Indian American Wedding Dress | Non Indian Bride Facing Lehenga Challenges, Nazranaa Diaries Season 2 Episode 1 Full Episode – Jamie

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Non Indian Bride Facing Lehenga Challenges, Nazranaa Diaries Season 2 Episode 1 Full Episode - Jamie


[MUSIC] My name is Jamie. I am a contract specialist. I write contracts to procure school supplies and services. And I’m from the Washington DC. Area. I came with my fiance’s cousin. She’s also my best friend and maid of honor. Her name is Opie. My name is Opie. I’m from Virginia and I worked for a mortgage company. I’m actually JJ her fiance’s cousin. But I’ve also known Jamie for over 10 years. She’s one of my best friends. We are more like sisters and friends. I met my fiance JJ. In high school. So we’ve known each other for a very long time. My favorite moment is when he proposed. He took me to this beautiful restaurant and we had a wonderful dinner and then we went to go play chess in the lawn, but the chests had a sign that said reserved for a party, so I refused to go onto the chess board, so I thought I was gonna ruin someone’s private party until he grabbed my arm and pulled me on. He took the king and queen piece, and he let me know that I’m his queen, and he’s my king, and he got down on one knee and proposed, and that’s the my favorite moment that we share [Music] [Music] Jay-j made me just feel so secure in our relationship. He let me know that I can trust him, and he not only said it, but he proved it in his actions. So just knowing that I have someone who loves me, and I can trust and I don’t have to worry know that I’m safe. I knew that he was the one. I’m so excited for the big day to celebrate the two lovely individual, so I’m very excited getting married in the summer. My bridesmaid Opie. She actually suggested to come to Naz Rana. So we knew we wanted to come to New Jersey. This was an area that was recommended and so we decided to come to News Rana based off of Opie’s suggestion. I actually found Anas Rana on Instagram. I thought they had, like a very unique selection and a lot of outfits to choose from. So that’s why we picked a comb to knit. Sarna, this is the first door that Jamie and I have come to to select Elena for her [Music] [Applause]. I laid eyes on. Uh, my name, is she. I am Jamie, Jamie. Healthy meat. You guys, what can? I help you find today, so I’m getting married in the summer and thank you and I’m looking for a Linga. Um, well, I see you can say Linga as I assume you’ve done. Some research, a little cultured. I know a girl for 10 years. Maybe some more, so she’s definitely helped me out. This is yeah. She’s been my go-to, okay. Um, yeah, so it’s a Gurdwara wedding. So we definitely want to hang go. That’s not too much skin or anything like that. Yeah, not too revealing and then. I know my in-law’s would like something that is traditional color. So the red, the bright red, so that’s something. I’d like to to look for great. Yeah, and is there a price point that we’re working with under 3,000 Okay, great, that’s fantastic, so I’m gonna head into the stockroom! Take a few pieces that I think will work for a traditional Sikh ceremony. And you girls can get comfortable here. I’m looking for something. That’s the traditional red. I talked to my soon-to-be in-laws and that’s something that they told me would look really nice, so like a bright bread. So the plan is that based off of what I’m gonna pick out today, His mom’s gonna go to India and get something custom-made for him. That’s gonna match our outfits. So, Jamie, the first outfit that I picked, It’s a beautiful red silk Linga and I’m one’s gonna bring it out for us. Wow, this is gorgeous! That’s beautiful, so the first piece that I picked out It’s raw silk. It’s very good quality and it’s entirely handy and I know in the Gurdwara. You have to sit cross-legged like on the floor. Yeah, so I would like to have some Flair, so you can easily cross your legs and sit down perfect. Yeah, that’s beautiful, it’s very pretty. I really like this one. Yeah, yeah, and do you think that in-law’s will approve? Yes, that’s the exact red color that they showed me that they want me to wear. So the first leg ad that I pulled out for Jamie. It’s a beautiful red blanket and it’s raw silk. It has very good quality embroidery. I think for a girl who are a ceremony for a Sikh ceremony. It’ll be a beautiful, beautiful outfit, so the second piece that I picked again. It’s red, the bright red that you wanted it’s raw, so it still has the Flair that I would like for a girl or a wedding. The workmanship is different, though. This is all sequin embroidery as supposes or dozy, okay. I mean, I love the color. The color is exactly what I’m looking for. I just feel like it’s too. It’s too floral, and it reminds me of the wedding that we went to long ago, so I really want to be. I mean, you know, traditional, but stand out and be different and, yeah, unique, you know? I look like exactly, and I mean, I love. I love the heavy work on it. I think that’s beautiful. It’s just it’s just not me and I don’t want too much for. Oh, okay, well, past that one. Okay, good, the next one. All right, cool the second. Langan that I pulled for her, It’s on velvet. It’s a different fabric, and I the reason I pulled. This is I wanted to show her different