops and then check back over the next few days, but when the video kicks off, that is what I’m like active. So if you do want the notification, you do want to be here early. Then do please click the bathroom applications and click. Oh yeah, so. I’ve had a lot of messages recently about crossbody bags and how to style them. I feel like it’s something that I work quite a lot in all my outfits. I usually have some kind of bag with me. I’ve spoken about this in videos in the past. I kind of started from a kind of like festival wearing a bum bag simply for, like use corner because it’s useful to be able to carry our stuff around. I feel like guys in the past have been to like wearing crossbody bags or like finding Pax Bum bags. Whatever you want to call them because they’ve been seen in the past as like, not acceptable for men to wear a little bag, Obviously it’s 2019 and no one cares. And if you want to carry your around in something guys will be a Louie Vuitton bag, so it’s kind of progressed from, like bum backs and funny packs like to come back now. I guess, and I have no problem with wearing such things. I don’t think anyone should have problems with wearing such things. So tell suit such things. A crossbody bag can be determined about anything that you wear across your body. I guess the term on like websites and stuff, usually for women’s handbags usually refers to like. Yeah, like the film little strappy bags that you can wear across your body. But I mean it in a sense that just anything that you wear around your body doesn’t matter, so we’re just going to talk about some of my favorite bags and the ways that I’ve styled them and hopefully can help you figure out how you would style them. So here we go. I have a lot of bags, so let’s start with the basics. Let’s start with your traditional fanny. Pack bum bag kind of thing. So here we have your regular black nylon, fanny. Pack one bag scenario. This one is for ankle needs to get or MDG. It’s a really really cool brown. I’ve actually managed to break the zip of it in the Middle section, but I still use it all the time because the pocket or the back is massive. You can actually fit so many things in Barrett. This, It’s like just standard generic Fanny pack, but still really nice like minimal plain design and I use this all the time, Probably more than any of my other bags, and this was the least expensive. This is the most affordable. I’ll leave a link in the description below for all of the bags mentioned in this video. This is the MDG one. I tend to wear this more like casually, but I’m going out shopping for the day or if I’m going to like a festival or a concert or a gig and I want to take a few things with me like my house keys, my wallet, my headphones or whatever I can fit them all in here, and it’s really easy and really comfortable to wear. I mean, pretty much goes with everything because it is just black, so this is more for, like being practical, right so usefulness. This is at a Manhattan. I’ve kind of given some categories to each crossbody bag in a sense, and I would think about color, so the color of it and how it matches your outfit, The shape how it complements your outfit in terms of what shape it is the texture of the material, so like this is nylon, it’s quite standard, and it kind of goes with everything usefulness, practicality. Whatever you want to call it, and that’s how much crap you can fit inside, and the last one is how much you like it, because obviously that’s the most important thing. So this is an all-rounder like if you get any to be obviously this. Is that one any kind of bum bag that he loads on a sauce, burka? Zara and this kind of style, and this kind of, yeah, does the job this can be worn with everything. The next kind of category is your handbag kind of style. So this is the realm of like pricier designer bags, which I’m all for, and obviously these are more like boxy kind of shapes which I love ever since I saw. I think it was Kim Jones, his last Louie Vuitton show where he did like the box bag that was like a metal and it just looked so nice. I was looking for a box by at the time, and I was like that’s perfect, but they were so expensive, So I was like I come up. But in recent years, Louie Vuitton, Virgil, I belong has released a soft version of the cross cutting box bag, which is a lot more, It’s still expensive, but it’s more affordable compared to what that was back. Then the metal one. And then you’ve got brands like MCM as well and it’s like cognac, color all doing really nice little boxes, but it gains to like in terms of color and design. These are more kind of out there and can obviously only be worn with certain. Looks because of your color like the old white one, the classic monogram on and the cognac color too, but there are nice additions to any outfits, but again I would really think about the color, the texture, the usefulness, and how much you like it. Oh, and the shape. I think boxes are really really nice, like little additions to most outfit because it just adds that kind of like shape element, because obviously as people we big walking things at home so to add like little shapes onto the outfit. I just think it’s really aesthetically