Lace Gifts For Her | Cute Cherry Blossom Inspired Ribbon Bow (step By Step Easy Tutorial)

Shiho Masuda

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Cute Cherry Blossom Inspired Ribbon Bow (step By Step Easy Tutorial)


Hi, everyone! I am so excited about this new. Devon Ball Tutorial. We are going to make a cute cherry blossom style ball along with the matching gift. Wrap the box. I also have a brand new online course dedicated to everything you need to know for creating perfect balls. Check out the link in the description to learn more about and to join the course. Let’s measure the paper. We are wrapping a shallow box today. The lengths of the paper should be enough to wrap around the box plus enough to create a predate. The design, the width of the paper is three times the depth of the box, plus the width of the box. Turn the paper over and fold the paper five times at the size of the place you would like to create, turn the paper over and unfold everything except the first four and continue to fold over each of the creases towards yourself to create the preach. [MUSIC] turn over place the strip of tape on the back of the design to secure. Drop the paper around the box. Making sure the predict design is where you would like to produce your next crease Well, at the edges, close the end using double-sided tape and make sure the paper is wrapped tightly around the box continue to cross both sides. [MUSIC] [Music] don’t forget to clear up the edges of the plates so they will be more visible. Now let’s make a cheery for some Devon ball measure the size of the tip and tail with one end. Wrap the ribbon around the box in any style. You want cross the ribbon so you can tighten it? Create a loop with one end inch at the center and bring the other end over the index finger. Hold with your phone so you can create a center loop continue to push it through the center loop to create a second loop on the other side. Tighten the ball to adjust. This is a professional way to make a ball with the double-sided ribbon wrap a second new ribbon around the center of the first syllable and tie a nut. Turn the Box 90 degrees, so you can make the second ball at the cross position. Continue to make the third ball repeating the same steps. Make sure the loops are not over wrapping each other and creating a flower shape, fold the end in half and cut it diagonally with the open end longer than the closed end. Do the same for all the ends and then. I hope you’ll like it and we’ll be able to use the techniques for upcoming special occasions. You can learn more ideas and techniques through my online courses. Please visit the school site, which is listed in the description for more information. See you next time. Happy wrapping you.