Holding A Bouquet Of Flowers | How To Make A Wedding Bouquet (garden Style)

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How To Make A Wedding Bouquet (garden Style)


Hi, we’re in past the floor studio today and we’re going to be creating a garden style bridal bouquet with neutral colors and some foraged items, the supplies that you would need to build. This bouquet are pair of snips. Some rubber bands, some green tape, either the regular floral tape, or I don’t have like the corrosion, but the water proof Center, Oasis tape and a pair of birth strippers and I can get started. Our booties are normally very colorful. So this is a fun challenge for me to do something. A little more neutral tones. We’ll be using the quicksand roses that we have open by and. I’ll show you how to do that. Toffee rose, which is the cousin to combo for our greenery, will be using baby eucalyptus and gunaih eucalyptus. We have some white scabiosa a couple dahlias that I pulled from the garden. This beautiful vine called porcelain berry thatll. Calm you down a little bit less. She colored butterfly ranunculus. I love this flower because it just has so much personality. We have some spray roses and we have this. Tibet rose. If you can find some, that are a little more open. You want your flowers to be blown open and really expressing themselves and your bouquet? Some people like to have their roses open. I like that this takes up more real estate. It’s more dramatic, but some people think that this looks too contrived. So it’s totally up to you, but I will show you. If you do want to open your roses, how to do it? If there are any yucky looking garden pebbles, you’re gonna tear those off, so you start with the outermost petal and you use your thumb to reflex the inside right because they will grows and you work your way around carefully. They’re not all Windhoek in the same way Because Rose has its thorn just cattle boy. So this is what it’s going to look like. When it’s nobody, so let’s begin to putting them together. Our garden style. Okay, make sure as you pull your flowers and greenery out that the stems are stripped of leaves. The bride is not going to want to be holding leafy stems, And I kind of like to lay everything out on the table. So I think I’m going to do that. It gives you a better idea of what you’re working with, and then you can just grab it and go. The most important thing actually is to prep your stems before you start building the bouquet because it’s very hard to pull leaves off stems and to pull off any backyard pills when you’re in the middle of holding a bouquet. So the first thing we’re going to want to do is build the framework, the shape, the armature of our bouquet. So we want to just have that base that gives us the idea of which direction our shape is going to go. I’m actually going to leave these in the bucket because I don’t want them being compromised. Sitting on the table. This I picked from the field like I said anything That’s Boggy. You can always edit it as as you finish out here. I’m also using a mirror here. It’s very similar to taking a picture of your work. It looks different when you reverse it, so I just use a mirror to make sure that this shape is what I want to speak that we’re going in the right direction, so we’re starting with our greenery when you’re working with florals, pay attention to each stem and study what direction that wants to go, so this clearly wants to be somewhere in the front where it can droop down its. Okay, you want the stems to be going at an angle? You’re holding hands very loosely as if your hands were base. Some people like to use a rubber band to tie off their greenery to make sure that it’s not going to move before they put the corals in and sometimes. I think that depending on how a key my hand gets the today. It feels pretty good, so I’m just gonna keep going. We’re going to start adding the flowers and again keeping kind of with the shape that you want for your bouquet, as I said before a garden style, so it’s gonna be a little bit looser, and I tend to stick with all the same colors first. I don’t know, that’s that’s just the way I. It can be tricky holding that sometimes give yourself new patience on this and actually. I’m going to do what I said. I don’t do and I’m gonna add in some spray roses. I also build my bouquets so that there are more one sided. They are complete. They’re not naked on the back, but there is a definite front and back to my bouquets. You’re building this here. You want to think about different dimensions? You don’t want everything to be on the same plane, which it kind of is right now, but once. I add some more girls here a minute help, so I’m just gonna continue adding florals and they keep sure that they’re on different planes and really fill it out and add some more little bits and bobs in between so that when we’re done, have a nice fall garden style, okay, it’s also really helpful to sometimes Hold up the flower and see it’s not actually gonna look in there before you put it in before you commit to it. The flowers will shift. You just have to keep holding on tight and you can kind of. Pull them out as you need to. You can manipulate these guys. You want to make sure that all your stems are long enough? They pay attention because when we go to put them in water. You