How To Make Watercolor Wedding Invitations | 3 Easy Diy Watercolor Wedding Invitations

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3 Easy Diy Watercolor Wedding Invitations


Hey, guys, welcome back to my channel. Thank you so much for watching in this video. I’m going to show you how to create these three super super easy wedding invitations using watercolor backgrounds also. I wanted to let you know that I might not have another video for a little while because I am actually getting married this Friday at June 7th. And then we are going on our honeymoon so with that said, let’s get straight into the video. I wanted to do something wedding related since that’s all. I’ve been doing lately, so for this first invite, This is gonna sort of make a tie-dye looking. Beachy Sort of effect we’re gonna start by wetting the top portion of the paper, just using a flat brush and some water so that the paper is shiny, not puddling with water, but just shiny. I’m using ultramarine blue. And I’m also going to add in some indigo. So those are the only two colors that you’re going to need to accomplish this one, and I’m just very lightly painting on these horizontal stripes, using that ultramarine, blue and letting it the colour blend into the water on the background, you can experiment with different brush sizes as I’m doing here. I wanted some of the areas to be darker in color and sort of have that splotchy looking effect so that it seems as though the water is flowing downwards. So I am tilting my paper A little bit. That’s just going to allow that paint to bleed out how I want it to now. I wanted this to be a little bit darker. I wasn’t liking the shade of the ultramarine blue too much, so I wanted to add in a little bit more contrast, So I did go in with Indigo and a finer brush and the same thing. I’m just applying these horizontal stripes to the wet paper. Now you do kind of want to work quickly because you don’t want the paper to dry before you’ve had a chance to let the paint bleed into it. Another technique that I found it worked well, was to just apply some of the paint and then using a wet brush sort of smudge out the area or any of the edges, using just that water that’s just going to create some different kinds of bleeds and kind of allow for a more layered effect as the paint does start to dry. I’m just going to tilt my paper again because I do like that effect of the paint running down so again, I’m just applying a little bit more indigo wherever I want. Darker areas to appear now. I’m going to flip around my paper and do pretty much the exact same thing on the other edge of the card. So I’ve wet my paper again and I’m just gonna use indigo this time because I liked that effect a lot better than the ultramarine, but you can use both. It’s totally up to you. You don’t even have to use blue if you don’t want to, and I’m just making sure to apply different concentrations of paint, so some areas are darker and some are lighter, but I’m still sticking with those horizontal stripes and allowing the paint to sort of flow downwards. So for that one, it’s pretty much finished. I’m gonna let that dry, and I’m gonna get started on the other one for this one. I wanted sort of a scribble II splotchy effect. So what I’m doing is taking my one inch flat brush, and I’m just very loosely kind of scribbling on the water onto the paper in this sort of back and forth motion from the top corner to at the bottom corner, and then I’m just going to start applying the colors that I’ve chosen those being a pink color and a more peachy orange II shade and I’m just going to use a large brush and apply that to the wet areas. I’m keeping this one very loose, because as I said, I want it to look a little bit. Scribbly and scribbles are never perfect. So just keep on adding your colors. Wherever you think it needs a little more color, you can add a more concentrated shade of the color. If you want a darker area, add a little bit more water if you want it lighter and so forth now. I’m going to let that one dry, and this is what it looks like. Once it’s dry, it’s very soft, very pretty for wedding season, and I actually really love these colors as well. Now, let’s move on to the third and final invitation idea for this one. We’re going to create some greenery coming from the top and the bottom of the invite, but we’re only going to have to paint on the bottom section because we are going to take these invites into Photoshop, which I’m going to show you how to do next, and we’re gonna move things around and make the invitation really come to life, so I’m just using a mix of green and indigo to kind of create this greeny blue shade and I’m just pressing very lightly on the tip of my brush and then pressing down harder on the belly of my brush to create these sort of leafy green or things. It is a lot easier to create these if you start at the top and then go down to the bottom, so I’m just pressing lightly with the tip and then pressing harder on the belly and then back to light. I’m going to try to evenly space this color out along the bottom, and then I’m going to switch colors to create a little bit More contrast as well and also be sure to use the very tip of your brush to create those little stem indications in between the leaves so brush. I’m using here is actually my brand new brush from my Wonder. Forest brushes, collection. I’m going to include a little bit of information about these and how you can get them now at the end of the