Half Sleeve Lace Wedding Dress | Wedding Dress Shopping! | I Said Yes To The Dress At David’s Bridal!

Adrianna Santiago

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Wedding Dress Shopping! | I Said Yes To The Dress At David's Bridal!


Hi, everybody, I’m Adriana and welcome back to my channel. So today we are going wedding dress shopping and I am so excited to be partnering with David’s bridal for this video. Davi’s Bridal has been taking extra precautions to make sure that we can all find the one super safely. And I’m just so excited, so let’s mask up and go inside. Before coming in from my wedding dress appointment, I was able to use the Davi’s Bridal style profile questionnaire to help communicate the vision for my wedding to my stylist. What’s so awesome about this tool is that you’re able to select exactly what silhouettes styles necklines sleeve options that you would like for your wedding dress to have, and what areas of your body you would like your wedding dress to accentuate along with that you can also select. What kind of bride you feel? You most align with what details you admire most in a wedding. Dress your measurements, your budget and you can even link your Pinterest board so that your stylist knows everything about you and your wedding day before you even walk through the door, then you can get to browsing and looking at all of the wedding dresses on davidsbridalcom so that you have an idea of what you want to try on when you come in store, I like it because it has the sleeves, but it’s only really like fancy up here. And since it’s February, it might be cold, You know, and then I also like this one, that’s pretty, right. I like that it’s kind of sparkly. Yeah, and I like how it has like the floral detailing up top here. What’s the style that you like? Um, so I like. I guess this is called a line where it kind of, actually. Yeah, where it kind of like goes out just a little bit. I’m not really into like the Super Bowl gown princessy style. Um, so I’m really liking those, and then I might want something a little bit More fitting just to try it on and see what it looks like. But you never know you never know exactly exactly, but I love this one and I am highly biased. That’s very pretty supposed to be following her. I would not be a good paparazzi, you’re right. Did you want to say blood? Um, I like I don’t like this. This is too dark for me. Yeah, so like I’m okay with your stuff that other one kind of has like a champagne color. I’m totally fine with that. But this is too Brown. I think they call this one beige. I kind of like this too, but it looks super duper boho. So I’m not sure if I’m a major fan but [Music] okay. I feel a little exposed, but I can’t see myself. [MUSIC] [Music] that is a keeper. I love it! Hey, everybody, so we have dress number. One on and this is a really beautiful gown, and it has all of this amazing floral detail on the top, and I love the kind of boning that it has on the top part, and then you can’t really see it now, but it does have kind of like a keyhole back to it, which is really, really cool, and it sparkles so much down at the bottom. That is going to be so nice during our reception with all of the lights, and it has this really nice colored underlay underneath and not one, but two slits to show a lot of leg, so we are liking dress number one, and I’m excited to try on some more. [MUSIC] How do you feel about the otherwise? I like this I do, but I like the sleeve because it’s like the sleeve is really only like up here, right. Yeah, so I like that a lot that it kind of comes down a little, so it doesn’t feel super yummy, right, It’s covered, but it’s not too much, all right, and once the dress is fitted to use more skin tight. Yeah, to actually be like that. [MUSIC] Okay, everybody. So now we are on to dress number two, and I absolutely adore all of the floral on this. I love that it has just a little bit of structure on top so that I am nice and in place, I love how the flowers and like the branches run down the sleeve, which is super nice and plus, I’m having a February wedding, So if it’s a little bit cold, I will be covered up and prepared because your girl gets cold for everything. So yeah, I really like this one. It also has a beautiful train that kind of flows out, which is really nice. We’re really liking dress number two. [MUSIC] Okay, okay, everybody, so this is dress number three, and it is very different from the other two. You have tried on this. One is just a little bit more fitted and it kind of flows up at the bottom, but it’s really great that I love is how it doesn’t just stop and then go out like the floral just continues down at the bottom. So I love that detailing, she added this little belt here, just to kind of accentuate my waist, a little bit and something that I think is really cute is how it has the leaves kind of come up the strap and it just kind of continues the detailing of the dress, which