Loose Lace Wedding Dress | Wedding Dress Shopping London Grace Loves Lace | Getting Married During Covid19 Uk

Meredith Xu

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Wedding Dress Shopping London Grace Loves Lace | Getting Married During Covid19 Uk


Welcome to my wedding dress vlog. This all happened before lockdown began. And I hope you guys enjoy it. I’ve been really grateful for the support that I’ve had during my engagement season. I would be lying if I said that it wasn’t a challenging time, but I did have a lot of fun, and I allowed myself to laugh a lot on this day and just have a really great adventure in London with three of the women that I appreciate so so much one of the reasons why I chose Grace Loves Lace was because it is an Australian brand and I was so keen to try on some of their dresses, and I honestly was so so happy to just feel beautiful and feel more like a bride and for things to just feel more real. Yes, and here. We have the beautiful Hannah. I love the building. I loved the staff members. Cilla was absolutely incredible. I was so thankful with how she helped me throughout the entire process. Oh, okay, yeah, I really enjoyed this first dress. But the middle bit didn’t really flatter the waistline as much [Music]. I told you, but the rest of this dress was absolutely a winner for me. I loved it in every single way. It was a white dress, and I did feel very much like a bride in this dress. So after trying the first one on, I felt very encouraged and I felt more engaged and more like a future bride. [MUSIC] This second dress was my absolute favorite. I immediately fell in love with it. It was such a november autumn style dress. It’s definitely one of the dresses that is their top seller. Probably I really really enjoyed it, and I know I just felt like myself in it and I really loved the material. I felt like I was straight out of a fairy tale. That’s quite magical. I think I could have run through like a fair field. Just barefoot! I I love the, um, the different color underneath it. Yeah, I do, too. I got to choose five dresses before I went in for my appointment. So this was one of the dresses I saw on a different bride that I photographed and it was so cute, but not for my body type. I really enjoyed it because it was so beautiful at the back. So if you are a very slim type of bride, this dress would really suit you because I just think it’s very gorgeous and very, very nice. I’m definitely someone who loves the puffy style dresses that are cinched at the waist. This dress was so so cute on the website. I think I would have felt more comfortable in it with straps on having straps would have definitely been a more possible option, But the try on version was very nice And I really appreciated Cilla’s help. Does it feel so cute? Yeah, it does, yeah, okay. I don’t know, it’s not quite how I thought it would be. I just love the lace. Um, which is also why it’s called. Grace loves lace because every single thing that they sell there is made of lace. [MUSIC] This dress was so cute! I felt like I was straight out of a film That was in Byron Bay. I feel like if I was getting married in Byron Bay. This dressed this dress would have been super suitable for a beach sort of wedding, but I wasn’t getting married at the beach, so I decided not. I’m not for that one. I just looked very uncertain. Yes, yes. Yes, you guys like this. Yeah, do you. Yeah, I really like this one. I do. I feel like it. If I get this one, it just suits like the autumn, and it just feels like you feel like I could run around it all day. Yeah, and yeah, I could jump up and down like on the trampoline. In the end, I decided to go with this dress. As my favorite, I haven’t chosen it in the end because of my own reasons, but I really really love it, and I think the dresses that they make are absolutely stunning. I just had such a good experience and I just highly. I highly highly recommend their store and their brand. It’s so beautiful, especially if you’re a free, flowy bride super, pretty. Yeah, does it look enough like a wedding dress? Oh, yeah, absolutely, yeah. It feels really strange editing this video in covid19. When I’m not certain what’s gonna happen down the line with my wedding, but all that matters is that I’m getting married to the love of my life and taking it one day at a time, hoping for the best that my family members and my bridesmaids can come over without getting quarantined, We have a very global guest list and I’m just hoping that things will turn out, but I will enjoy it regardless, and I’m so happy that I’ve been able to look back with more joy on the season because it has been super tough and I have cried. Most of this engagement season, it’s been really really hard and has felt really long, especially with the homesickness and just all the different factors in this situation, but exploring London that day was so therapeutic, and I love the bookstores. I love the cafes and just spending quality time with people that I love and who are close to me in my life. We were looking for wedding props such as books and just yeah, spending the day together. Thank you so much for coming along with me in this video. I know that this year, many challenges presented to brides and grooms who are navigating the same situation, taking different alternatives to getting married. And I’m just glad that even with all the stressful situations I am able to grow during this time, and yeah, I’m just looking forward to what lies ahead. It’s just been so fun making this video, and I hope you guys have enjoyed it. Have a wonderful week and I am cheering on all of the brides who are in the same. [music] boat [Music] you?