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What I've Bought For Our Wedding | Huge Wedding Haul | Frankie Amelia


Hi, everybody, and welcome to my channel today. I’m going to be filming a wedding a haul for you. It’s been a while since I filmed anything wedding related on my channel and our day is fastly approaching. I think we have just over three months until we get married, so I felt like it was about time that I started adding some more bits on my channel that were wedding related. So I thought that I would just show you a couple of the things that I have picked up for our day and I don’t remember to start. I’ve got like a huge pile in front of me or things that I just kind of wanted to talk to you about. I wanted to share with you, so I’ve been doing a lot of DIY pieces myself, because obviously weddings are very expensive, and I wanted to have a lot of personal touches to our big day. I really didn’t want to spend a lot of money on all of the sort of like little bits and pieces for the day purely because they’re not really gonna get used that often, but one of the first things that I knew I really wanted to do for my bridesmaids and the flower girls was to make their own personalized coat hangers. So I have DIY’s these myself and you can actually buy them Pre-made. If you don’t have the time or don’t wish to obviously make them yourself. But I picked up the hangers. And then I did the transfers myself. So these are the little hangers for the flower girls. They are super small and tiny and cute, and I have my two little sisters as a flower girls for the big day, so Ivy and Matilda, and I just thought that the timers were super super cute. So these are the little hangers that I picked up and then for the adults, I picked up slightly larger hangers, If like, I’m having to kind of like peek through these on the screen. These are the slightly larger, more adult sized hangers, and I really wanted to find the same at style as these because there’s such well-made hangers, but I couldn’t find them in adult version, so I found the 5 set of hangers. These are the wooden coat hangers from Wilkinson’s again. You can buy these online because I ordered them. I think they were $2.99 for Packet 5 and these are just ones that I’ve got for my bridesmaids. And then I’ve also made one for myself, which is currently hanging on the back of our door. So the transfers. I thought are from a seller on Etsy again. I’ll leave everything. In the description box below. They were 99p per decal. And you literally transfer it onto the coat hanger. You rub it dance that obviously it. Here’s really nicely and then it’s just stuck on there and I probably couldn’t get it off. Now if I try, so I’m hoping that everyone will be really happy with these, and I’ve heard I’m just keeping all of the girl’s bridesmaid dresses on there and then the flower girl dresses on the smaller ones and we’ll just have some nice pictures with them hung up and it’s just like a nice little surprise for them on the day, so I hope that none of the girls are watching this video. I might have a little disclaim. What would tell them not to watch this video and then to go with the flower girls present? I plan on doing little boxes for everybody, But Ivy Matilda are very, very young. Ivy is four years old and Matilda is only just a year old, so they’re not really going to have anything that they can really have on the day, so I wanted to get them some keepsakes so that they’ll have something to remind me of remind them of the day When I was a bridesmaid for my uncle, I think I was about four or five years old. I got a little silver bracelet and I still have it to this day and I still cherish it purely because it was a nice keepsake, so I figured I would buy the girls These little keepsakes. I found them from a seller on. Etsy called the wedding bells. I think it’s the wedding bells shop, and it’s basically Ill. Try and do some close-ups for you so that you can see exactly what they look like, but I picked up these really gorgeous little charms, and it basically has their name if I can see that at all. I’ll just do some close-up’s. It basically has their name, and then it says today. Our flower girl. But one day you will have the bouquet here. Is something old for your wedding day? So this will be there something old for them when they get married, which just is so emotional because I can’t even imagine them growing up and getting married, but this is basically a keepsake for their something always when they get married, so it’s just a really gorgeous little charm. It comes in a little organza pouch, so they can keep it safe ever, and I just thought it was so cute. They were really inexpensive six pounds each so. I’ve got one for Ivy and one for Matilda. You can color. You can choose the color of the bow. I just worked for white because I really love white. You can choose it. I guess the same color is your theme for your wedding or just their favorite color or anything that you like. I guess, and that the six plans, eh? I thought they were absolutely fantastic, and I also wanted to get them something nice for them to have on the day because the girls will be given their boxes with presents, and I felt like they wouldn’t really have much to have on the day Other than the keepsakes, which they’re not really going to use. So I found these. I think I saw