How To Make Bridal Bouquets With Real Flowers | How To Make A Bridal Bouquet With Fresh Flowers In 2020 | Wedding Diy

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How To Make A Bridal Bouquet With Fresh Flowers In 2020 | Wedding Diy


[music] hi guys! Halima, here with the floral guru. And today I am going to be showing you a really fun and beginner friendly way to create a bridal bouquet. I love Bridal Bouquets because it is such an important part of the entire wedding. This is something that is in almost every single picture. It’s whipped a bride the entire day. It’s kind of like the superstar of the wedding, so this is going to be a nice, easy way for you to get into creating simpler type of bouquet, but still a very gorgeous bouquet using lots of beautiful flowers today. I’m going to be using some roses As well As some orchids. You’ll need some floral clippers. Some floral tape. Some water tubes, some ribbon, a pair of scissors as well as some pins now. I know that these are a lot of supplies, but I’m going to link everything in the description box. And if you want to know exactly how many stems I used for my bouquet, You can click the link in the description box to get a free floral count sheet, so let’s get into the design to start out. I’m going to be working with some Vendela roses. I love this rose. It’s great for weddings. A really beautiful, simple Ivory Rose. Now pour this bouquet. I’m not going to have any greenery, so I’ve made sure that I’ve already stripped all of the greens from my stem. You’ll also want to make sure that you don’t have any thorns on your stems that could potentially in poke your bride, so I’m going to be working with Vendela. I’m also going to be working with a second type of Rose Cod Sahara. This is another one that I love, and this one is a little bit more creamier than Vendela. It’s a little bit more of an oatmeal shade. So this is a great rose and then last, but not least I’m going to be working with some orchids. These are Dendrobium orchids So to start my bouquet. I’m going to grab three of my Vendela roses. And I’m just going to put them in a little bit of a cluster together, just like this, so this is going to be the foundation of my bouquet, But one thing to notice is where. I’m holding my bouquet. I am not holding it way up here. Because if you do that, there’s a chance that you’re going to start breaking the heads of your flowers, and I’m also not holding it way down here because it becomes really hard for you to manage and grow your design the further up you hold your bouquet. The tighter it’s going to be and the further down. You hold your bouquet. The more loose in our panic is going to look so. I’m going to be making a pretty structured bouquet, so I’m going to hold it fairly high up, but at the same time again, not so high that I am breaking the heads. So this is going to be the foundation of my bouquet now. I’m just going to go in and just add in my next stem, and you’ll see that I’m adding my stems in at an angle. You don’t want to just put your step in just like this. That’s not going to give you that beautiful dome shape that we all like to see. So you want to make sure that you’re always adding gems in at an angle and then you are turning your entire bouquet so that you’re making sure that you’re adding in flowers around the entire design, and that helps you make sure that you have a balanced bouquet at the end of the day so again all you are doing is laying in your flowers at an angle and then turning your entire design now. One thing to notice is kind of the natural fall of flowers. You know, flowers tell you kind of how they want to sit. So this bar is falling this way, so I’m going to just kind of turn it so that the natural fall makes sense with my bouquet, So I’ve added I’m going to turn added. I’m going to turn and you just keep doing that. It’s really easy! It just takes some time and some love and some attention to create a beautiful bridal bouquet, which is why they are expensive. When you are designing something that smaller, a lot of people think that it’s easier and it should be much cheaper, but when you are designing something, that’s small. That also means that there’s not really a lot of room for error. So you have to pay a lot of detail and attention to how your bouquet looks youll. See that when I add my flowers, I am kind of really touching it up against the one that just went in right before. If any of your flowers start to droop like this, just make sure you’re kind of pushing it up so that you can see every single bloom. You don’t want any of your beautiful flowers not to be seen now at this point. If you are not used to designing bouquets, your hand is probably getting tired. So what you can do is you can add a little bit of tape or you can use a rubber band and just secure the portion of the bouquet that you already have. I’m used to this. I’m gonna keep going and that’s just one thing to keep in mind. Is that these days? Big bouquets are kind of in fashion and all the brides, at least my. Brides want a big bouquet, but a big bouquet does mean a heavy bouquet, so one thing to keep in mind for the brides out there that are washing is the bigger. Your bouquet is the more heavy. It’s going to be on a wedding day, so you’ll see as I’m designing if I see any flowers that have some petals that just aren’t so great. Kind of that outside guard petals. I’m peeling those off again. You want your brides and pay to be as perfect as possible? This is going to be something that’s so special for her on the entire day, and it deserves a lot of love and attention. Again, which is why? Brian bouquets are a little on the expensive side. [MUSIC] And you’ll see that the bouquet is already coming along really nicely. You’ll see that we’re getting that dome shape. You’ll also see that the bottom is a spiral shape, which is always a good sign that you are doing this right so. I’m going to just add a couple more stems to my bouquet, and then I’ll show you how to go in with the orchids. So another tip if you are kind of new to this and you’re still learning is to design your bouquet in front of a mirror so that you can see how it’s going to look as a bride is holding it. You can also kind of hold it down a little bit lower, just to kind of see it from a different angle, So now that you’re done, adding all of your roses. What you want to do is just go back in and just make sure that any roses that have kind of fallen down a little bit too far. You just take your two fingers on the side of the rose, and you just pull it up. You want to make sure that as you’re doing this? You know, your hands are clean because especially white roses. They tend to bruise pretty easily. If you have oils on your hands, it can start to turn the rose a different color, so make sure that as you’re designing, you have really clean so. I’m just going to add in a couple more stems into my design so as you can see. I am all done with the roses for my bouquet. I’m going to go ahead and add a little bit of floral tape. So with your floral tape. What you can do if you are working alone is just stick it to one side. Use your thumb to hold it in place. And then you just want to wrap it around your bouquet one. Good time turning your bouquet upside down. And then if you have floral tape, you can just her this right off. So now what I’m going to do is add another piece of tape a little bit further up. My first piece of tape is down here and I’m just going to take my floral tape again. Add it to a stem, catch my grip and then wrap it around another part of the stem. That’s a little bit higher up, and I’m just gonna wrap it around twice to make sure that it’s pretty secure [Music] so as you can see, This is my complete Rose bouquet, but I am not done. I’m going to go in and add some orchids just to give it that in final, luxurious touch, so for now. I’m going to put my rose portion of my bouquet to the side just in a vase with some water, and I’m going to work on my orchid A little bit. So for the orchid. I’m going to working with beautiful Dendrobium orchids today. Now, of course, this step is too big to put into my bouquet. So what I’m going to do is just cut off the individual petals and work with that for my bouquet. So I’m going to just snip off one of the stems. Look how beautiful that is. And this is where the water tubes and a lot of the other supplies. Come into play. So I have my water tube. That has water. I’m going to stick the stun inside of my water to you. Then you can just place the stem directly into your bouquet. [MUSIC] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] you’ll see how the orchids made such a huge difference in how beautiful and unique This bouquet looks. And now I’m going to go ahead and cut the stems so that they are all even so to do this. You’ll want to use a really sharp floral cutter and so just like that. I’m all done with my bouquet. You’ll see how much of a difference. The orchids made to this design. It really just made the whole thing. Pop and what? I’m going to go ahead and do now is just a little bit of ribbon to cover up all of my mechanics. [MUSIC] [Music] [Music] just like that? I am all done with my bouquet, don’t. Forget if you want a free floral count sheet listing all of the different flowers. I use for this tutorial. You can click the link below to get that. And if you have any questions or ideas of different tutorials, you want to see me? Do tell me in the comments is all. I actually read all of the comments and would love to hear from you until then. I will see you next week.