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Trying On Cheap Wedding Dresses Under $200 | Asos Bride


Hey, guys! I’m super excited about today’s video because I ordered four different dresses from Asos bride, One of which is actually going to be the dress. I wear on my wedding day As some of you may or may not know. I’m getting married in three weeks, so it’s very, very soon, which is crazy to think about, but I was looking at the different options for wedding dresses, and I really didn’t want to spend $1,000 or more on a wedding dress. So when I found out that Asis house wedding dresses? I thought it might be worth giving a try. I’ve shopped at Asis a lot, so I was really familiar with their clothing and their returns and how all of that worked and I was surprised when I got it with how much I liked it enough to actually wear it for my wedding. So the dress that I got was a hundred and fifty dollars, but I used a promo code and so I got it for a hundred and thirty dollars, one hundred and thirty dollars the price of my wedding dress. Yeah, I love the way it looks and so I’m going to show you that in the video, along with three other dresses that I ordered just because the wedding dresses can be super expensive and especially with all of this virus stuff going on this year. I know a lot of people are eloping or just doing really small ceremonies, so they don’t want to go all out for their wedding, which is totally understandable. So a lot of the wedding dresses on the website were surprisingly sold out because so many people are having to do smaller, more intimate weddings right now anyway. I thought it would be fun to have my fiance. Joey, give his opinion on the dresses. So I’m going to be trying them on kind of giving you my first impressions and then showing him and having him read them as well. I’m actually going to surprise Joey with my wedding dress as the very last one. I told him that I ordered four different wedding dresses from the website and that I wasn’t going to show him mine because I wanted to keep it a surprise, but I actually only ordered three, and then the last one is going to be my own, so I’m gonna kind of capture his first reaction to it. I feel like first looks are really cheesy, and I didn’t really want to do that, but this way I can get his genuine reaction and hopefully he doesn’t suspect that I’m actually gonna wear it because up to this point. I told him I wasn’t going to so. Hopefully he believes that so all of the dresses came in one box, which I was actually surprised by because for some reason, I thought that they would be sent separately, but that’s a good surprise. They’re saving on packaging. So when you open it up, they come in these little dress bags. I don’t really know what you call them. And they’re all hung up on hangers, so it’s super nice and well packaged, okay, so the first dress we are going to try on is called the bridal high neck maxi dress with lace insert in the color ivory. I got a size 2 and this retails for $87 which is insane to me. I’ve bought textbooks more than that. It just looks like this so far. It looks pretty good. It doesn’t look super cheap or anything, so it just has these lace sleeves and the back is lace as well and then it just goes down into a silky, flowy dress, but yeah, just looking at it from here for $87 This looks super good, so if it looks good on. I would say definitely go for it, but let’s go ahead and see, okay, first impressions of this dress. I don’t think it looks terrible. It’s a really thin material. So it’s kind of see-through. I’m wearing a little slip skirt so that you can’t see through the bottom, but you can also kind of see the line of where the slip skirt starts. But I don’t think it’s that bad. I think the lace on the back and the side is super pretty. It’s very form-fitting which I personally wouldn’t want for myself, but if you like that, it’s a very nice fitted dress, the length on this dress and that I’ve noticed with my own wedding dress. Is that it’s very long. I am five seven and it still goes down pretty long, so you’ll probably need to get it tailored or to wear really high heels. Maybe both there’s quite a bit of fabric. So if you’re tall, you won’t have to worry about it being awkwardly short, but overall. I think it’s pretty good. My only complaint is that it’s pretty see-through and it’s not necessarily my style, but I think this isn’t a bad option for $86 Okay, you can open your eyes and things and from earlier. Just look at me. I think what that one’s cute, Tamara. I really like the back. The back is super pretty by the front. Please don’t think this like hard, but it can totally because the front is so plain it feels like it’s just so plain. I love this, but the thing that’s hard for me with this One is like this is so nice and so intricate and pretty, but then to see, but isn’t that how we so clean the front? I feel like is a little, but the cutouts on the side. Yeah, I’m gonna give this one out of five friends just to plan it’s to plan. I don’t like on the side of your area. How many that’s like how it’s sewn up because it contains it. Increase this point! Yeah, yeah. How much do you think this restless? That’s my souls, right, Mm-hmm 215 This one was $86 really. Yeah, so it’s very cheap, okay, so dress number two is the crop-top lace mini wedding dress in size two. This retails for one hundred and sixty six dollars and fifty cents. This one’s a little bit of a different one, but I thought it would be fun to have some more variety in the mix. It’s actually a short wedding dress. This to me looks more like something You might wear for homecoming in high school, not necessarily wedding dress, just because it is kind of short in like skater skirt style, but I thought it would be fun to just try something new instead of having all of the traditional, really flowy dresses because that’s more, My style is really like sleek and flowy, but for those of you, that, like shorter dresses, or if you’re getting married in the summer when it’s going to be warmer, a shorter dress might be a nice option, so the whole thing is covered in lace. The sleeves are long sleeves and they’re see-through and then the skirt is just like a pleated material. What was interesting about this one was on the model. It was made to kind of look like two separate pieces, so I do see that it. Has this kind of sheer part to have that illusion of two separate pieces? But right off the bat? This one doesn’t look as nice of quality as the other one. It looks a lot cheaper, which is surprising because the other one was significantly cheaper than this one. Okay, here is dress number two. It’s not as bad as I thought, but if you like a cupcake or like Ariana Grande or something, I don’t think I would wear it for my wedding, but it’s adorable If you’re into the like, shorter cutesy like flirty type of look, I think super cute dress. The bottom is super fluffy, like there’s a lot of