these on Facebook shop, so I’m just happy to get them out of the packet, and I figured that because they’re quite young, They probably wouldn’t hold bouquets on the day, so I actually found these, which I think that these are super cute. They’re little fairy ones, which I’m just, I think they are so so cute. One of us is Ivy and metolius and they’re personalized. I chose them in the white with the blush pink little hearts on the background, and they’ll just use these when they’re walking down the aisle, just meant that they had something really, really cute for them to hold on to, and I just thought it would look really cute in photos for them to have something to walk down the aisle with their dresses are quite. I want to say fairy ish, But that makes them sound really awful. They’re almost like little tutus, and I just thought that the whole look would look really sweet, and they’ve got little ballet shoes to wear, and I just thought this would look really cute with their dresses. Now something to go in sans box on the day again. I really wanted to do a little box for him. With lots of little sort of like, yes and trinkets and just really things and just really lovely little things. I thought that he would like. I found this little book in Paper. Chase, it’s basically a little notepad which there’s things I love about you, and it’s like a little notepad with love hearts and then little quotes throughout it. So you can write all different things that you love about your partner, and I just thought it would be something cute that I could keep adding to throughout our life together and we could pop that little Polaroids or things in there, and I just thought it was really nice to just have something cute to have inside the box on the day, and then I also found this card for the wedding morning, and it says husband, you and me are a perfect match and I really really love this card because we’re actually planning on doing match is for our famous, and I just thought it was really cute, and I really really liked it so yeah. This is the card for Sam on our wedding day. I think I found this in. I want to say card factory. Someone like that was either Clinton’s or card factory somewhere, but I’m sure that you can find lots of really nice cards in places like pave Chase except track one of Sam’s main presents for his gift box, actually, an Aspen or of London card holder. I’m not get it out of the box purely because it’s wrapped up so nicely and I want to keep it looking really lovely for the day. Basically, I have the same card holder that I’ve picked up for, sir. Mine is in like a crocodile print. I’ve picked Sam’s up in like a grained leather and I’ve had it monogrammed with his initials. So now we have matching card holders, which is probably very sad. Some, but I thought it’d be really lovely. Sam always uses a little card hold. Only he’s got just like a cheaper leather one at the moment, which I really wanted to replace with a really nice. Aspinall, one Aspinall, It’s a brand that I personally really really love. Their products are such great quality, and I really wanted to put a little sort of like keepsake in his box and something that we could keep and have together. So yeah, I picked up one of those and it. I’m so so happy with what it looks like, and I’m really hoping that he will love it on the day. I thought I would quickly. Just show you this box that I picked up as well. This is a really gorgeous little rose and blush wet. It’s not really a wedding box, but I picked it up purely for us to keep all of our wedding keepsakes in. I found this in home bargains, and I love the sort of the blush. I just think it looks so pretty, and I think I paid like $1.99 for this box. It’s actually really good quality. It’s quite deep inside there, and I figured that I would just keep it so that we have somewhere to keep all of our keepsakes after the wedding. I’d really like to keep our cake topper and our place names and some of the wedding invitations and the menus and things just so that we can look back on them in like, 50 years and remember all of our wedding treasures. So I was really happy that I found this for our place names. I found a website called VN Bespoke, who make a spoke place card names. And I picked up a whole load. I’m not going really gonna be able to show you. This like a whole load of names here, but they’re basically laser-cut place card names that are made out of wood. So I will show you my one because it’s break you. This is my little place card. Name, it’s quite large. Actually, the rest of them are like general, like small names, obviously, because my surname is now going to be quite long. This is a little bit bigger than the normal ones They are little laser cuts, wooden place, code names, and I’m going to spray them gold, and then these will just sit on the napkins and the plates, So that people know, and I think I paid. How much do I pay for those? I paid forty pounds in total for. I think 60 names which is really good because they are quite expensive If you go through some of the sellers on Etsy, so I definitely recommend the end bespoke if you are looking for some place card names because they are so much cheaper than everywhere else. I found sorry. I’m just leaning for boxes of look like piles of stuff around me to go with our place. Card names. This isn’t from VM bespoke, but they do