I really really love. So this is a this is a cute contender, definitely very different than the other ones, but it’s very nice change of face. [MUSIC] He likes you too. Yeah, I would like. Can we see sleeves with this one? Yes, because, um, you can actually be like the ones that kind of hang let me hold on. [MUSIC] You know, just [Music] and it’s definitely okay. So we are on a dress number. Four now and I absolutely love the fit of this one. It fits really well on me, which is so nice. I love again that it has a structure up top and kind of like the scattered, um, just fancy lace and floral pattern on it, but it also has some really cool, sequin texturing and a little bit of glitter. A little bit of sparkle. I love the train and they said that they can bustle it at the top. It is really nice and what you see here clipped in is two little shoulder swags and they’re two different ones, And so David’s Bridle has different options that you can pick from. I love this one. I think it has pearls on it it. Could I have a hard time seeing it from this one? But I love that one, and then I also love this one. That’s just a little bit more lacy and dainty. I don’t know, I really like them. Both and they let me kind of see and feel out, Which one I like best of the dress. So I really really like this one. [MUSIC] [Music] We are on dress number five now! Everybody, and we have got a big ball going on. It has pockets, which is always a fun feature. You can slide your phone in there. A little vlog camera, anything of the sorts. Um, I really like how it has the lace all over it, so I do really like the different kinds of lace. It has you can kind of tell how there’s one layer here and then a different layer underneath, which is really nice and I do like just a little bit of support up top, which is really cool. Oh, and I didn’t even realize it had kind of like this folded over. Which is sweet but yeah. We really like dressing up. [MUSIC] Fairytale [Music]. It looks okay, it’s perfect. I can take it home right now. So I’m going to put a nail on you and this dress, okay. Um, because I think this one feels more meat, you know, because it has the floral, but it’s not like super fancy, you know, and it’s not real heavy. Yeah, it’s not super heavy like this one’s comfortable. Yeah, okay, everybody, so this is our next dress and I am a big fan of this one. I love the floral detailing and how it goes all the way down to the bottom of the dress. I love the little slit and how you’ve got a little bit of pink underneath. And if you know me, you know, I’m a pink gal, so I love that, Um, I love the structure up here. I feel really secure and I love the off the shoulder sleeves that match the rest of the dress. So I am a really big fan of this one. It’s also really lightweight and comfortable. So I think it’ll be great for an outdoor wedding. [MUSIC] [Applause]. Hello, everybody! Thank you guys so much for joining me. As I found my wedding dress at David’s bridal again, I am so thankful to be partnering with thieves bridal on this video, and we had such an amazing experience in store doing our wedding dress shopping and trying all the dresses looking through the dresses and everything was so safe and I felt safe. Um, everything felt super cleanly. I didn’t have any worries about stepping into those dresses because I know that they were seemingly clean and just making sure that all of the dressing rooms were really cleanly and everybody was able to maintain social distancing while we were in the store so it was an amazing, safe and so super special experience. Thank you so much to David’s bridal for just making that such a fun part of the wedding planning experience. Thank you guys for joining me and from all of you, who are coming to watch this video from the Davis bridal Instagram? Thank you for checking out my experience and following along on this special time with me, and if you would like to see more wedding life, faith content. This is the place to be so go ahead and click the subscribe button. But yeah, thank you guys so much again. I am obviously over the moon. I’m so in love with my dress. I want to show you guys. Honestly, I’m contemplating showing you. Um, because I truly don’t know if I could keep that a secret for that long, but we will see what I decide. Maybe I’ll Ill I’ll get out of it. I’ll get out of it ill. Snap it together and I don’t know, maybe I’ll show it. Maybe I don’t. I don’t know, you’ll know. I won’t but, okay, anyways. I’m going crazy, but thank you guys so much. I am so excited. I wish I could literally just be wearing it right now. I wish I never had to get out of it. I literally didn’t want to take it off, but I’m so excited and I can’t wait for all the rest of the really amazing wedding videos and just the rest of this amazing season. So thank you guys for joining me and have a wonderful day. Yeah, okay, I’m just kidding. Thank you guys for following along. I love you guys, bye me.