Manolo Blahnik Blue Wedding Shoes | Found My Wedding Shoes! – Manolo Blahnik Hangisi Unboxing, Review, + Comparison

Quynh Pham

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Found My Wedding Shoes! - Manolo Blahnik Hangisi Unboxing, Review, + Comparison


[MUSIC] Hey, everyone, thank you so much for joining me in this video. Welcome back, and if you are new here, welcome. My name is quinn. I also go by QP and on my channel. I make fashion, beauty and lifestyle videos. So in this video, I’m super excited because I’m going to be doing an unboxing review and comparison for the Manolo Blahnik Hangisi. Crystal, buckle pumps. These have been my dream shoes ever since Saxon city came out, and I remember seeing Manolo Blahniks being mentioned in sex in the city over and over and over again and I just absolutely love how classic these shoes are. All right, so lets. Go ahead and jump into this video and talk about these beautiful, beautiful shoes. These are the almond-toed satin pumps with their signature crystal. Buckle these are all handmade in Italy, So the quality is phenomenal. As I mentioned, these were popularized by the sex and the city show and movie and for me, I particularly remember the scene with the blue hinges where big proposed to carry for the second time using these shoes and ever since then I like just always think about sex and city every single time I see a pair of vanilla Blonic pinkishes. I personally think these are such iconic shoes and they’re forever going to be embedded in fashion history. So from my understanding, Manila has been designing shoes for over 40 years. He has very eccentric taste, and I feel like this is what sets his shoes. Apart from other designers, I love that He mentions in many interviews that he doesn’t try to follow fashion trends. Personally for me. I love that Manolos are such statement pieces, and so you can wear them with neutral outfits, and they really just takes the outfit up to another level, and I just think that that is beautiful, so you’re wearing it almost like a piece of art like a piece of jewelry rather than just shoes, and I don’t know, I find that really exciting and it’s. Just I mean, look at these. How do you not love these? All right, So that brings me to why? I bought these shoes now as I mentioned before these shoes are on my list of dream shoes that I eventually want to have in my collection. Of course, they are very, very expensive, and these are probably the most I’ve ever spent on shoes. I’m justifying that because I have a wedding coming up, And unlike wedding dresses where you can only wear once in my case, it’ll be twice because we’re having a small allotment ceremony with just two of us, and then we’re also having a reception sometime next year with shoes. These are cheaper than my dress, but I’m going to be able to wear these over and over and over again and each time. I wear these shoes with an outfit. I’m going to be reminded of those memories of the most important day in my life or at least one of the most important days in my life, and I honestly think that that is completely worth it and worth justifying the price of these shoes. Another thing I want to mention is with a signature style like the hinges. These are going to go up in value with every single year these. I think you know years ago started around like 600 or so, and now they’re selling for a thousand dollars in my case. I was very, very lucky because when I was thinking about what shoes I wanted to wear with my wedding dress, I was trying to decide between the Manila Blonde Kangasis or the Valentino shoes, and these just happened to pop up on my newsfeed and they were price matched at 200 off the original price. And when I saw that I literally jumped because both shoes that I was looking at were around a thousand dollars and with this being 200 off, It would have saved me so much money, so I kind of looked at it as like, a sign that these were meant to be. Um, I couldn’t decide between the blue or the black, so I went ahead and just got both to see which looked better with my dress because I know sometimes on the Internet colors might come off a little bit different. I knew going into wedding planning that. I didn’t want a pair of white shoes. I just don’t think that they’re very practical unless they’re leather, but then, you know, I didn’t really envision myself having white leather shoes for my wedding and any other white shoes I feel would not really have as much wear, whereas a pair like these, you’re going to be able to wear with so many different outfits and so many different occasions whether it’s dressed up or dressed down. So I love that, and that’s why I decided to purchase these when I bought these. I thought that they were the exact same shoes because they were the same price. And when I looked at these specifications, they looked identical. I got the black one in a four and a half and on the website. It says that these shoes run small, so they recommend sizing up. I waited a little bit before I ordered the blue ones, and by the time I did. They ran out of the four and a half size. I wanted and so I ordered these in a five thinking that maybe they’ll work in a five because the website does say that, you know, they run small, so I’m really glad I did because that way I can kind of give you guys. A comparison of how the sizes fit, and then also when these shoes showed up, they were different heights, so the blue ones are 105 millimeters, and then the black ones were supposed to be 105 millimeters. I could have sworn that’s what it said online. When I ordered these, however, they showed up and as you guys can see, they are a lot shorter, so this now on the listing, it says it’s three inch heels, and so it should be 76 millimeters. When I went on to Manila’s