do them. I just didn’t realize when I did the order at a time that they already make that they do make them so. I found this from a seller on Etsy. I believe I’ll try and find the seller from where I bought it. If not, I’ll leave you. The bonnet on VM spoke. So I picked up this cake topper. Which says Mr. And Mrs. Shoebridge, which is obviously going to be my new name and this is in the gold that I will be spraying the name place cards. It’s super cute! I’m really really happy with it. I think it looks so lovely in our cake, and I think I paid about 15 pounds for this so really, really happy and I was thinking that maybe after our wedding of chopping off like the stick down here and then somehow having this in our house, I don’t really know. I don’t know how that will work. It might look really silly, but I guess. I’ll just play around after the wedding. I think it looks really, really nice on the day and I love anything. That’s like personalized, Especially as we will be. Mr Mrs. And with my new name because I am very excited to be mrs. Shoebridge sounds really weird. Saying that out loud after Mrs. Shoebridge sounds like I feel like a teacher when I say missus. I don’t know why that’s I might like the only person that got married or is getting married and feels that when you say Mrs. You sound like a teacher to go along our table. I picked up a whole load of these candles from Ikea. These are the cinnamon. Fenneman phenomenon pandals. They’re basically all different sized like Church pillar candles, and we basically plan. I picked up. Honestly, I think about, like, 10 packets of these. I plan on having we’ve basically got long tables and I plan on having all the different sized ones going through the center like the middle of the tables, all it up and looking very pretty. I think I paid 399 per packet so super super cheap. The cheapest that I found these candles for it’s really expensive to buy lots of big Church candles. So I was so happy when I found these ones in my kit. I think I showed you in my last wedding hall video, a couple of the blooms and things that I had picked up the day and I’ve added a couple more to the collection. So I found these ones from Ginger. A ginger may have such amazing wedding pieces. I’ve got my eye on a lot of things on there. I just have yet to add them to my basket and pay for them and order them, so I found these ones on ginger aid. They’re huge white balloons. I plan on buying some of the like chiffon ribbon or just like a nice, pastel ribbon to have those and have them tied up from that. I you know what I mean. I plan on having some chiffon, so it looks like the ribbon is really soft and pretty and delicate. And then I also found these ones. I picked these up. They’re from Ginger A. I actually picked these up from new. Look, they have some of the ginger, a range in some of their stores, and I found these giant confetti balloons, which are very similar to the gold confetti blooms. I’ve picked up for the wedding, But they’re just giant ones with white confetti inside them, And then I really love how the idea of having like the greenery as the tie and I was planning on having these outside. It’s like a nice little like photo area so that you can have lots of photos taken with the balloons, which is obviously like a very millennial thing Because I would be very happy if I could take photos next to pretty balloons, I feel like this is basically turning it into, like a gift ideas for wedding video, But I found these glasses. I’m only gonna get one out to show you the curse that all wrapped up in tissue paper. I found these glasses. This is actually my dad’s one, so they’re like little whiskey or scotch glasses. Whatever drink that your father likes to drink. But these are just little like square-based glasses, and this just says father of the bride on there. I just thought it was really cute and like a nice little gift to go and and just like a nice little gift to give to your parents. We’ve got one for Sam’s Dad which says father of the groom, and then we also have one for Sam’s best man as well and I plan on popping like a little, and you know, like the little like whiskey bottles, vodka bottles, rum bottles. Whatever you whatever drink they like inside here and then just kind of adding a few more gifts like some cigars that sort of on the day, we just thought that we would get them something. Nice a little to take home with them on the day and something they can keep and it’s like a nice keepsake for them as the parents of children that are getting married. I found this a white crate. I’m just gonna kind of lift it over my head and show you because it’s actually quite large on the screen. This white crate with rope handles really, really cute white basket, which it’s one of those kind of like milk basket styles, crate styles. I mean, sorry, not basket. It’s like a milk crate. I’m not really too sure what I want to pop in here. I was potentially thinking of maybe having like a flower arrangement in here or keeping our confetti cones, not really a hundred percent. Sure on what I’m going to use this for. I just thought it was really cute and I paid. I think I paid like five pounds of this. So, yeah, little home bargains. A bargain at fourth wedding, and then Lastly. I thought I would share with you. A couple of bits that I picked up from the lovely Joan Malone for our