Matching Meteorite Wedding Bands | 5 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Meteorite Rings (as Your Wedding Band) Ft. David Yurman Rings

David Schwartz

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5 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Meteorite Rings (as Your Wedding Band) Ft. David Yurman Rings


Hey, guys, in today’s video. I’m gonna give you five reasons why you may want to reconsider getting a meteorite ring for your wedding band or maybe just in general. Now stick around to the end Because I got some bonus reasons some history. Some things that were pretty interesting about meteorite in general and you may want to consider you may like certain features about it. Let’s get into it. [MUSIC] Okay, so real quick before we get started. This is my wedding ring and this is another ring. I got on my wedding day and basically just to kind of share. What happened is my wife fiance at the time. I was explaining to her that I see a lot of guys that have that just a plain black wedding band or maybe a simple silver band and you know? I was kind of like those bands are really inexpensive, really kind of plain, and maybe the guys are into that for minimalist. I don’t know, but I told my wife like hey. I’m spending all this money on your engagement ring, but like I don’t get an engagement ring. I don’t get a really nice band. It doesn’t seem like there’s a lot of options out there for guys, and so she was like you know what you’re right. What do you want and so? I mean, you guys need to find a woman like that. Trust me, they’re out there, but I told her. I said you know what I want to choose the number of groomsmen. I’d like in the bridal party, and I want this ring from David. Yurman, who’s one of my favorite designers when it comes to men’s jewelry? If you haven’t checked him out, you should really look into their stuff. He’s got some cool stuff out there anyway. This is meteorite and it’s a knife-edge band and it has these black diamonds set on the top and bottom and we’ll do an up-close here and it’s set in 95 sterling silver. And I told her that I wanted 10 of my buddies to be groomsmen. And so those were my conditions, but she was really cool and open to the idea of me getting a really nice ring and I had seen this one too at David. Yurman that I liked a lot and so this, I kind of look at his like this is even though it’s my wedding ring. It’s kind of like an engagement ring because we got it before we were married and then this, she actually surprised me with on our wedding day was given to me as a gift and so. I see this is kind of like this. Is the wedding ring? This is the engagement ring very sentimental to me. No regrets, of course, choosing meteorite, but let’s get into the reasons as to why you may want to really think hard about. If it’s something that’s gonna be right for you, all right, reason, number one high maintenance, and when I say high maintenance, Yeah, high maintenance, this ring. You’re gonna have to take off before you wash your hands before you put handle. Chenin, before you put antibacterial on. It’s just a lot of things you got to think about. Oh, you’re gonna go swimming better. Take your rings off. Oh, you want to do some yard work with gloves on? Well, don’t be sweating in those gloves. Better take those rings off, so there’s a lot of things that you got to keep in mind with avoiding water, and that leads us into reason, number two and the reason why is because they are prone to rusting, so meteorite is mostly iron and nickel. And the that’s a good way you can test it. Put a magnet! If it sticks, it’s a real meteorite. If it doesn’t. It’s fake meteorite. Anyway, it can be prone to rusting and so like when we go down to the beach. I don’t even take my wedding rings with me because they are just it’s just asking for trouble, so I leave them here at home or I put them in the safe, and that’s something where you got to really think about that. You can’t go swimming around in the ocean with your meteorite on it unless you just want it to rust. So the number three is there’s? Some limited design options meteorites very difficult to work with in terms of jewelry compared to softer metals or precious metals and so cutting it. I hear is very difficult or just. You know, it’s a lot of work to get done, so you don’t see as many design options, mainly there’s not as many intricate design options out there, and so you’re gonna see a lot of real similar real similar styles between designers because they can only do so much with it, so that’s kind of one of the downsides, so number four. Even if you’re super careful thinking back to number one, you avoid all the water you avoid putting lotion on you. Go through the motions, you don’t touch it a whole lot. These things will just be prone to going dull, very quickly and so bringing them back to their shine and getting that luster takes a lot