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10 Easy Ways To Style Short Hair & Long Bob - Tina Yong


[APPLAUSE] Hey, guys, it’s Tina here. Welcome back to my channel as you know. I’ve recently chopped my hairs. I’ve decided today. I’m going to show you 10 hairstyles. You can do on short or like long. Bob’s this length of hair is still actually quite versatile. So I’m gonna show you some quick and easy style today. So this is my natural hair as you can see, it’s pretty straight and has a slight flick on the ends. Starting at my centre pot. I’m going to French braid my fringe back, adding small pieces of hair to the braid as I go once I braid past my ears. I’m going to do a normal braid and secure the ends with a hair tie. I’m going to repeat these tips on the other side. [MUSIC] Now that I have two braids, I’m going to pin them back away from my face with Bobby Pins and Tada. That is the first hairstyle done now. My hair is off my face and it looks neat and tidy now. Let’s move on to Beachy Waves first. I’m going to spray a heat protectant spray all over my head, then section it and clip the top layers up. I’m going to use my GHD hair straightener to curl my hair. Today now, you can also use a curling. Tong to do this. Whatever is easier for you. I’m going to curl the first section away from my face, leaving the ends straight, then with the next section. I’m going to curl it. In the opposite direction. This will help create volume and prevent The curls were sticking together. Now your curls don’t have to be super tight or perfect. So don’t worry if you’re not a pro. [MUSIC] [Music] once I’m done curling, I’m going to sprinkle on some volume hair powder. This one is from Evo hair, and I’m going to work it into my roots, then using my spirit fingers. I’m going to shake up the curls to make them look more effortless and to create more volume once. I’m done with that. I’m going to finish it off with some hairspray for a half up style. I’m going to brush my hair back and grab the top section and bring it back. I’m going to twist the section and then pull out the crown area to make my hair. Look bigger then. Secure it with Bobby Pins now instead of using regular Bobby Pins. I’m opted for gold ones, and I’m gonna put three in to make it look more like a statement. Hair piece. You can wear this style pretty much any day of the week, whether it be work or for school. I think the style looks great for everyday, another style. I like to do to keep my fringe away from my face is creating a single braid. I’m going to do a French braid but only add hair into one side of the braid. Then I’m going to pin it back behind my eggs. You can also pull apart the strands in the braid to make it look bigger if you have thin hair, and if you want to conceal the Bobby pin, just cover it with some hair, keeping the style. I did before I’m going to turn it into an updo by slowly twisting my hair back and adding more hair as I go when I reach the back of my head. I’m going to secure it with Bobby Pins. I’m gonna repeat the same steps on the other side and pinned the ends up at the nape of my neck and I’m gonna try to conceal my Bobby pin. So you can’t really see it. [MUSIC] And that’s how you create an easy twist up to. This is perfect for a special occasion. I can definitely see bridesmaids or even the brides wearing this. Now for those of you. Who are watching this being. Oh, my god! I can’t braid don’t worry because you can cheat by using a braided headband. Just pop the headband on top like a normal headband. And it looks like you braided it in using the same headband as before. I’m going to show you the wrap and roll first. I’m going to wrap my hair around the headband and then move on to the other side with the middle section. I’m going to roll it up and secure it with Bobby Pins. [MUSIC] I’m going to spray all the little flyaways with hairspray and I’m done. This is a super easy way to create a cute updo on short hair. [MUSIC] Let me show you another easy way to create an updo on short hair. I’m going to pin back the sides of my hair around the crown area. I’m just gonna secure it with Bobby Pins, and then I’m going to grab one-third of my hair and wrap it around two fingers, just like so this is gonna create all the roll and I’m gonna pin it into place next. I’m gonna grab another section and do the same. I’m gonna roll it up and pinned it under the first roll. I created finally, I’m going to roll up the last section of her hair, bringing it in to meet the other sections And then pin it with a Bobby pin. This is another easy way. You can work with the short hair to create an updo moving on to the mini top knot. I’m going to section off the middle part of my hair and tie a small pony on top of my head. I know I look a little bit crazy, but I promise it’s gonna look better. I’m going to use my brush to lightly backcomb the ponytail. This is gonna make it a little bit thicker then. I’m gonna grab the pony and wrap it around the base of the hair tie to create a small bun. Then I’m gonna pin the end into place to give the rest of my hair. Some volume. I’m going to also back home these sides and fluff it up a little bit. This is the mini top knot. I’ve got a section off my fringe and grab two small sections of hair behind it. I’m going to twist those two sections together and then add in a small section of hair. I’m going to twist it again and repeat these steps until I reach behind my ear. [MUSIC] then using a bubble peanut. I’m gonna pin it securely. I’m gonna repeat these tips on the other side. [MUSIC] Now because I have less hair on this side, I’m going to pull some of the twisted braid up to make it. Look a little bit bigger then. I’m going to pin it behind my ear and I’m done. I’m left with a sheet Half-up Half-down star. That’s really simple and easy to do on short hair. So there you go, That’s ten styles you can do. I’m short hair. I hope you guys have enjoyed today’s. Quick video! If you haven’t already make sure you subscribe to my channel, please click subscribe, so I can get to 2 million subscribers by the end of this year. I’m almost there -. Please help me check out some of my other videos. If you have time and I’ll speak to you guys next time. Bye [Music]!