Marchesa Wedding Dress 2017 | Marchesa Bridal – Spring/summer 2017 – Bridal Fashion Week – Videofashion Specials


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Marchesa Bridal - Spring/summer 2017 - Bridal Fashion Week - Videofashion Specials


The look is a really soft pink flush to the cheeks. We did our retouching powder in pink and rose, so it’s kind of a blend of a sock natural flesh that you would normally be as a bride. The skin is very nice and natural. We use re-touching powder just to set it silky mat, not too wet and just maybe a little glow on the cheap. The eyes are very soft and natural, so we just kind of cut the natural color in the eye that makes this look tired normally and then put a lot of mascara on, which is nice, so we just get that nice, flowy lashes, no liner and the lip is just a nice press crimson lip color. So the look today is a fishtail braid in the center back, we’re doing sort of like a hard center middle part, pulling the hair all back to the center, starting out in the fishtail and then moving into a five strand braid, so it’s sort of like a combination of two braids and so on some of the girls with the shorter hair we’re actually bringing it and sort of combining it with a rubber band and then tops detailing it so turning it in on itself and then we immediately go into a five strand braid. You can do it by yourself, but it’s easier with two people, and then what we’re doing is once we have. The braids done. We’re just blousing that braid, so we’re just making that braid wider thicker. This is great for anybody with, like, really fine, thin hair to give it that sort of thicker appearance and then what we’re doing from there is we’re just going to wind this up on itself and pin it into place, so it’s like a low chignon sitting at the nape of the neck. They wanted very soft, ethereal. Their gowns are so intricate, so we don’t want to take away from the beauty. I mean, they’re stunning. They’re really, really beautiful, so they’re very intricate, very detailed, so we want this to be detailed, but not to overshadow the gown so soft pulled away very soft in the front middle part, which is classic classically beautiful you. We were looking at Meadows and you, and that’s really soft, floral, romantic feeling we played with a lot of different shear Nass and rose colors. You’ll see a lot of Chul overlays and you’ll see a lot of rose-colored linings. You’ll see rose-colored embroideries, and then you will see from completely blush tone dresses as well along with a lot of three deep laurels. You Marchesa was just outstanding. I mean, I’ve been buying it for several years, so me the best thing that they’ve done and in my recollection, Just incredibly beautiful details. The shapes felt so light and airy and breathless. The color that pale, pale, pale new blush was so flattering and stunning, and we also have a lot of detachable skirt to see you soon, so their dresses are quite versatile since I also think that it’s quite hard to find the time to go and have a complete change. So it’s great if you could just take off the skirt and keep on dancing. I think this is the best collection that Marchesa has done. I mean, I’ve always been a huge fan, but I just think it’s both beautiful and fashion-forward yet it’s attainable. I think it has all the components and it’s so romantic. I love all the embroiderys. The laces, The shapes are so modern, And I loved have a style that with the flower earrings. The jewelry is very special. Yes, yes, we have a range jewelry line now which we’re really thrilled about. Yes, we’ve actually fed in fresh flowers into some of the jewelry, and then we have a Marchesa shoes as well. So your top to toe. It really gives a point of view on. You know what a bride could look like not. Just, you know, giving you an idea of how to style yourself on your wedding day. But I think that they have a great breadth of different looks and the workmanship looks stunning. I think you know Karen and I work with each other with haha. So I think you know that was probably the most memorable dresses that we’ve done, but, you know, we’ve been fortunate enough to work with a lot of amazing people over the years with their dresses, and it’s just been very inspiring to see the individual styles that people have, and you know. I think, Karen, I really enjoy that. Seeing different types of women trying different types of dresses. I loved it her very much, just stunning. It is such a pretty venue, and I, you know, it goes from both simple to very ornate, still very, very light, which is still, you know, it’s going to stay. That’s not going to go anywhere and effortless, but so romantic, such an honor, it really is. It’s such an honor, and I think you know anytime we work with a bride that has chosen. Marchesa, it is quite an emotional experience with Harry and I take it quite seriously. Because, as you say, it really is the missing for the day of your life, and it’s, you know, you want to feel great and look great and look at the pictures 30 years down the line and still feel great and look great you.