website, they only have like a 70 millimeter and then the box on this says 90 millimeters, so I’m really confused on what size this is, but it is a three inch heel, so I’m guessing it is like a 76 millimeter. If that’s what Nordstrom has on the website. So I want to just give you guys A comparison of the heel heights and sizes. In case you were kind of in between which one you want as you guys can see. The black ones with the three-inch heels are a lot shorter than the four-inch heels on the blue. One’s personally for me. I really like the height of the 105 millimeters. I think this is the perfect height. It’s not too high where it’s going to be super hard to walk in. I know their 115 millimeter height is actually very, very popular and they get sold out like very easily and even on their website. They’re like, completely sold out. I honestly don’t think the 115 millimeter heels are necessary because this is a really really nice, beautiful height, whereas the three inch heels are just a little bit too short. They’re a lot more comfortable to walk in, so these would be really great if you’re going to be walking around a lot, but not if you want like the added height and stuff, which I really like these shoes for me because they are made of partly silk. I don’t envision on wearing like, very often. They’re gonna definitely be special occasions shoes. So I feel like because of that. I’m okay with going a little bit higher with the 105 millimeter heel. All right, next, Let’s talk about the sizing for these shoes because I know there is a lot of conflicting information online, and I figured since I have the opportunity to have two of these shoes that vary half a size. I could chime in on this debate. So the black pair that I got are a four and a half and the blue pair is a five, so this is a 34 and a half and a 35 I normally wear anywhere between a four and a half and five, depending on what type of shoe and what brand normally for pumps all size down to 34 and a half because they do stretch out over time. However, I noticed that the black ones definitely are pretty snug on the feet, and I feel like if I were to wear this for the first time it’s going to hurt, whereas the blue ones they are slightly big on me, but they are super super comfortable, and since these shoes are shoes, I’m not going to be wearing regularly. They’re going to definitely be special occasion shoes. I would rather buy a pair That’s more comfortable since I’m not going to be wearing them a bunch, and they’re not going to stretch out as much so for reference. I think the Manola Blanc sizing is very similar to Louboutins. So this is a pair of Louboutins I’ve had for years. I don’t wear it very often, but I feel like the two sizing are very, very similar. Both are slightly slightly too big for me, and this is a 35 and this is a 35 so if anything, I would say that these shoes are more true to size than a half size too big so personally for me, I think that I’m in between a four and a half and five or 34 and a half and 35 but if you are like a true 5 or 35 I wouldn’t go up to a 35 and a half. They might be slightly smaller than like the standard sizing, but not by a whole half size, so I would say if you do get these definitely stay true to size unless you like your shoes, a little bit bigger, so yeah, that is pretty much my take on it. I hope that’s helpful. I know it’s really hard to order shoes online since every single brand has different, sizing pretty much. And your shoe size really depends on the type of brand. You are buying the last thing. I want to talk about because I forgot about it. Are the crystals on this shoe now? I’ve heard online in other Youtube videos that the crystals on these shoes are so much prettier in person than on camera, and I didn’t believe it until I got these shoes. And, oh, my goodness, you guys like they weren’t lying. These crystals are just stunning. When you open the box for the first time, and you see these shoes, it is honestly like the clouds part and like you hear like angels singing because it is that beautiful, it’s super shiny. It’s super, just mesmerizing and honestly. I just think that these shoes are a piece of arts. I, um, you know if you can afford it. I definitely think that they’re worth it. So between the black and the blue pair for my wedding day, I decided to keep the blue pair of Mineral Blonic Pinkishees. I think that this is absolutely stunning. I love the black one, but because I have so many other black shoes. I think the blue. It just is definitely going to stand out. I love that it is something new and something blue for my wedding, especially since we are just getting married. Just the two of us, so it’s less traditional already, and so I wanted something a little bit more traditional for my wedding dress and my wedding outfit, and these are just such a stunning blue color that I think I can wear this so many times with so many different outfits after the wedding and just really take me back to that special day. All right, so that is pretty much it for this video. I’m sorry I kind of rambled on a little bit, but I hope you guys enjoyed it. I hope you found this helpful. I know that there are a lot of conflict information online regarding Manila. Kangeez’s shoes. There are a lot of different sizing. There are a lot of different heel heights, and so hopefully this video kind of helps give you a better idea of how their shoes and sizing work and help you make a better buying decision. Please let me know your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below. Give this video a like if you guys enjoyed it. And if you haven’t done so already be sure to click on the subscribe button right there and hit that bell notification. So you can see more videos like this. I have to see in the next video bye.