Laser Cut Wood Invitations | Diy Follow Along: Laser Cut Wood Wedding Gifts | Cutting Board & Shadow Box

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Diy Follow Along: Laser Cut Wood Wedding Gifts | Cutting Board & Shadow Box


Hey, guys, what’s up so today? I’ve got a little bit of a different video for you guys. I am doing a DIY today, but it’s kind of using some equipment and tools. Oh, hey, skeleton! This is my kitten. Scout, you guys have probably seen her in a lot of videos. She kind of likes to be the center of attention, but yeah, so. I’m doing a DIY. I’m actually making some wedding gifts for some people and laser engraving a cutting board and also doing some laser cut outs for a shadow box for them and the reason this one isn’t so much is like a. DIY tutorial is because I’m going to be using some equipment that not really a lot of people might have access to, but you could totally buy laser cut pieces online, like from Etsy and sometimes like Michaels and even target dollar spot has them. I hope that this video gives you guys some inspiration and then also. I just want to remind everyone that. If you’re watching this and you like any part of this video, if you could please give a thumbs up or subscribe to my channel, I would appreciate it so much and really feel like I’m getting going with some of these like Diys and getting the hang of all of this, so I would love your support and I would be happy to you. Subscribe back to your channel, so that’s it, so I got to go to Michaels and pick up some craft wood for the project, and then I will show you guys later. What I’m working on and how it all comes together, so stick around. If you want to see how everything turns out, okay, guys so. I just wanted to show you what the plan is when I get there because I think it’s going to be loud in the laser cutting place. So I just wanted to give you guys lowdown before I leave. So this is the background of the shadow box that I actually watercolor painted already, so I’ll be taking this apart and adding in there invitation, which looks like this and you can see this little like emblem up at the top, so I want to try and cut something out of wood similar to this and also add it in the shadow box somewhere, so that’s. The game plan for this. I have this giant cutting board that I bought from. You know my favorite place, Ikea? And so I’m going to be laser cutting this, so I’ll take off the wrap and when I get there, but there is a hole here, so I’m going to laser cut down on this and their names and their wedding date, which I have the artwork already designed with a computer. I sent myself to font. So then when I get there, I just have to download them, pop them into the program and then figure out the measurements and laser cut onto this. And then I also bought some like Cordage and I have some wooden beads that I’m going to make like a strap for this cutting board too. So, guys, that’s kind of the plan for when we get in there and I promise. I’ll show you guys as much as I can. Um, I’ll just probably at the voice-over afterwards because I think it’s movie. It’s usually can allowed and echoey in there. But I can’t wait to bring you guys along for this project. So here we go so here. I am at the makerspace cutting out the laurels out of the wood shape, and I’m also going to be engraving that cutting board and something is noticed is that there’s not really a lot of information on how to use industrial laser cutters out there on the Internet. And so if you’re interested in doing this or you have access to one, and you have questions about how I did. Any of these projects like more technical questions? Definitely leave me a comment and I’d be happy to answer them for you. It’s a lot easier than it looks, but there is definitely some props like a process and some nuances you have to learn and. I’d be happy to help anyone out to need some help, so just let me know. [MUSIC] Well, I’m back home now and I’m going to be adding the handle on to the cutting board made out of the suede cord and right now I’m just folding this weighted cord into thirds and simply tying a knot after threading it through the hole in the cutting board making. Sure my knot is very tight, and then it won’t be going anywhere after that. I’m simply adding these wooden beads at the end of all of the cords, corded tassels and tying a knot to make sure that they stay in place [Music] [Music] So now I’m going to be working on the shadow box. We’ve got the invitation and I cut out all kinds of different laurels out of wood at the laser cutter, including a Mr. And Mrs and their new last name and all kinds of things that I could possibly need. I’m going to be using Elmer’s clear glue to hold everything together, and I’ve got a piece of foam core. Here that will help give our project some depth and dimension, so right now. I’m just cutting out some of the foam core. I’m basically just cutting two squares and placing them underneath the invitation to see what that looks like and at this point. I’m deciding that I want it to be a little bit higher up, so I’m cutting another couple squares of foam core and placing them on top, so that way it really gives the project some really good dimension, and after that, I’m deciding where I want these wooden pieces to go since this invitation is a little bit more simple. I don’t want to add too much, but it’s gotta find the right balance. I guess, and so here I am just playing around trying to decide where everything should go. This is what I landed on, so I’ve got some laurels underneath coming out the bottom and then a couple on top and at this point. All that supposed to do is glue everything together. [MUSIC] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Here’s the end result, you guys! I love how these turned out. I really hope that my friends love them too. I definitely put a lot of thought and hard work into both of these projects for them. And I hope this inspired you guys, but you can definitely create something for someone special. It has a lot more meaning to it, and if you liked any part of this video, please like and subscribe. I know it’s different from what I usually do, but I just thought it might be helpful for other people to see a little bit more of a difficult project. And I will see you guys in my next video. Thanks so much for watching bye. [MUSIC].