Inexpensive Maternity Wedding Dresses | Amazon Maternity Dress Haul | Photoshoot & Review Of Inexpensive Maternity Gowns

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Amazon Maternity Dress Haul | Photoshoot & Review Of Inexpensive Maternity Gowns


Hi, everyone, Cocina pros here! Welcome back to my channel in this video. I’m gonna show you how to purchase an affordable gown for your maternity photoshoot from Amazon and make it look beautiful in the pictures, so I ordered five different gowns from Amazon that I thought would look beautiful in the pictures. I’m gonna explain exactly why. I chose these dresses in the first dress that our beautiful model is trying on is a beautiful, very classy, elegant looking fitted gown, it’s off shoulder and reveals a little bit of cleavage, but it has long sleeves and otherwise very covering and modest. I love this silhouette because it accentuates the curves, a special of the pregnant body curves, but at the same time, it has a little bit of a train in the back, and this particular dress is made of a thick enough material to hide all the imperfections. Okay, let’s put one hand up one down on the belly. Very nice and soft with your hands. Now let’s go ahead and move you right here. In the one that’s closer to me on your lower back to create that triangle and turn towards me and chin down perfect. I chose the black color. Because this is not something you would think for maternity session, but it looks very elegant and pretty and classy, and it’s actually great for classic black and white portraits. Now turn all the way around to face the camera and put one foot on the tippy toe. It’s gonna be very similar. Pose, just facing me this way now and now go ahead and turn your face away like that beautiful. You may also notice that this dress is very slimming. When she’s facing the camera straight on like that, her stomach looks pretty small. It also has long sleeves and the material is so thick and heavy, so it makes it perfect for winter maternity sessions. In case you still want to shoot outside in the cold weather also to create a better, so I always make sure that the band is actually matching the line between her bust and the stomach. You can even use a skinny belt. Oh, tie your ribbon right under her bust. Just to create a perfect silhouette. It also has a fuller skirt, which is pretty big. We can even try to toss it and see how it looks in the picture ease. The cyllid of the dress is not as fitted. It’s a little bit more forgiving, but at the same time it doesn’t accentuate the curves as much so we would have to shape it in the pictures. So we asked her to hold her hand under her stomach. At all times. It has a little bit more covering to run the bust, which is great for those who are top-heavy on our model. I actually like it a little bit off shoulder. And this particular dress is a little bit big on her. So if you won, you can use the clip in the back and just make sure it doesn’t show in the pictures. Okay, now it’s time to see how it looks on camera. I picked this deep Burgundy red color, which I love how looks in the pictures and it’s actually perfect for winter or [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] moving on to the dress number three. I love this deep emerald green color because it looks great on camera, and it looks good almost with any skin tone, but the length of the dress looks a little bit odd to me, but maybe because our model is pretty tall, so keep that in mind if you decide to order this particular dress, the fabric has a soft, velvety texture and I love the deep slit in the front. When my client changes in your outfit, I always make sure everything looks perfect that there are no tags hanging and sometimes. I have to adjust the fit of the dress. For example here. I had to adjust the neckline to create that V-shape [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] so there’s a next an example of a good Animas on purchase because this is a fantastic just that you can do so many different poses and a lot of those, you know, flowing fabric effects without spending too much money because this is like $35 or around that, so I love that it has like a sweetheart neckline going on, but it’s a little too tight, so if it’s a little bit, you know what a bust to get a size up because this is very stretchy here, so she could, she could have had, like a bigger belly and the main feature that I love about this dress. Is this so instead of having one shiny, actually stepping on the just let it go Instead of having like one train has like to collect little tails that you can toss up in the air. It’s not the same fabric as I usually use, cuz. This one is a little heavier, so it doesn’t flow as much because it goes down on the floor. A little bit too fast, but we can see how looks so it goes like this way. And if you face that way for me, remember the pose that we did? Yeah, right there, and this hand goes up here, rather beautiful, so this looks very pretty. Okay, So three two wines. Hus’s, mustard, yellow colors, one of my favorite colors to shoot Gazoo looks great with any skin tone, especially with darker skin tones, and it’s a great color for summer and fall photo shoots when working with the guns with longer trains make sure to stretch that train out on the floor, too. You look nice and big and askew, claiming not to move too much because every time she’s gonna move, The train’s gonna move as well so. Rick, with this dress before I use like a different color. So that turned out very pretty in the pictures because the incomes of different colors. So I’ll drop the link below. Got us change into the next one, shall we? And this is our last purchase of the day, so I love it has like a little sleeve because for those who concern about having bigger arms that actually helps a lot because it shapes it nicely. You can still show a little bit of the shoulder, but you don’t have to show the entire arm and it has some pretty lace because some lace looks very cheap in the pictures, but this one actually looks pretty. It’s actually has, like a little bit of a train going on in the back, so you can laid nicely on the floor and it looks pretty, okay. Let’s go ahead and shape it. Stay right there, mm-hmm and just bring one foot on. That’s a bit so rather beautiful, so let it go for sick, so see like you have to shape this dress as well because otherwise it doesn’t show the entire curve, So what I like to do is to ask her to hold you her belly like that, and that looks pretty. [MUSIC] [Music] [Music] so we’re done with reviewing those dresses. I’ll drop all the links at the comment below. If you enjoyed this video, please give me a thumbs up. Click the bell button and subscribe to my channel. Follow me on Instagram @. Kseniya Profoto. So the bottom line is you can get a pretty dress on Amazon. That looks good for the pictures, but if you want to have a high quality dress. I reckon I look in someplace else, but it’s fine photo photo. Shoot, thank you so much. Everybody for being here and you look absolutely stunning. Congratulations, make sure to some cute pictures of the baby on your right. Alright, thanks so much. You guys see you next one. So which one of these dresses did you like the most? The yellow the yellow was pretty cuz. It was like dramatic near the Train right [Music].