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Trying On Asos Wedding Dresses | Asos Haul


Hey, guys, welcome back to my channel. I hope you’re all having a lovely weekend. So today’s video is a little bit of a different one. Um, I was looking on Asos a few days ago, and I basically spotted a beautiful wedding dress, and I don’t know about you guys, but I had no idea that Asos even sold wedding dresses, so I was intrigued. I had a little look at some of the other ones, and there were some gorgeous ones, and so I have ordered eight wedding dresses from Asos and I’m just gonna be trying each one of them on styling each one up as much as you can style up a wedding dress and just giving you my honest opinion on what I think of each one. Um, just a quick disclaimer. I’m not getting married anytime soon. And this isn’t me trying to find my own wedding dress or anything like that. Um, I just thought it’d be a fun idea for a video, and I have like done. Kind of bridal photo shoots in the past and cheesy wedding magazine photo shoots. So I’ve tried wedding dresses on before. Um, so it’s not bad luck. Don’t know, even. Is it even bad luck to try on wedding dresses? Anyway, I just thought it’d be a fun idea for a shoe. Um, just let you know I will leave. All of the wedding dresses linked below. I will also pop the size that I ordered next to each one and just for comparison. I am five foot six. I am a 32b and I am a UK size 6 to 8. So I’ve got eight separate boxes to get into, although I’m not going to film an unboxing of all of them, I will just show you how they look on straight away rather than showing you them off first, but I thought I would open one with you guys, just so we can see how they come packaged and what the box looks like. Um, so I will get into this one and see what it’s like, okay, so it comes in this big white box that says Asos ride on it And then when you open it up. The dress is wrapped in tissue paper, which is good. I think you’d rather it be kind of wrapped roughly than just come in a normal Asos bag like in a plastic wrapper. Wouldn’t you if you were buying your wedding dress from Asos? And then it’s also in a zip up like protective cover as well, which is really good. I mean, again, you would expect this from a wedding dress, but I didn’t really know ordering from Asos. What, it would be like that Looks beautiful, okay. I’m gonna pop the first one on and show you how it looks on, okay, so this is the first wedding dress, and it’s beautiful. I’m gonna start off by talking about the things that I love about it, and then I’ll go on to the things that I’m a little bit. I’m sure of so the shape and the fit of it is beautiful. I love the fact that it’s got this semi sort of sheer panel here, and it’s at the smallest part on your waist, and then it just kicks out just over your hips to give the illusion of a really lovely, hourglass shape and the fabric is beautiful. I just checked and this one was 120 pounds. I think considering that price point. It is a beautiful dress, so the top layer is obviously lace and then underneath that there’s a mesh layer, which gives it a slightly puffy look to it and then underneath that is a lovely sort of silky satin layer, so it feels lovely on your skin as well. There’s no scratchiness from the netting at all and those three layers together. Give the skirt a gorgeous shape like I said, it’s just got a slight bit of puffiness, But without being too over the top, I love the style of the back as well and the fact that the lace on the back is a little bit sheer, just showing your skin through. I think it looks super pretty and the only thing with that being is that obviously you couldn’t wear a bra with this dress, and that takes me on to the one negative thing. I’ve got to say about this dress and that is the straps, So these straps are elasticated, so they’re super stretchy. When I first put it on, I thought, oh, that’s lovely, They’re really comfortable. They don’t dig in at all, but it means that there’s just not enough support on the bust area. I feel like if I relax my shoulders a bit too much like the strap would just fall off, and I just expose myself, But that is easily fixable. You could take this to a seamstress who would be able to maybe change the elastic straps for just a very fine satin or fabric strap to give a little bit more support. And then I think if this bit fitted properly, it would be a lot nicer of a shape. Don’t get me wrong! I know that makes it a bit more booby, but it also just makes it feel a bit more secure and also. I do think that if you were a bit more booby than myself. Um, then you might feel a little bit too exposed on your wedding day. Um, because obviously it is quite low, but I love this eyelash detail of the lace around the bust. I think it’s a really lovely shape and just a beautiful dress and an absolute bargain wedding dress for 120 pounds. Okay, so this is the next dress that I ordered, and this wouldn’t be the style of wedding dress that I would personally go for, but it looked so beautiful on the model online, and I just thought it was such a beautiful dress that I would try out anyway, and see how it looked on. Um, and it is gorgeous. The quality of this is amazing. The sequins are stunning. They’re kind of they’re white, but they’ve got a lovely shimmer all over them, so they catch the light perfectly. I was looking in the mirror a second ago and they they were just sparkling away, almost like