of work either. You’re gonna have to hand polish them or gonna have to send them in to your jeweler and have them polish them up for you, and even then it’s not gonna last that long. I’m just gonna just basically oxidize all over again, so you’re constantly fighting kind of like with sterling silver. Same thing you’re constantly fighting them going dull, and you got to keep polishing them if you want them to. Look nice if you don’t care. I mean, whatever that’s on you, but if you want it to look as good as the day you got it. It’s gonna be a little bit of work and number five and this is a big one. When it comes to a wedding ring, especially, they cannot be resized. So once you choose the ring, it fits good. David Yurman even warned me about this. It cannot be resized, So just keep that in mind. If you gain a bunch of weight, some of that wedding weight comes on and you get you go from hotdog fingers to sausage fingers. Yeah, you might not be wearing your ring much longer. After that or the opposite, let’s say you, you know, you’re a little chunky up front, and you lose a bunch of weight good for you and then your fingers get smaller and they just slide off, not really much you can do there, it’s not so much. The metal like the silver on the inside here. They can definitely build that up or whatever, but the band, the part, that’s the meteorite can’t be changed. So one of the risks there. Okay, guys like. I had mentioned some of the bonus stuff. So these are some of the cool things or pros. I guess I would say to having meteorite jewelry so number one. There’s a lot of cool history and science behind meteorite. So this meteorite comes from the Guinean meteorite, which is over four billion years old, even though there’s a lot of meteorite. The Namibian government outlawed the export of meteorite from their region back. I think it was after 2004 So I know David Yurman. Everything that they use was acquired from Pre-ban. I guess you would say so that makes it a little more rare. Some of the history there and it can’t be recreated, so you’ll see, we’ll do an up-close here. There’s this pattern that’s in the meteorite. That’s that when they acid etch it, it reveals this really cool pattern. The name of this pattern is actually called the vide. Mengsk ocean pattern. I hope I’m saying that, right. I think is German sounds German. And basically they give me on meteor. I was molten core of a planet that cooled down at a rate of one centigrade every million years, so that can’t be recreated on earth. They can imitate the look of it, but again it won’t be done naturally the same way, so that makes it pretty cool, just the history behind that and the science behind it and that leads us into the next thing. That’s a pro is that each one has its own unique design, so no two pieces of meteorite Chi like fingerprints are gonna look the same. They’ll look similar, but they won’t be the same striation kind of pattern, so another cool thing or a pro that I like about meteorite. It’s it’s understated, It’s very subtle in the colors, and so it doesn’t really stick out or pop as much as let’s say, you know, Gol or platinum, and so it’s a little more subtle. If you like to play things down a little bit, would you still want that kind of contemporary modern design, something unique meteorites, the way to go and that compared to precious metals meteorite is going to be less expensive. Now, once you start laying in diamonds, you mix it with precious metals, Of course, the item of the jewellery is gonna increase, but just for like meteorite bands. They’re very inexpensive to get, and that’s why I don’t, you know, understand why some guys just get like a plain tungsten? Yeah, $30 wedding ring. When you can get something a lot nice or more unique, a little more special for just a little bit more money and you can obviously go much higher in price, if you if your budget suits it, and I like that, David Yurman doesn’t keep their designs out forever, so they kind of have like a collection and they do things, and then that’s it. We’re just good and bad. I guess if you lose it, you may not be able to find another 4 have another made. But it’s also like you’re not gonna run into a bunch of people wearing the same jewelry, which is cool. Well, guys, that’s a video for you. If you haven’t yet, please consider subscribing. I’m trying to get to my next goal, which is 250 subs. I’m at a hundred and seven ish right now. We can get there and I want to incentivize that, so I’m gonna do a giveaway once we get towards 250 I’m not sure yet if I’m going to do a gift card or a watch or something cool for you guys out there, so we’ll do that and just to kind of help me get to my next goal and I’m hoping to do that as quickly as we can. So please share this video like it comment. All the good stuff down below, and I look forward to seeing you guys in the next one. Happy New Years take care.