layers of tulle under there to make it a little bit more fluffy. This is what that weird see. If your parrot looks like, so it kind of does look like two pieces. Also, my mom. I showed her the last wedding dress. And she said she liked it. Better than my own wedding dress and this one, too She was like oh. I like these better, so that’s good, okay. Joey decided he wanted to make signs to hold up for the writing it, so I don’t need to clear henna. These are just for the dress. You’re always a tenth. What, oh, that one’s really cute? I like barely well. It’d feel a little less like formal mm-hmm. That’s it’s not so wedding, right, It’s more like a kind of it’s coming here. I thought it was a good look at Jessica Day. Kind of wedding dress. Yeah, my mom’s just super cute. Yeah, surprising because I thought people wouldn’t like it because it’s short. You know, it’s weak you. I just feel like if it’s a wedding day. You want to wear like a longer? One, it’s not very like elegance like cutesy. Okay, what’s. Your rating is like this better than loss. I liked you better. The last one, just cuz. I think I feel like there’s more to it like the little annoyed. Call this ain’t no pleasing, yeah. I think that’s my cue and I really love the sleeves. I like some sleeves. I think I’m biased with sleeves. Okay, this next one is one that I was super excited about because it is a halter neck type of style, which Joey has told me he’s a big fan of, so I’m excited to see his reaction to this one. But it is called the lace halter neck maxi wedding dress, also again in a size two and this one retails for a hundred and ninety dollars. It’s the most expensive of a bunch that I got, so I have a highest expectations for it, But just looking at it on the hanger. It looks like pretty good quality. The whole thing again is lace kind of like, the other dress. I think it’s the exact same lacy material, but it looks pretty nice. It’s very thin, so I’m interested to see what it looks like on, but so far on the hanger. It looks pretty promising, alright? I’m actually really surprised at how much I like this one. I think I would like it as much as I do, but it is beautiful. The bottom is a lot more fluffy than I thought it would be, but I think they did that just to make it a little more formal and less of like a summer sundress. But I think it’s so beautiful. I really like it. I really like this, and this is kind of bad because I thought I had my wedding dress all picked out, but now that I tried this one on, I might like this one a little actually. I don’t know I really like the one that I picked out, but I think this looks really good and now. I’m a little bit worried that when I show joy my actual wedding dress, he might like this one better to be honest. I really like this one three-two-one. Oh, wow, yeah. I really like that one. Do a twirl. Oh, man, I kind of really like it. Do you like it? It’s kind of princessy, though. Do you like the princessy? But it wouldn’t typically choose fluffy, but I think it makes it a little more formal. You know, so it’s not just like Oh, man, yeah. It looks really pretty on you. I don’t know, though it doesn’t feel as like you sleeves. I don’t know why I was. I just like that’s like, you know, like, especially for a summer wedding. I think, okay, beautiful, It’s just super elegant. I’m gonna deliberate, okay, okay. I thought you would really like this one because of the halter. I’m weak for the halter tops. Okay, okay. Okay, let me explain, let me explain as far as like the elegance of it in the top like the cut. It’s better than the last one, But I really miss this we use. I just feel like it’s a little a little much. I don’t know, I love the sleeves. Thank you! I’m sticking to it. I don’t really think this one was 200 190 so you’re very close and thanks again. Hopefully this for under 200 is pretty solid, yeah. I like it and lastly, the dress. I’m going to be wearing on my wedding day. I can’t remember the name of it. But all of these dresses will be linked in the description. If you want to go find them. I am in love with this dress and I’m so pleased with the price. This is what it looks like, so the top is kind of like a mesh lacy pattern, but it’s not like the lace and the other dress because I feel like, honestly, the lease, and the other dresses looks a little bit cheaper to me, so the top is pretty sheer, but then there’s this slip underneath, and then the bottom is incredibly flowy, but for a hundred and thirty dollars. I think this is so amazing and for the price that it is, it’s really good quality, and I don’t think anyone would really know that. It was super cheap ready. This is the last one, – what? I love that! I love that you like it or not. This is connect! Where oh, this is perfect. Maybe, yeah, it’s perfect. The place has like these cute embroidered flowers, but it’s just like a sheer like sleeve. I love that! Do you wish I was wearing this one? I don’t know, I don’t even remember the other one anymore. That’s my well! Maybe they know, so it’s a knife. This is my wedding dress. But that is the one so beautiful, oh! I love the back. Seal okay now! This is day when I put it on again. I was like mom. I like this one. Yeah, like the other night. Sure, sure, but this one’s just the most mean. I think you tricked me. Yeah, never shaken me. I was good! I had the flowers because I thought you might realize like. I want the full effect. No, I didn’t even know. Oh, my gosh! I think that was a success. He didn’t even remember when I showed him this dress on the model. So I he still didn’t even realize that this is it when I showed him, but I think that went really well now that I’m wearing this dress again, I love it. I love the sleeves. I love how flowy it is. I love the Sheerness of it. I do think the other ones were really beautiful and elegant, but I honestly think that this one is the best quality, just because like the bottom isn’t uncomfortable at all like you can’t feel like poufy tulle in it or anything. It’s just like a super silky flowing material and it’s so comfortable and $130 You just can’t beat. Those are all the dresses. I have for this video. I hope that it was helpful for you to be able to see what the dresses look like on, so you can get a better idea. If they’re good quality or not. And if you want to bite the bullet and try it out for your wedding dress. I’ll link all of the dresses down below. Also, Asos does free shipping and free returns. So even if you don’t like it or the size doesn’t fit you very well, you can return them. That’s what I did with this one because I got it in a 2 and a 4 and then I ended up liking the two way better, just because it was more form-fitting, so I returned the 4 and it was a-ok. So if you like this video, please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel so you can see more of me. Joey and our wedding one day. Thank you for watching, and I’ll see you next. Wednesday [Music] [Music]!