Handmade Will You Be My Bridesmaid | Bridesmaids Proposal Boxes + Gifting Vlog

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Bridesmaids Proposal Boxes + Gifting Vlog


Hey, guys, thank you so much for watching so today. We’re doing things a little bit different so. I thought it would be a good idea to show you guys, my bridal proposal boxes and I am going to be handing out to my bridesmaids this weekend. Actually, we’re all going to New York. I’m going wedding-dress shopping. And I thought it was a perfect idea to give them their gifts this day. We’re going to Newark, so I’m obviously not gonna upload this video until after the fact that I give their gifts, but I just want to give you, you know some ideas. Maybe you know someone getting married or you’re getting married pretty soon so. I thought this would be a good idea because personally when I was looking at ideas on what to give because it’s really hard to give gifts, I have six bridesmaids and it’s hard. You know, it’s just how to get something. They’re all gonna like so I was on Pinterest. I was on Google. I was on Youtube. Youtube really didn’t have too many videos. So I’m like I’m gonna upload one because I think it would be helpful. It was really low-key stressing about this. I hope that they like it. I feel like the items I got. Is something you know? Everybody can use, so let’s get started so first. I’m gonna show you guys the proposal boxes. I have six bridesmaids, So what I did is. I got five white. Will you be my bridesmaid boxes which look like this and it just says. Will you be my bridesmaid and gold and then? I got the maid of honor box. Pink, cuz her favorite colors, pink and its gold. The writing is in gold. It looks like that so. I was looking all over for these boxes. I saw Etsy had them, but they were a little bit more pricey and the wait time was just too long. My advice is, if know you’re gonna do that well. I knew, but I procrastinated and I usually don’t cry seeing it. Can’t even say the word. I usually don’t procrastinate when it comes to things like this, but literally. I got all their stuff two weeks before like we made these plans As if I didn’t know what day we were gonna do them, so take my advice and buy all this stuff way ahead of time. So you’re not stressed and like trying to figure out what to get everybody like. I did so yeah, I didn’t get the boxes on Etsy. So then I looked on another website, which the boxes were really pretty as well. They had the names in the front and then you opened it and then it said, will you be my bridesmaid inside? Which was really cute, but literally. It was double the price and my thing is. They’re probably gonna throw away these boxes anyway. So I was like if I can find something cheaper and still cute, then. I’m gonna do that, so I bought these boxes on Amazon. I bought five of the white ones. They came in a pack with all five, which was perfect. It was five for 35 I want to say five for thirty-fi’ve five for 36 something like that. And then the pink one, which was a little bit more expensive. This was like $15 just for this box, but I’m like I want the bright, the maid of honor to have, like a different color to stand out and things like that thought. It was really cute, so yeah, altogether. I want to say it was like $50 around that for six boxes and then inside the boxes. Oh, and by the way, they have different colors. I chose white and gold because that’s kind of the theme of my wedding. So that’s why I want to keep it that way and then for inside, This is obviously an empty box, but I got this stuff to add in there. I don’t even know what this is called, but it’s almost like stuffing stuffing what I don’t know what to call it, but yeah, so. I bought this stuff at the dollar store. I bought two packs packs our leg. Maybe like this big and I’ll show you a box with like all the stuff in it only did one box right now, but yeah, so this? I only had, I only put two packs of that stuff. In there and it just keeps the stuff, you know, not rolling around all over the place. And also what’s cool about this? These boxes come flat, but they’re so easy to put together like, literally, and this is magnetic, so it closes. So you don’t have to worry about, like taping it or anything like that, so that? I really liked as well. The first item I got. Is this wine glass which is so cute? This is my sister-in-law’s name. This is just yummy when I have upstairs. All the other ones are downstairs, but its rolls gone and it fades through the glass, and then it says their name, so the only thing that kind of annoyed me about this is that they did the names lowercase, even though I sent them uppercase. I guess the website they emailed me and said that they only do lowercase, which I don’t know why they should stick that on the website. I’m thinking that I’m getting everything uppercase like, why wouldn’t you? You know, so that’s a little weird, but nonetheless, they’re super cute, like I love them, So a lot of pictures on Pinterest say bridesmaids and bride and all that and like that’s super cute, but at the same time, they’re not gonna use that after the wedding is over. You don’t know how many times they’re gonna be your bridesmaid or anything like that, so you don’t want to just label that and have that for them forever. If that makes sense, so a better idea in my opinion is to have their name. Everybody loves to have items with their name on. It obviously cuz it’s yours, so I think it’s just a better idea because they’re gonna more likely use it more often because it doesn’t say brides me on it. You know what I mean, so yeah? I got this from the website called wedding favorites. I found them on Instagram. They had like a 10% off going on, so all these glasses ended up being like $10 which is not a bad deal because it has name on it and it’s really pretty also to go along with that theme. I bought them a small bottle of Moscato. Like, how cute is this? The color goes hand in hand, like, literally perfect and it’s just a small bottle for them If it’s perfectly in the box. So I thought that was a cute idea. You know, a glass and some wine or champagne, whatever it is so. I wanted to get them first like Mo. Wet or something, but not everybody drinks that, and I know all my bridesmaid drinks Moscato. So I’m like you know what I’m just gonna get this, and I went to the liquor store and they had these small little bottles and I’m like, how freaking cute is that, so yeah, alright, next thing. I got them is little gold necklaces with their initial on them of their first name. Right there with the little hearts, This is G. This box