Lace Overlay Wedding Dress | How To Sew Lace Overlay On Sides Of A Lace Wedding Gown

Bridal Sewing Techniques

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How To Sew Lace Overlay On Sides Of A Lace Wedding Gown


[MUSIC] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]. Hey, guys, welcome back to Bridal sewing techniques. Today we’re going to talk about. How do you sew that lace back down on the sides of the skirt? We have the lace overlay. You’ve either let out the skirt a little bit or you’ve taken it up, that’s. What we’re going to cover today? I’m so excited to share this with you because you’re gonna have to do it many many times. I hope this helps lets. Get started so as you know. I’m really big on how to hook up the dress. So you’re not having to fight with it constantly, so Im. First gonna show you this. This is my cutting table. I’ve got this s hook That is hooked to the hang loops, okay, and then it’s feeding into this ribbon now. I’ve changed my angle. You can see how this ribbon goes around the edge of the table, and it’s anchored underneath the table that is gonna hold the dress in place, so the dress does not try to slip away the whole time. So anyways, that’s something that I do all the time like when I’m cutting hams or whatever. Okay, so now I’m gonna grab a needle. It’s a good, long, strong one. I’m gonna bend it a little bit. We don’t need it quite as curved as an upholstery needle, but a little bit of a bend will help so here. I’m getting my first stitch locked in. I’ve got the knot and I’m gonna stitch through my first big loop that way. We’re not hoping that the knot just doesn’t pull through the lace. We’re wanting it to really just be tied and anchored to itself now. I’m gonna start traveling along the side of the lace applique. We’ve got quite a bit of sewing to do on this dress. What I want you to do is. I want you to be able to watch me so pretty much the whole project, so you can see that. I’m sewing the top part of the bodice. You can see that in the upper right hand corner of this view that that’s the Underarm area, so I’m going to start with just kind of anchoring this down and then we’re gonna move down to the hips. The part that I’m at right now is a little different. All of your layers are kind of stuck together, so you get to stitch a little deeper a little more securely when we move down to the skirt, part of the dress, which is what the the main body of this video is about, you’re gonna see it’s different because the layers are detached from one another. They all come from the waist, but they’re not sewn together, and so you’re not going to want to just be awkwardly picking up the lace and accidentally sewing the the skirt layers together the wrong way or something like that. They need to be able to move completely independently. So you can see right now with me working on the bodice. I’m digging a little deeper. I’m going to do a lot more stitching at the underarms because it’s going to be rubbed back and forth, so that’s a super important part to really nail down so now. I’ve changed it to where you’re only looking at the hip area of the skirt. And I’m going to show you I do. I slide black card stock under there. You can see the applique right behind it. The reason why. I do this is because when I scoop through with my needle, I don’t want to accidentally pick up the layer. That’s underneath this, and I don’t want to have to be like, super careful the whole time. I’m sewing. It would really slow me down if I did. Just be very, very careful not to be picking up different pieces. I want to really be able to dig through now. I’m tracing with my finger to show you just how long of a piece This is that we’re having to sew down. I have used a little bit of stitch witchery. Just the fusible webbing just to kind of. Hold this in place. Stabilize it well. I sew so here. I’m gonna start my knot. You can see how? I’m running my needle back through just to lock that. I’m gonna take a few extra stitches here where the cord has come away from the lace that way. We don’t have that piece of cord standing out. According by the way, is typically traditionally in his hand sewn to the lace. It’s a it’s a second process in the lace making process. So that’s why a lot of times we spring a leak in the cord and have to fix it. Its hand stitched on there. Okay, so you’re gonna see how? I’m digging in with the needle with my right hand and I’m holding the slack with my left hand. This is what’s going to keep me from getting a tangled thread all the time. I also usually use Burt’s. Bees chapstick and I’ll run the thread across my lips just to wax it just a little bit. That will help it to glide quickly and not tangle, some people use. They have like a little disk of beeswax. That works well too. I just really prefer the birds and I’m using nice big stitches because this bride is fine with stitch witchery. You can increase your stitch length just a little bit when you’ve used that product, so that’s a bonus for them. It can save them a little bit of money so here. I’m going to end with a triple knot, and then I’m gonna get some more thread and keep going. I do encourage you to check out my video. How to tie a knot? It is the fastest knot in the West. If you want to get super fast at tying knots, I highly recommend that video you can follow along once you learn the steps you’re gonna want to practice. It, really drill it and get going fast with it and this is a handy angle. You’re going to be able to see me. Lock that knot again on the thread. You can always hit pause. Go back! Watch it again! I hope it’s making sense how I’m doing that again. You don’t want to rely on just the knot pulling through the lace? That’s that’s not a great way to do it. You’re gonna want to really lock these together, so you see me again? Managing the excess thread with my left hand. That’s going to really allow you to sew very quickly. If you’ve never used the black card stock trick, you’re gonna love that. It saves your eyes. It allows you to sew really fast. You don’t have to worry about picking up weird things underneath. I use it all the time. I hope you enjoy seeing an entire project like this. I think it’s good fun to watch. How another Seamster works don’t! Forget to hit that red. Subscribe button underneath the video. It means a lot to us. It allows us to keep making these videos and the notifications do not have to be annoying. You hope you have control over that in your settings. I hope this has helped you have a great day like and subscribe [Music].