video. So please stay tuned if you’re interested in those, but right now. I’m just using indigo. And I’m creating the exact same kind of greenery going from the top to the bottom again and just filling in some of those white areas. I really like using blues with my greens. I think it adds such a pretty more muted shade, and I think it’s perfect for wedding season as well. It’s a lot softer than your traditional like bright greens and bright blues here. I’m creating slightly thicker leaves just to experiment and I’m just pressing a little bit harder on the belly of the brush. Now I’ve added a little bit of burnt umber to my indigo to create sort of this bluey brownish shade. And I’m going to create some of these little Fergie. Little weed looking things. I don’t know what they’re called, but I’m just gonna throw those in all of the empty white spaces. You’re basically gonna want to just create a u-shape and fill it in with vertical lines to create these and then attach each head of these with a stem. I just wanted to create something a little bit different from the typical greenery that I have in there. Now you can also throw in some little flowers even or something else. If something has more meaning to. You, definitely go ahead and do that, so I’m just gonna finish this up and let it dry now. We’re gonna pop on over to my computer and I’m going to show you what I do, all right, so I’ve scanned each of these backgrounds into Photoshop using my scanner when you’re doing print work, you always want to make sure that you scan in at a high resolution so in this case. I’ve scanned in at 300 DPI or PPI. It sometimes called, and I have cropped that image to the correct size. Then I like to go in and sort of edit the background, because sometimes when you scan, you see, all of the textures of the white background, it kind of looks grey in some areas just because of the shadows and the texture from the watercolor paper, so I always go in and I go to change the levels. I always bump up the white level a little bit, and then I’ll go in and I will change the brightness, sometimes. Sometimes I will turn down the saturation A little bit if I find yellow tones kind of coming through after doing the levels, but basically, that’s all I really do to the actual image. Just brighten it up a little bit and make the white more white. The main part of this whole invitation is going to be the wording and the text. So when I’m doing graphic work, I always always think about the fonts and the positioning of the letters that’s really going to make a huge difference when you’re doing an invitation or any kind of graphic work that involves text. So my main tip is when you’re using fonts on a graphic design. Try to stick to Max. Three fonts that for me sometimes is even pushing it. I usually like to stick to two fonts, And in this case, I have used two fonts, but I’ve kind of changed the capitalization and the spacing on some of the words, and you also want to be really, really careful and make sure that your fonts actually complement one. Another spacing is also super important. I always try to keep about the same amount of space between the words and the paragraphs, and you want to be sure that the most important information is fully visible, so not covered by anything in the background, and you just want to make sure that people can read it properly and you don’t want the fonts to be too small to where it might be hard for some people to make it out. I wanted to throw in a little border around this whole area just to kind of bring it together. A little bit and this is just a mock-up, so I’m just going to be using this same text mock-up thing on each of the invitations, so moving on to the second one, I have created a 5×7 page here, and I’ve scanned in that image and I’ve just adjusted the white balance and the everything that I talked about. Previously I’ve adjusted that again and I’ve just flipped the image and then rotated it and now I’ve just dragged in that same text that I’ve created. Previously I’ve also actually changed the opacity of the background behind the text just to make it a little bit more opaque, and that’s all. I’m going to show you guys for now for the invites. And here is how they all turned out, so I’ve just printed these on a cardstock material. You can definitely use a fancier paper. You can even print them out on watercolor paper if you want to. I would love to know which one is your favorite. Leave me a comment below and let me know. Alright now on to my big news. I have kind of mentioned this in my past videos slightly, but I have actually released Wonder Forest watercolor brushes. They are 100% synthetic cruelty-free brushes that look and act like real fur. It took me a really long time to finalize the fibers and the design and everything of these brushes. I am really really happy with them. I have released them exclusively two of my patreon. So for now, they will be in the public domain very soon. But if you want to get your own right now, you can go to my patreon page sign up. You’ll also get a discount that nobody else is gonna get, and you can purchase them right now. A link to all of that will be below and also in the card above. I really hope that you guys like them. And I hope that you liked this video. I can’t wait to see you when I come back from my wedding. Please give the video a thumbs up If you liked it, it really helps me out and I’ll see you soon.

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