little crystals. Um, I love the style of the DVD. I think it’s very sort of boho chic with the deep V and the big kimono sleeves. It fits me perfectly like it hugs my hips really nicely without being too tight at all, um, and it just skims the floor perfectly at the front, and then it’s got a bit of a train at the back as well, so it does cascade slightly behind you when you’re walking. The only thing with that is that sequins will be falling off everywhere. I can imagine, um, but you’re only going to wear it Once. Aren’t you? The other thing I’ve just noticed as I’m talking and moving my arms around. I do feel a little bit like an angel with these wings. I also love the shape of the back of this dress. As well, it skims your hips and bottom really nicely, and then it’s got a really lovely, deep V as well and then it’s got a little hook and eye attachment at the top just to keep it together. Um, so, yeah, another beautiful dress, not my personal style, but gorgeous all the same, okay. This next dress is actually the only one I ordered. That wasn’t. Aso’s own brand, which is Aso’s edition. Um, so this one didn’t come in the box. It didn’t have the zip up cover. It just came in usual regular Asos packaging, but it was reduced from 175 pounds to 52 pounds, which is obviously a brilliant price for a wedding dress. So if you are having a really simple wedding and you just want something quite simple, quite chic and then this is really lovely, so it’s super super lightweight, like as soon as I put this on. It just feels lovely. It’s very, very light and very airy and perfect for a summer wedding, but my favorite thing about this dress has got to be the back. I just love this draped cowl design on the back. I just think it looks so simple, but so chic and this dress also comes in pale, blue, pale pink and like a creamy nudey creamy color. They would make perfect bridesmaid dresses because they’re very simple but very elegant at the same time, and so I will leave all the color options linked below as well. They are all reduced, but they’re kind of different prices, not sure why, um, but yeah, very simple, very chic and quite timeless as well. Okay, so this is the next dress, and this was one of my favorites. When I saw it online, I just loved the style of the sweetheart neckline and then the lace over the top of it. I just thought it looked beautiful. Um, but now I’ve got it on. I still love the way it looks. I think it’s very pretty, um, but this lace detail just doesn’t feel stiff enough. It feels like I almost need to spray it with, like some sort of starch to make it stiff and stay in place because I took a few minutes to just sort of pucker it out and get it sitting right on my skin, and then as you sort of move, they almost feel like they’re going to turn in on themselves, especially at the back the fronts not as bad, but on the back, it’s very loose like the lace sits quite loosely, and it looks beautiful, but I think the more you moved around the more they’d kind of flap in on themselves. Um, so I don’t know if that would be something that you could stiffen up with some sort of starch to make it a bit more rigid, so they stayed in place because the style of it is just beautiful, like it’s very flattering The way the lace comes in really close together and just sits really nicely on your shoulders. I think it’s so pretty, and then it’s also got this lace detail over the hips as well and goes out into a really lovely pleated skirt. The skirt is very long. I’m five foot six as I mentioned before, and it’s probably about three inches too long for me. I’d say, so if you were shorter than me, you definitely need to have it taken up a little bit. I think to stop it from dragging on the floor. It’s got this ribbon detail on your waist, and it sits at the perfect place to just nip your waist in slightly and I do love the way the lace does dip down into a v into the waistband. Um, but just be mindful of the fact that it’s not the most secure of dresses, okay. This next dress was probably one of my least favorites when I saw it online, but now I’ve got it on. I like it a lot more than I thought I was going to. I think it helps. It fits me perfectly. These dresses just fit in all of the right places. I’m so impressed with, like the cut of them, like every waistline sits perfectly, um, and they just are a very flattering shape, so the top half is kind of like a corset style, and then it’s got these super thin spaghetti straps, but unlike the first dress, these aren’t stretchy, so they’re almost like a stiff satin fabric and these would have been perfect on the first dress shape of the body. Fits me perfectly as I mentioned before. I’m a 32b and the cups fit me perfectly, but they’re not wired, so they’re very comfortable. This bit is boned like the bits. Running down are boned, But it still feels quite comfortable on, and then the skirts got a silky layer underneath, and then it’s got about three or four layers of this kind of mesh tool. Is it too tall fabric over the top? Um, anyway, either way. It gives a really nice shape. Again, it puffs out just below the waist, and this is actually quite a bit shorter than some of the other ones. It skims the floor perfectly with heels on me. By the way. My necklace and earrings are from Majuri. These are pearl and white sapphire crawlers. I’ll leave them linked below and this is a diamond and gold necklace, and I just thought they were really beautiful, subtle Wedding