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Asos Wedding Dresses Try On Haul 2020 #weddingdress | The Allure Edition


Hi guys, welcome to the channel in today’s video I am trying wedding dresses from ASOS yes I bought for wedding dresses from ASOS so this video is going to be a WEDDING DRESSES TRY ON HAUL first of all, let me tell you that I am not getting married, I’m already married however this is a highly requested video from several followers that are getting married on 2021 and 2022 therefore I went ahead and bought four wedding dresses from ASOS and with that being said let’s get started! Let me tell you that I received the four dresses in these two huge boxes from ASOS, ok? let me show you The first dress that we have is this gorgeous embroidered dress, look at this guys it has embroidery here at the body of the top and on the sleeves, so cute, it’s a really traditional dress however it is really elegant I love their round neckline and at the back it has this zipper and it has this bottom closure it’s beautiful so I am super curious to see how this fits so let’s go to the mirror and try it on alright guys so this is the dress on and let me tell you that is an adorable dress so elegant and so feminine but simple at the same time look at the detail of the embroidery, so gorgeous, this is size 4, UK 8 I am 5’7″ for your reference and I’m wearing these heels three inches heels from Zara I just want to wear high heels for your reference so you have an idea how the dress looks with high heels let me tell you I’m wearing a nude bra so the bra situation with this dress, that’s not gonna be a problem you can wear your conventional white or nude bra and no problem so you can be comfortable at the same time, I’m wearing the nude bra and you cannot see it so the lining is doing its job, that’s always good alright so this is how this dress looks so adorable so cute alright let’s try the next dress the second dress that we have is this gorgeous dress it has embroidery as well and it has this type of bell at the sleeves, can you see it, so it has embroidery on the sleeves and it has embroidery here at the front and okay it has embroidery all over the dress yes so I can see that it has embroidery on all the dress… okay? it has partially lining and the front of the lining has a big neckline you can see that can tell you that is very see-through it is very see-though, so you need to wear a slip underneath and obviously you need to wear probably sticky bra because at the back I mean it’s backless okay so there is no back of this dress so you have this situation here you have a zipper on the back and these straps right to closure the dress alright guys so is this size 4 US, UK 8 this one measures 160 centimeters from the high point of the shoulder to the hem the price of this one is $151 dollars alright so let’s see how this fits all right guys, dress on and I am in love with this dress it is a gorgeous dress and I can tell that is a wedding dress it’s not like the other one right? the first one that I showed you it is a beautiful dress however it’s a really conventional design okay let’s say that this one I think that I love the sleeves it’s a beautiful wedding dress look at these sleeves, the sleeves is what is making this dress gorgeous yeah I love the V neckline here at the front of the dress and it gives me for some reason boho vibes, I love the bottom of this dress it’s not that puffy but it flows really nice and I am wearing these three inches heels for your reference the best part of this dress besides the sleeves is the back, it is gorgeous, the con of this dress the bra situation is a really tough here, I am bra-less and I can tell that I can see a little bit of situation here so you need pads,if you don’t care go for it but I think you need like pads or some like sticky bra or something going on just to don’t show the nipple situation there and you can see my underwear as well, I mean obviously it’s not through the camera I don’t think so, but here at the mirror I can see a little bit of underwear situation, I’m wearing nude panties but I can I can see them so you need a slip underneath okay? just take that into consideration, other than that it’s a gorgeous dress a gorgeous gorgeous dress super feminine really elegant with boho vibes and I love it! love it so much so cute! the third dress that I want to show you is this gorgeous guys look at this this is absolutely beautiful I love their halter design and it has lace all over the dress is gorgeous and I love that it has to like a little puffy here at the bottom let’s check the lining yes so it makes the dress a little bit more puffy here at the bottom skirt so cute this dress is so soft, the fabric is really soft, it’s gorgeous this dress has a back zipper, okay it’s beautiful I love the detail here you know that lace detail that this one has here are the hems gorgeous, gorgeous and is partially lined, so it has lining here at the front and of course at the bottom however it doesn’t have any lining here at the back okay you can see what is going to be tricky about this dress is the bra that you need to wear, right add in a sticky bra or a halter that is sized for this one cost one hundred and ninety dollars all right let’s see how this is this is the dress on and oh my gosh is absolutely gorgeous it’s so cute I feel like a princess yes look at this I love the bottom the difference it’s so adorable look at this I love it is so so cute and it’s super soft the fabric is just unbelievable socks it feels a really luxurious that’s the world and look at this love the health or design of this dress, it’s gorgeous so soft yes the fabric is just high quality and the design of distress is just like it’s a halter dress is a simple dress however is very classy and very elegant and is so feminine because it’s delays so it’s absolutely feminine I feel I mean it I feel like a princess it’s adorable and it’s pretty comfortable true to size I’m a size 4 and look at this f is like a globe same thing I’m just wearing these 3 inches high heels and it is gorgeous this one is a size 4 and the price is 198 dollars such a steal alright let me show you an extra side last but not least we have the most expensive dress of the whole is this one with lace detail here at the top look at this lace so gorgeous beautiful this dress is specially aligning it has a lining obviously here at the top it doesn’t have any lining here at the back you can see there and it has bottom lining here at the skirt which is really really good it has this deep down here at the waist is lace okay the same detail here at the back it has a back zipper that has this prominent here back and a be neckline here at the front as well so asus has distress with the message selling fast on the website because i can tell that it’s a really beautiful dress and for the price i think is a really really good deal alright so let’s see how this fits okay guys dress on and this is how this fits its a typical wedding dress is just gorgeous it has a little bit of tail going on there you can tell but let me just show you the bottom of this dress so flowy and I love this pleated design and this lace here at the waist is just adorable just adorable let me show you the top of this dress so the top of this dress has this lace very elegant a subtle and really really like feminine it’s very loose here because I’m no wearing a bra I am bra size authority to see just for your reference and it’s a very loose here so if I want to wear these dress I will send it to the tailor so they can adjust it here and I just adhere so it gives me more like a fit right for my bus a size other than that is a very elegant dress I love this detail lace detail here it just gives a little bit of you know pop and elegance to this dress it’s so adorable so cute I’m not the design here at the bus love it even when is loose on me I love it I know that if I can send it to the tailor there will be fixed and will look perfect let me show you the back of this dress is so elegant sexy at the same time so cute so just take into consideration when you walk in you just need to grab your trash okay so you can walk I think that you want on your wedding today is still hold on please don’t fall down so this dress looks so adorable I’m impressed alright guess so that’s open 1/2 for these wedding dresses triumphal from ASOS hopefully you like it please don’t forget to subscribe and hit magnification well to receive notifications every time that I post a new video please continue watching and spring haul here and I’ll see you there Follow me on Instagram @the_allure_edition