varieties of options, different fabrics, just because this is the first store that she’s come to and said the first time she’s trying on bridal outfits. Oh, wow, oh, my goodness, oh, my! God, look at that work. So, Jamie, the reason I picked this? I showed you Silk Lenkas. I wanted to show you a different fabric. It’s micro velvet. I love that, okay. Good, and it’s very soft. It feels really nice against your skin. And this embroidery is interesting because it has the traditional 0ZI work, but it’s intertwined with Rose Gold crystals. So it also adds that shine that’s perfect. My ring is rose gold. So that’s like, better so perfect. What do you? What do you think, don’t you that? I really love this. The work is just like amazing on her. I think it’ll will look really nice, and it still has the floral and it’s a lot, but like it’s broken up with that beautiful design. Yes, I love this and I like the material. Yeah, the material is good. It’s a good lie color. Look too so. I think you know Mom-in-law would approve. Let’s try. Yeah, see what you think sounds good. Yeah, perfect. I saw back this way. Yeah, ah, so to fit. Anyone sing again? We’ll see you shortly. [music] So, Jamie! What do you think about this outfit? The design is beautiful. I’m honestly I’m a questionable about the red. I thought it would look good on me, but now that I have it on. I just I don’t know if it’s a little too bright. I’m not sure, but and I also. What do you think about the length of that? I think it’s too much skin for the Gurdwara! Your mom-in-law is gonna like freak out if you walk into the grid lotto with that much belly l. I agree, man. So is this stomach showing will? Will that really be a problem? Yeah, it’s gonna well one for me just because. I’m I’m feeling kind of self-conscious in this. Um, and then I’m thinking about when I sit down and stand up. I just don’t want like a role to be there. But what do you think, yeah? I agree, I think it’s the blouse is too short for the Gurdwara! Your mom-in-law is gonna have a panic attack when she sees you, so I don’t. I think we need a longer blouse for sure than the rolls. Oh, yeah, so it’s a little too short for me. Okay, well, let’s try on the next one. The first dress is just weight. The top is just way too short and the color. It’s just too bright. I’m doing a traditional Sikh ceremony and so just sitting up, sitting down standing up. I think having a really short top just made me feel It’s making me feel really really self-conscious and I want to be comfortable and not have to be thinking about having a little bit of a roll when I sit down, so it’s just it’s not for me. The top is just too short like the blouse is too short for a traditional. Gurdwara wedding! It’s too a little too short! The color is amazing on her, though, but we’ve definitely a longer blouse surprisingly. Jamie is not very comfortable with the length of the blouse, which is understandable because she has to do math. I take it the Gurdwara! She has to walk multiple times, so it’s understandable that she doesn’t want so much of her skin showing [Music] so, Jamie! What do you think of this outfit? I love the length of the blouse. I feel so much more comfortable and having a longer blouse. I’m just not feeling the color I just. I don’t think the bright reds for me. It’s just I’m not feeling it. I don’t know. What do you think, okay. I think you’re crazy. This color looks like gorgeous on you. I don’t know why, like the bright red looks so nice on you and you can get a tan. If you’re worried about like being too pale, it’s a summer wedding, so you’ll have a nice tan. I think this color is just gorgeous. Ano bright red like I never wear bright red. My lipstick is always a darker shade. I just think maybe a darker shade would be just better on me. That’s what I like. But your mother-in-law literally had one requirement. She doesn’t tell you like any other restrictions. Only thing, she said, was do a red, a bright red color. And I do that much for her. I get that, but like it’s my wedding, and I want to like, walk down the aisle and feel as beautiful as I possibly can. I just do not feel I mean, the design’s gorgeous, this color. Just I don’t feel beautiful in it. I think you look amazing in it. But whose wedding is this yours? But exactly my opinion. I’m telling you, it’s gorgeous on you. Try about another shade like a little bit little bit darker like you said your wedding do what you want. I love the bright red. It’s traditional, it’s cultural. It’s a long blouse, so I respects the religion aspect of it. It’s bright red, so you know her future. Mother-in-law is happy with that and it looks stunning on her. All in all, let’s go a little bit darker, okay, okay. I’m gonna show you a couple of different, darker red options and see what you guys think, okay. Opie really likes the bright red on me, but I think she’s just. She’s really thinking about tradition and my soon-to-be mother-in-law and what she wants and I think the best thing to do is just compromise. I want to be confident and beautiful on my wedding day. So the red. Even though it is traditional, I’m not from the culture I’m marrying into it, so I feel like it’s a perfect mix of having both cultures represented a little non-traditional and my fiancĂ©e and I are a little non-traditional so it’s I think it’s a perfect representation