pleasing and rather than like some slushy kind of back to you. I don’t really have a lot of slugs. She kind of backed by note. There guys out. There love kind of sloppy bikes to remember that trend of like the market bags. That would like you know what people would take like fruit home in the net like. I love those they’re really cute, but they were do not stoop my style and what I like so I would not wear them. You then go into the rounds of like Dior, who make specific like the saddlebag. So this I believe was a style of bag that was made. Oh, it’s been mat. The saddlebag was introduced by John Galliano and he was after your and it’s been really popular in recent years, but wounds were and menswear and Kim Jones decided to do the men’s version with the Helix Buckle too, which is awesome, so obviously this is like stepping into a whole realm of its own. It can be worn in a few different ways. You can wear it like around the front. You can wear around the back and wear it to the front as well. I’m gonna see with all these crossbody bags too. You can wear them in different ways. You can wear them actually across your body. You can wear them on one shoulder. You can strap them around your waist and become waste bags. But the deal saddlebag is really really iconic and interesting and its own right, not super practical as you can’t fit too much inside it, but it’s still practical in a way. They gave only go to the certain type of outfit as well. So you kind of limit yourself in that sense, then you get into the realm of more like camera bag styles, which? I guess this is from S Khlo, a Korean store and this is from MCM. The MCM one looks more like a wash bag with straps attached. I missed the game. It’s just like a little camera bag. You could say that these are also very practical, and then you can fit quite a lot inside them, and they look good and I don’t know if you saw my Korean clothing haul video by the reason that I’ve got this warnings because the strap is white and it’s nice to have like a contrasting strap again thinking in terms of color for your outfits because most of my straps were black called the Louboutin one. But I didn’t want to take my lure the Tom one out everywhere, so I wanted a more affordable beige tonal color to go with my outfit, and then you got more kind of boxy ones from places like Prada and this one actually has a handle on the top as well, so you can hold it just like this, which I quite enjoy you. Take the strap off and just hold it like a little clutch bag, so moving away from crossbody bags in general and just moving on to little bags like. I think it’s great. I think it’s really expanding the worlds of men’s fashion, and now people have even started wearing like the Yakima’s wallet on the second neck. I guess it’s like a necklace, but it’s like a neck wallet. I’m gonna put pitches K so you can see because I’m not very good at describing it. And I have a big one up. Yeah, obviously, they’re not very practical. It’s kind of like a jackhammer little bag. But it’s tiny that see, it has no practicality at all, but it’s just fun and looks nice on outfit, oh! I do have one kind of appointment back. I had to put an extra chain on it to extend it because it wasn’t big enough for my big man, but this is it back from Cara, which is basically a wallet on a giant chain, which is awesome. It gives me like Game of Thrones. Daenerys Targaryen vibes when I wear it. I wear this like across Blazers and stuff to give it more of like an edge, but again this is a tiny wallet on the end, like what the hell am. I going to put in here, probably fit my keys and one card. Definitely not my phone. Put the chain, though, and then my latest baby from represent clothing, which is a little hard case kind of in the style of like Louboutin in that sense, but this is like a hard version and this is stunning like the craftsmanship That’s gone into. This is awesome. I love the box. A lovely strap with these studs on as well and the box is just perfect. I’m the like leather design of you are kind of affect over as well. It does actually have a little pocket inside to put like a car down or something, but I gave. The space is limited on this, especially since it’s such a sturdy kind of like box design, but with the hinge and stuff, it’s just so nice. I love this so much, so I picked this up recently as well as well. This is a thinner strap compared to the other ones as well. So this is a game stepping into the more more realms of like unlucky kind of things, But I just think it looks sick, so that’s what I like and then to top it off like full circle. I don’t know if you saw. I gave some my Korean clothing cold, but I got a backpack which comes with a crossbody strap so now, instead of like having any tiny tiny bag. Because sometimes I need staplers to flip me but still want to wear a crossbody style rather than a backpack style. So now I can wear my backpack. Crossbody style, which for me is perfect. So I hope this has given you some inspiration as to how to wear your crossbody bags and what kind of style that you could find that fits your style for yourself. But yeah, it’s kind of better. Thank you for watching guys. I’ll see in my next one. Bye [Music]!