jewelry, pieces. Okay, I think this next dress has got to be my least favorite so far and I think probably due to the fact that it is the least comfortable. So I got this in a size six, the same as most of the other ones. And she’s tight, she is tight. I don’t know if you can see, but it’s like squishing me in, um, which actually is fine on the top half. But when it gets to my hips and my bottom. If I stand back, you can see that it kind of has enough room for my hips, and then it squishes me here, and it kind of squishes my legs together, and it flattens my bottom a little bit as well. Um, it doesn’t help, but I’ve also just had lunch as well. So I feel like my lunch is just sitting here in a little pocket and funnily enough. This is always the style of dress that I thought I would go for on my wedding day like a strapless fishtail dress. But actually, this doesn’t feel very me now. I’ve got it on, it might be because of the fabric as well. I don’t think it’s the most flattering fabric and also I don’t know if it’s showing up on camera, but it’s quite in comparison to the other dresses, which some of you may prefer like the softer cream tone of it also. This dress has got two layers to it, and I feel like I need somebody to get the bottom layer and just tug it down on me a little bit so that it sits smoother because as try as I may, I can’t really bend down and do it at the same time, so I think that would help it to look a bit more streamlined. If somebody just gave it a yank for me, um, but it is still a nice dress just personally. I don’t think I could spend my wedding day in something this tight, but I would say this one out of all of them does run small. So if you do love it, then maybe size up in this one to give you a little bit more room for dancing, okay. I’ve just got two dresses left to show you, and I’m gonna save the best one till last. Hopefully, um, so next up. Is this lace? One and this is a similar style to the first dress that I showed you. It’s got a similar neckline with the eyelash lace, but this one hasn’t got stretchy straps. These are the kind of Non-stretchy version, although it is still a little bit too big for me like the straps aren’t adjustable, and I kind of need it to sit a bit more like that, whereas they’re a little bit loose, and it feels like they’re going to fall down, so I’m kind of a bit conscious of holding it in place, but it is a gorgeous dress. It is covered in lace and it’s a really flattering shape again. It fits me apart from not fitting on the bust area. It fits me perfectly on like the hips and the bottom, and it’s a really nice kind of it cuts in at the waist nicely and it goes out nicely on the bottom as well like from the back, it gives a really lovely, subtle fishtail shape, so it sort of dips in a little bit at the knees and then kicks out ever so slightly and it’s also got a slit up the front as well just up to the knees. So if you did have some beautiful wedding shoes, then it would just give a little glimpse of those, but not not too open, and it’s also got quite a long train at the back, which gives a really lovely shape with the subtle fishtail and then the train going back, but the only thing I would say is that this lace detail where it meets in the middle. There is a seam running up and you can kind of see the seam in between the lace. Um, which is a shame it would have been nice if the lace covered that completely. And actually, I have just noticed that it is a little bit big for me on the back. I just sort of put my hands back there and felt that there was a bit of a gap on the zip. So I’d say that this one runs slightly on the large side and then last, but not least is this beautiful dress, and this is actually the dress that inspired me to film this video when it popped up on my Asos browsing page and I just thought it was beautiful and it is even more gorgeous in the flesh. The sequins are the same as the one from the kimono styles, they’re super shimmery and just catch the light beautifully. The shade fit is lovely. It’s got these two cami straps And it goes down into a really low back And these straps are also adjustable as well. So if you did want to have it a little bit higher or lower you. Can I put it on the lowest? It would go because I quite like the way It sits really low at the back. It has got quite a bit of weight to it. Obviously, because of all the sequins, but it does still feel really comfortable because it just kind of hangs and there’s quite a lot of room. So you feel like you could eat and drink in it. You could dance in it. I also think that this would be perfect as an evening wedding dress. If you did want more of like a traditional style for during the day and then something a little bit more slinky to change into in the evening, this would be perfect. In fact, I may even keep it and where it is. And when I get married one day, I mean, I’m sure someone will want to marry me one day. I know I’m getting on a bit, but still life in the old dog yet. But anyway, that is all eight of the wedding dresses from Asos. I really hope that you enjoyed the video, and if you did, please do give it a thumbs up and I would love to know your favorite wedding dress as well. So do leave a comment and let me know which dress you liked the most. Um, but yeah, thank you so so much for watching, and hopefully I will see you again in my next video, which I promise, We’ll be back to Normal-ish content. Thanks for watching bye you.