Halo Settings For Round Diamonds | Round Diamond With A Cushion Halo | Why Your Diamond Must Be Set Low To The Halo

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Round Diamond With A Cushion Halo | Why Your Diamond Must Be Set Low To The Halo


Hey, this is! Vanessa, from Vanessa Nicole jewels out in San Diego and I create custom engagement rings for clients all over the world, and I’m working on this particularly special rings for Todd and Angie. Right now. He’s actually already proposed. What he did was on Christmas morning. He wrapped my best-selling book. Put it under the tree. So when she opened it, he proposed with the book because he wanted to actually design the ring with her together as a couple because that was really sweet, so the design that we have come up with all together. Is this beautiful, graceful split shank setting for a 1.94 carat center stone. So there are a few things about this particular design that. I really want to point out so for the first thing is this ring actually has a very graceful blessing, and if you notice from the top, it’s just very grateful. It’s not too blocky. It’s not too wide, it’s not too narrow. It really opens up nice and dramatic towards the center stone, and so you can see that v-shape right here. It goes just below the halfway point, so that way when the ring spins a little bit, you’re still going to see just diamond and another thing that I want to point out about this particular ring design is if you can get up kind of close here without it getting too blurry, there are there. Are these really great? D Bar under the halo. So if you can get something, that’s like a backdrop, you like a bag, a black backdrop, Of course, of course, don’t have one when I’m live so anyway, there are these V bars under the point of that is to just add an extra decorative element underneath the halo. And when you turn it to the side, this particular client, she didn’t want to see any support bars underneath the halo, pulling out these V bars, so we designed it so you wouldn’t see anything except the finger. So normally you might see in between the split shank. You might see like a metal shaped donut holding everything together, but if you just want to see finger so we were able to make that happen for her. And then the other great thing about this particular setting is it actually has a cushion shaped halo? This is really popular right now. So so traditionally, you would have a round done with round halo, and we still make tons of those don’t. Get me wrong! I love them, but Christian shape tales with round diamonds. It’s a really popular design right now. So the thing that bothers me. Most with this particular combination is when you see big gap in between the center diamond and the halo. It drives me crazy, so what? I want to do when I’m designing. A ring is make sure that this halo is nice, snug up against the center stone, so the centre, so on this particular ring is just about two carats, and I’ve already prepared the setting, so it’s obviously not set in there yet, but you can see as I spilt this, but I want to fall out. You can see that the center stone is nicely hugging or the halo is nicely hugging the center stone without these really large gaps, and I such the center diamond really low into the halo because I hate when you see the diamond raised up so high, I mean, there’s enough air underneath this halo, where the light is going to be able to China up underneath the diner. So the third diamond doesn’t have to be super high up as well so by setting the centres on the low end of the halo, it becomes this seamless, this seamless effect of bling Because it really does bother me when I see these Center, so they’re so high up. I know that is a particular look that people are going for when they have the center diamond so high up. But I’m a practical person, and I knocked my rings around all the time. So if I have that diamond set up too high off my finger, I may be knocking it all the time, and it’s going to drive me crazy because I’ll constantly think I’m messing up again. So by having that center diamond down low into the halo, it’s going to protect the center diamond and hopefully less likely for the chip because believe it or not, time is ten ships. So this is an example of this particular ring again. I’ll just quickly cover The graceful will chance, and I see some of you joined in just about few seconds ago. Thanks so much for joining a Maratha and Ally. Okay, so you see this graceful split shank? It’s not too much of a wide V, but it’s not too close together where you barely see any to sweat. It’s just very grateful leading up to the center stone now. I’m going to take the center diamond out, so it doesn’t pop out while I’m talking about it. So one thing you will. I will get various requests for how wide the split will go and how much of a v-shape it is, but most often, and you don’t see it very often, but most often what I’ll do is create this very gentle split, so then it just looks very graceful and delicate now. I make it thick enough where it’s not going to be uncomfortable in between the finger when you’re kind of putting your fingers together like that because that was really irritate, so if it’s too wide, but I also don’t make it so thin that the ring is going to fall apart and it ever needs to be resized. It’s going to lose some metal as well, so this has one point nine millimeter thickness, and that’s pretty much where they make all of my rings unless the diamonds are a lot bigger in which case they’re going to be deeper as well, so you need to take that into consideration. So this is the ring for. Todd and Andy and I’m going to be delivering this next week. They already know what’s coming, so I can actually post this ahead of time because they’re designing it together, but she’ll probably love seeing it in it creation space and I’ll post the final picture when I’m done. All right, calculator. Bye, everybody!