wedding day. Jerilyn for me Epitomizes bridal fragrance. They are so beautiful, They’re so luxurious. They smell amazing. It lasts all day, so I always knew that I wanted a chomo known fragrance for my wedding day, and I was really lucky to be gifted. My wedding fragrance from my dad and his partner Jodi for Christmas. You may have seen that in my what? I got for Christmas video but inside. This gorgeous box is my wedding fragrance. And this is the peony and brushed suede. Cologne, I knew that this would be my fragrance for the day for a very, very long time even before. I probably even got engaged. I knew that this was going to be the perfume that I would wear. It is so beautiful! This is in the 100 mil or 90 Mm, This is in the 100 mil, which means I can wear it every day, and it will last me such a long time after the wedding, which I’m really happy about because I’m not a feeling This is going to be my new all-time favorite everyday perfume. It is so beautiful! Ah, it’s honestly stunning. I haven’t sprayed this at all. I’ve kept it all in the back in the box since I got given it for Christmas so that it’s really special for the day, My memory card just cut out on me, so apologies if it looks slightly different. And but whenever I smell anybody wearing this, I instantly know that it’s the peony and blast away fragrance, and it makes me really excited for the day where this is actually on your skin. It becomes so much warmer and more floral and fruity. It’s just so so beautiful for those of you who have watched my channel for a while. You will know that. I love fragrance. So I’m so happy that I finally have this one in my collection. I cannot wait to wear it on the day. I also plan on picking up. Sam, the one five for Cologne to go in his little box and we’ll have our matching Jo Malone fragrances for the wedding day and I was thinking of getting it engraved with our wedding date on there as well. So yeah, really, really happy, but I have my favorite favorite perfume. And then it also popped over to Joe Maloney other day and treated myself to something to go with the perfume on the day and I now do little miniatures, which I’m really happy about because I knew that I wanted to pick up the body lotion to go with the fragrance. They are about 60 I think they’re 60 or 65 pounds and they’re quite Pricy and Joey Malone have now released little miniatures that comes in this gorgeous little German inbox, so so Dinky compared to like the normal sized box. So I’ve now got a little set that I can stack on my bedside table with our wedding bits in them. So inside this little box? I thought to be in a little perfume sample. I didn’t know that wild Blue Bell Cologne. That’s so cute. I didn’t realize that they’ve done that inside. This little box is a tiny little miniature peony and blush wave body cream, which I just think is so cute, and it comes in the typical glass packaging with the sort of like, frosted stripes, and then inside. It’s just got like the little catch, So it’s dream alone, London, and then let me see if we can undo this. Oh, smells so good and then inside there. You’ve just got your pot of body cream. I absolutely adore Geminoid body creams. They’re really thick and luxurious, but they’re also great for layering so to keep my scent really strong and like smelling throughout the day. I’m going to use the body cream first before I get ready and pop my dress on and then spritz with the perfume afterwards, So I’m so happy that I’ve now got the matching little set. The new miniature sizes of the creams are 20 pounds, and I actually think that there’s such good sizes. They are 50ml so for 20 pounds. You get quite a lot of crane for your money. I actually think that’s a really good value. So yeah, so happy that I have I cream and my fragrance ready for the day, so I’m really excited and hoping that I’ll be smelling lovely for the day, and it’s one of the things I’m most excited about is wearing the perfume, which is probably really silly, but don’t know why perfume is my thing, and I’m really excited to wear all on the day, so that is pretty much everything that I had to share with you. If you would like to see another one of these videos closer to the date with like my jewelry, hair pieces, all of that sort of thing, then do let me know because. I don’t think I’ve shown you guys my veil. I haven’t shown you my bag. I definitely haven’t shown you any jewelry or anything like that. So if you’d like to see more like an accessories hole for the day, then do let me know because I actually really love talking about all things wedding and the fact that I can only relish in this happy. Little bubble for another three more months is definitely really dawning on me. So I feel like I need to get all of my wedding content out there, so I can share my happy little moment and bubble with you all. So yes, please do give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it. If you aren’t already, then a please do subscribe to my channel. It means the world to me and thank you so much for getting to the end of this video. If you did make it this far comment. A wedding ring emoji down in the comments box below. I would love to see how many of you got to the end. Thank you so much for watching, and I’ll see you all again in my next one. Bye, guys. I have no idea how I meant to get up in front of all of this stuff. Wow.