want to make sure every stem doesn’t matter? I’m kind of liking the direction This is going and I’m gonna add the really fun stuff. Some other really fun stuff now. I may add some more roses, but I’m gonna fill in a little bit with these wispy butterfly ridiculous. This would be called a fringe flower because it’s Ivory / blush like some of the other flowers in this bouquet, but it’s also got that Brown, so it kind of pulls the two together Since this is the bridal bouquet. I saved the best flowers for the bride. It is the statement piece of the whole wedding that sets the whole tone. So you want to make sure that you’re using the finest florals that you have for her? I like it a little wiggle to it. And when you get to this point, you have to just carefully. Start leaving the florals, you know? I’ve kind of woven that into the back. Let’s weave it through. Some stems. Are flimsier than others, so just be cautious of that as you’re doing that. I’m going to add one to the back just so then she’s not looking at a flat surface. Dyes are kind of a tricky flower as far as bouquets. They can be a little finicky. Sometimes their sons are a little bit compromised and they can be very overwhelming. So I’m debating whether or not. I even want to put this Dahlia in her bouquet. I feel like it’s a bit overwhelming, but I might use something smaller like this, and it’s fine to put one flower in the bouquet. You don’t have to be married to threes. I think it’s actually kind of needs. Have a little statement. Start humming, really fill out our spaces in here. I’m noticing that that these two were on the same plane so I might try to tuck this in a little more. I don’t know, I usually save the whimsical stuff for last you don’t want. The floral is to look like polka dots either. When you’re doing this so like you don’t want three of the same variety on the same plane next to each other, so just really think about the placement of the flowers, and I like to let the the whispies hang down a little more. Sometimes look with them all on the same side. I’ll just kind of cluster together and then maybe carry them through on the opposite side. As you’re. Looking at your bouquet, you can edit things just because this is in here doesn’t mean. I have to stay in there and I’m not particularly fond of that. So I like a little bit. I’m going to cut that out. Everything floral should be able to shine. Hold it with your. I think I’m going to add a little bit of porcelain berry. I cut off the purple berries you know is. I like the vine and I’m not sure if her role actually fits in with her color scheme. So now we’re going to take the red band along to your bouquet. Some standards make ships that you can just choose. So you’re gonna want to do a final cut and this time. This is why it’s important to have sharp pencil. You’re gonna make it, they all. Are you know, stragglers that look kind of funny to be carrying that? I am sometimes these side stragglers, and you can just kind of leave them. In now that we’ve completed our garden style, okay. I’m going to show you some ribbon options. And when you get to the place where you’re ready to ribbon, your bouquet, you can then take the stem these stems and wrap your green tape. I see a little bit of leaves. There just do a nice little wrap of green tape. It adds a little extra surface area to place the other day. You’re just twirling it around and then you can lay your camera table. We’re in a vase. It won’t be out of water. Long flowers are amazing, so we have several different options. As far as ribbon goes, this is ribbon from honey Silk and Co. It’s a hand dyed velvet ribbon, which would be really beautiful, neutral color for this bouquet, also from money, silk and co a ivory clover ribbon. This is beautiful, handmade silk ribbon from Kate at the lesser Bear. She does an incredible job. I use her ribbon. All the time and this ribbon is just your typical double-sided satin ribbon, which makes a lovely finishing touch for brides who want a simple cuff around the base of their okay. I’m going to wrap this one today. In this beautiful ivory colored ribbon from the lesser bear. This is a silk ribbon. It’s more expensive, so make sure that when you make your cut. It is the final cut. If you need to measure out how long you want it to be, however, you need to do that. I like to cut my ribbon on the bias. Very important ribbon, scissors, old lady. Don’t let anybody use these for anything else, so we’re taking the ribbon now, and we’re going to place it on the front. Okay, crisscross it in the back. You want to make sure they have a clean work surface to? Because you don’t want any dirt getting on this ribbon? It’s too special and then we’re going to tie it in the front and you can either leave. It long had a nice, beautiful bow. Okay, that’s it. I could, I could add another ribbon too, but I think that would be really. It is beautiful to add different little fixtures. I like the difference. They symmetry of having to be at different levels. I fold it over so that gorgeous side is shown all the time you don’t want the back showing, and then you just take that and pin it. I hope you enjoyed your time with me. Today building a neutral colored garden style bridal bouquet stay tuned for more tips, tricks and tutorials. And I’ll see you next time [Music]!