of who we are, so this one’s a dark burgundy, very dark, very dark, very dark it. I think it kind of looks. I know it’s burgundy. It looks black to me, okay. I just a little bit darker than this. Not a not a not a that’s. What do you think like, right, that’s like, way too dark. I mean, I love the work on it, but it’s just like, like you said it looks black and that’s my option. Well, lets lets. Give it okay. I’ll bring out the next one. Okay, okay, oh so. Jamie, the reason I picked this, It’s not like a crimson red, but it’s not as burgundy as the one before this. So it’s sort of in between and then it has two coloreds or thosee going on. And then it has a contrast border as well. I am honestly in love with this. That red is just a very romantic red and the changing of the colors and oh my. I love it like the border. The bread! I’m in love with this one. This is beautiful and you don’t like it. I still say like the red. The brighter red looks like so it looks phenomenal to me. I I’m not a fan of this Like Dark Burgundy type of look like, yeah. I don’t know like the border looks black. The border is not black. It’s Navy blue. But it looks like it’s black from hair, so I don’t know like having any type of black or a shade of black type of thing on your wedding day. I don’t know how that’s gonna look or how like your mom in law is gonna like react to that. I think it just has this beautiful, dynamic to this dress, and that red is like a like a rose romantic deep. This is like the color of lipstick. I wear come on like this is my red and that border that border is it’s breathtaking, And I think I think I don’t know I just can. I just try it on. I’m sure I was gonna ask you. I tried, ooh! This is beautiful, okay. Are you okay with that? I mean, it’s her day like she said, I act right on, But my opinion is still like the brighter red looks better and like this black. What you say is navy blue. I get it, but from here. It looks black, So I I don’t know, lets lets. Just write on you. Let’s see it on and let’s see if that helps. Yeah, okay, good! [music] So, Jamie! What do you think of this outfit? I’m in love with this outfit. This is it’s breathtaking as soon as I put it on. I just it just felt so real, and it actually made me emotional. There’s a little bit of skin, but I don’t feel self-conscious. I feel okay. I feel comfortable. I feel beautiful. I’m loving, I’m actually like, really loving this Navy border. I think it just adds it just a dynamic to it. That’s different. I’ve never seen something like this, and that makes me feel really good because it’s it’s traditional, but then you throw me in the mix and I’m not traditional, so I think it’s just a perfect play on both cultures and really represents my fiance and I I own esteem. I fancy is gonna care about having the navy blue border on the bottom of the dress or on the de bunda. He he’s not one to have an eye for detail. So I think he’s just gonna totally love it but okay. What do you think? What do you think of the border? I don’t know, I mean like on the do. But the border, it looks blue but again on the border of the Lehenga. It looks like it’s black from here, so it could also be the lighting in the store but also. Jamie said it’s a daytime wedding. So it’s gonna be outdoors. There’s gonna be a ton of sunlight. Yeah, it’s definitely not gonna look black that. I’m certain about like it’ll still look blue. Especially the backing of the dupatta is blue as well. So it will look blue, yeah? I mean, I hear you, but just again keeping your mother-in-law in the back of your mind, I know she really wanted that bright red traditional. But I mean, like you said it. Is your wedding? It’s not hers if you like it, you know if I love it. I’m sure like she’ll come around, and, you know, come to terms with it and be happy as well. Is there a way, um? I mean, you don’t have to decide today, right. Is there a way you can bring her back and show her or maybe, like, call her and see what she thinks. I could call her, but I mean, I know. She wants the the bright red, but I think ultimately it’s like a you know, it’s a compromise, and and she’s gonna want me to feel beautiful because she did say traditional. She wants the bright red, but she also wants me to be happy. I’m not sure if Jamie’s gonna buy this outfit. I would like for her to bring her mother-in-law back to the store, just so they can see it. Try it on once again in front of the family and then make her decision, but it seems like Jamie’s pretty confident that this is her dress. I think this is just the best way to have both be happy. I fell like I fell in love with this. I put it on. I looked in the mirror and it just gave me that like that. Warm, fuzzy And I I’m really excited. I really really love this one like I said, you still look great. I’m not saying you don’t look great. I obviously love the bright red, but you look amazing. Thank you if you’re happy. I’m happy I’m very regardless. So if this is the one you think and let’s do it. I think this is the one that’s the why this is the one, so I’m gonna ask you a big question. Okay, Jamie, yeah. Are you ready to be an astronomer? I was so ready to be another on a ride. Go good to give you a hug. [MUSIC] [Music]! If you liked watching this video, please like comment and subscribe to our Youtube channel in the Rana Diaries [Music].