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Bridal Style | Old Hollywood Glamour


[MUSIC] welcome to Whistler Bridal boutique. Today we are talking about one certain bridal gown in particular and the different bride who are looking for that old. Hollywood glamour know Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly. All the amazing, beautiful dresses that were worn by those wonderful, beautiful, famous actresses back in the day, so we have really gorgeous, simple, streamlined silhouette in this video, This one isn’t gorgeous, a line of ball gown from essence of Australia at the d23 11 with a beautiful flattened material and it’s featuring and be pleased. Sweetheart, that is going to be a beautiful kind of classic gorgeous Look, but then it has this beautiful illusion neckline, which keep it really classic, really simple, Extremely elegant is just so different and a really gorgeous. Take on kind of a classic. Look, that would definitely be seen back in the 20 30 or 40 [music] here! We have another ballgame. This is a beautiful, very light material or and the ball gown with a ruched bodice is featuring easy neckline. This is going to be fluttered on so many different luggage makes is really going to definitely bring out that. Lola for glamorous. Look, just having the nice clean lines. The ruching works it on so many different body pics and the wave is finished off with this beautiful beaded belt that comes with the dress and it just really, it fits that pop of grammar, and then you can jazz it up with any sort of accessories You might want and it’d be absolutely stunning, and it also has a nice, low V in the back. Keep creating a little bit of a nice into the piece back there. [MUSIC] It’s been clear for Pronovias and so beautiful is really really different and unique and it is so fabulous. It’s really just going to highlight your part, really make the bride feel absolutely stunning, so this dress is so different as well as featuring the illusion, Please be aware spotted with that. Mot lockbox off the shoulder. Luggage is so in right now. But also it is kind of throwing back to older styles and trend as well. So it’s going to bring a lot of Hollywood glamour, but also in a modern way as well. It was just going to be a very beautiful choice for anyone. Who’s looking for kind of a sexy, yet? Elegant look on their wedding day. [MUSIC] Beautiful strapless fit-and-flare from Australia. It has a little bit more volume on the bottom. Which all Mrs. Morgan Mermaid. This is going to be again, a really beautiful choice for showing off of her and really making the Bredesen statuesque and beautiful, but the details of this one is really what makes it is so glamorous. That illusion, bodice kind of commuting like a corset and then the beautiful lace because a little bit of shimmer going into this beautiful satin and skirt and train, It’s just going to look so beautiful and really, like a throwback to 20s and 30s and 40s This one could be so stunning on a lot of different bodies pace. It’s so beautiful, finish off with a nice bead itself, and then it has a little fabric, covered buttons all the way down into the beautiful, big right [Music] in the new dress because to get from Rebecca Ingram is called controls and this one is so unique so beautiful, but also it’s got those really classic, beautiful old Hollywood glamour vibe to it so feminine and beautiful and simple, but excessive people babies trap is really just going to highlight the waistline and then have the most romantic bottom, but the actual fabric of this is printed with this sort of flower pattern, which makes no different because looking at the dress and certain life is going to look like it’s just plain kind of ivory fabric, but then when you see it in different light was going to show up with those flowers, which is makes it so different and gorgeous, and it’s really just the most beautiful, low back going into feet and then again button’s all the way down. Look at them and gorgeous, beautiful choice for your wedding day. [MUSIC] She’s fitting farinelli work and this one has a really beautiful drape, bottom and silhouette You at that has eight people inside that does meet the wave, right, look, so flattering and beautiful, and then the beautiful beaded embroidery going just over the shoulders and down the fact is really stunning. Love for a gorgeous closet. Look in the front and then such a fun, unique, delicate back that rose just to make this dress a really classic choice but to some modern qualities to it. This is going to be a stunning Look for kind of like a Great Gatsby. Look or something that’s going to be more of a 25 really swimming. We work on this. One and it’s got such a simple quality, but then it is going to be a showstopper as well. [MUSIC] Okay, align volume from Michaela is such a fun romantic. Take on like an Audrey Hepburn. Look, this one has a beautiful, classic flattened bodice with an EP, adding a little bit adventurous to it, even though simplistic lines and in this skirt is just gorgeous organza layering that really makes it feel feminine, so beautiful makes you feel like an ethereal princess, but it really brings that glamorous bite to it as well, so the back on this one is quite low with little straps that really just finish off these easy details of it and make it such a gorgeous dress for anyone looking to the back kind of glamorous five. If you haven’t already please subscribe to the channel for more info on dresses and mystique and as well as one of them Instagram path with love file [Music].