is all done. So that’s why everything is G, but I don’t. I don’t want to put it on, but so look. How cute that is! It has a little letter and then the heart like. I would definitely wear a necklace like this with an outfit like this. You know, like something very simple. It’s super cute! I got everybody there in the show with a little heart. I just thought it’s just something, you know. It’s just it’s not like it’s 14 karat gold. Real gold, it’s! Just, you know, costumes, really if you will, but I just think it’s cute. You know, we could all wear together or not. It doesn’t really matter, but I don’t know me personally. I love things like I said, with my initial or with my name, and I feel like everybody would wear this. You know what? I mean, so it’s very cute, simple and I got this. I forgot what website I got it from. I think it’s called Jj’s house. Yeah, and I want to say they were like they were super cheap. They were like maybe six seven dollars. Each which isn’t bad so. I was like you know this, it’s perfect. I’ll just get them. You know, everyone, a little necklace, and yeah, so that was the first three items that I got, and then literally yesterday I was thinking I’m like. Oh, my god, that’s like nothing like you know what? I mean, I felt like bad. I was like I need more, so I just added a couple more things that I think is super cute. I went to Marshall’s cuz. Marshalls is my favorite place to shop. I’m not kidding in store. Cuz online shopping is obviously my favorite, but I found these masts with glitter, mass, which is so cute like what a gift without me, adding some type of glitter into it. You know, it wouldn’t be me so when I found these, I was like yes. I’m getting them so. If you can see, see all that glitter, it’s super cute. It’s a hydrating mask. This one’s the watermelon hydrating mask, it’s super cute. It goes with the theme because everything’s like gold rose gold, and you know, it’s super cute, so I only have. They only had four of these, but then I saw two of these which made six altogether, which is actually perfect because this one’s, a different mass is to purifying mass and this is a charcoal mass, which is good for oily skin and couple of my bridesmaids are oily skin, so this actually worked out perfectly, so this one’s a charcoal, black mass and it has glitter in it as well. You can see it has like little stars Glitter reflex, so it’s just a cute way to incorporate. You know, skin care as well as things to pamper yourself. Because I got these cute little I’m ass! Like, how cute are these little cucumbers? So I’m putting this in their box as well, which I thought was just a super cute idea, like just little things like this to fill. The box is a really good idea, and it’s super cheap like. I got a whole ten pack for, like, four dollars, so you can’t beat that. And these masks were pretty cheap as well. There were like six seven bucks, so I spent about to say, like $35 on each box. Yeah, you might think. Oh, that’s cheap because I know how to bargain, and everything’s super cute, but it all adds up, you know, 35 times six. That’s over $200 so you got to keep that in mind as well. You what, you don’t want to overspend, especially because this is just a proposal box. This is not like the gift that you’re giving on the wedding days. Well, like me personally. All the girls know that they’re getting the bridesmaid robe. I’m not putting Brice me on the rope. I’m putting their name. I’m keeping it. You know everything the same with their name that way. They can use their after the wedding and not just for my wedding. I’m not gonna be selfish, so yeah, they’re getting their rose, but I personally want to give that to them on the wedding day, just because I’ve done makeup for weddings, Plenty of times and girls have forgotten their robes and they had to go back and go get them. So I’m like I don’t want to deal with added stress over something so small on my wedding day, so instead of worrying about people forgetting stuff. I’m just gonna have it. The day of the wedding and everybody can just put it on when we all get dressed together. So that’s what I’m doing. I’m also getting them one more thing on my wedding day, but I can’t tell you, because obviously I don’t want to say and me me. One of them are gonna watch this video and then they’re not gonna be surprised. Oh, so anyways. I’m gonna show you what the box how I put it together. It’s so cute like everything just goes together and see like how cute is that, and now what? I originally wanted to do was to get cookies like in heart shapes, that said. Will you be my bride to me? It was so cute and I was gonna add that into the boxes, but the ladies, that are usually order cookies from never responded, which I’m low-key upset about. But, you know, it is what it is, that’s okay. I’m not gonna stress about it. I got them a little personalized. Yes, I think they will enjoy it. I hope they will because I did put a lot of thought into these things. I also was thinking about doing like a passport holder because all of us are gonna go on our trip for my Bachelorette, But like I said, the only place they had, it was Etsy and it was gonna take over a month to come, so I couldn’t order that for them, but I can always work at that or the wedding. Who knows no, cuz it would be before the trip. Nevermind, yeah, but that’s another idea as well. I personally say get things with their names. If you want to get one item like me for the. Bachelorette, like I, I was first Gonna also do bathing suits with bridesmaid on them, and then we obviously get a bride or just like we’re all white, but then I’m like I don’t want to stress about sizes, and if something doesn’t fit like a robe is different because it’s small, medium large bathing suits have number sizes, and they’re super hard. You don’t know what’s gonna lose away who’s gonna gain weight now, my business, but you don’t want to stress about that either, especially that the trip is that all we’re not taking this trip until next year, so I don’t want to get sizes and then just doesn’t end up fitting, so that’s why I didn’t get that, but yeah, that’s basically it for today. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. I hope that I gave you guys. You know, some little ideas and tips for your proposal boxes and I’m excited about this weekend. I hope we have so much fun. I think I’m gonna vlog a little bit while I’m in New York just to show you guys little clips. If I do, I’m gonna add it. So thank you guys so much for watching, and I’ll see you in my next video [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music].