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Easy & Quick Hairstyle With Flowers (perfect For Spring & Summer) | Luxy Hair


[MUSIC] Everything about you perfect. Hey, guys, love back to the Lexi hair channel. My name is Alex and today. I’m so excited to share with you. This floral inspired Half-up half-down twisted hairstyle. And I’m also going to show you three really simple ways to incorporate flowers into your hairstyle to make it a little extra special. I think this particular hairstyle to showcase the flowers because it’s so soft and elegant. I thought would be perfect for any summer event. If you’re attending a shower, Maybe you have prom And, of course, if you perfect for a wedding. I think adding floral accessories is a perfect touch for any hairstyle, especially for spring and summer. So hopefully this video can give you some inspiration and let’s get started. All you need for this hair. Tutorial are two hair elastics and I like to have a large clip on hand just to help hold the sections out of the way, and, of course, any floral hair accessories that you want to add, and I’m also going to be using eight west of my salon. Lexie hair extensions just to help create more full Lumines’s appearance. I think extensions are great, especially if you have a special occasion so to help take your hairstyle to the next level to create a thicker hearing. I’m just going to section my hair off just below my ears. This way select are visible once we begin the hairstyle once. I put that top section of my way. I’m going to clip in one for clip left, and I’m going to begin clipping from the middle outwards just to help ensure it is closed through as possible. Then I’m going to take another fork with West and clip it on top of the previous one. I’m doing this particular technique so that my left are low enough that they don’t show with this hairstyle yet. Still give me that fullness. I’m looking for once the end. Clip the top section. You can see how well they all blend into my hair and give it more volume. We’re going to be creating four twists for this hairstyle. First twist and starting on the left side. And I’m grabbing all of the hair in front of my ear all the way up to my cart. I’m also going to clip in a one-foot. West, right behind the section to help add some sickness. And then I’m just going to clip it out of the way for now. I’m going to do this same thing. On the bright side, grabbing all the hair in front of my ear and then sneaking in another one clip left behind the section, so it blends in now with that same section. You’ll want to divide it into two equal pieces so that we can begin to tune them around one another, so you’re let’s begin crossing one section over the other, and you don’t need to twist them too tightly, but just continue this all the way until you’ve reached the end to create a more undone appearance. I love going in with my index finger and thumb and just gently pulling on the top of the twist. This gives it more detail and really makes the hairstyle pop, then flip it across the back of your head for now, and we’re going to repeat the same process on the other side, so grabbing that section that we had clip those away in the start and divide it into two equal pieces and then begin wrapping them around one another all the way until you’ve reached the end. [MUSIC] Once you reach the ends, don’t forget to gently tug on the top of the twist to give them a severe appearance. Once you’re happy with your twist, unclip, the right one and secure the two together with hair elastic as you create a Topsy tail by flipping the ponytail up and in between the two sections for some more add detail now we’re going to repeat the same process, one more time to really complete the look, so starting again on the left side and I’m grabbing a section of hair about an inch big from behind my ear and below the twist we’ve just created, and I’m going to add a one clip left behind the section so that it blends in then placing it out of the way and grabbing the same size section on the right side. Once you have your section, same as before, divide it into two and begin wrapping one around the other all the way until you reach the end. [MUSIC] Once we’ve reached the end, don’t forget the pancake to twist by gently pulling on the tops of them, and then just clip it out of the way. Once you repeated the same process. One last time on the left side, you want to secure the two foods together and then create a top detail just by flipping the ponytail up and through the two sections and then gently pull it nice and tight, and there we have it now in assure you, it’s very simple and beautiful ways to add flowers to your hair. Is that last first is probably the most popular and it would be use a flower crown. I recommend using fake flowers as they last throughout the evening, So if you are using real ones, spray them with some hairspray to help them last longer. Now you’re going to dancing which I hope you are be sure to secure your flower comes to your head with some Bobby pins, so it stays in place all night long, and there it is, you’ll be able to dance the night away in style with no worries. Next is my favorite, and it’s adding flowers on pins throughout the hairstyle. I love my simple white flowers as a soft detail, but don’t be afraid to add green area, especially if you’re wearing white, it looks so beautiful. I thought people are just so creative. You placed in between my twists and then if you are adding flowers on pins, just make sure you are securing them with additional Bobby pins, so they stay put all night. So there you have it. This is just so cute and easy to do and it’s perfect for any summer event. And, Lastly, you can easily add a flower element to your hairstyle. I placed my hairpiece to the one side. Just above my twist. And if you’re going to be dancing the night away, make sure to secure with some Bobby pins so that it stays in place. I thought this turnout was really pretty and was so simple to do. I think this would be a particularly great for prom or a wedding because it’s so understated yet beautiful so there. We have you guys. I really hope that you like this hair tutorial. And then it gave you some inspiration to put some flowers in to your hairstyle. Give this video a thumbs up. If you enjoyed it and leave you a comment. Let me know you tried it and where you plan on wearing this hairstyle. And if you do recreate this hairstyle, don’t get to post it to Instagram using the hashtag Lexi hair. That way I can see it and everybody is so happy to see your recreations, but thank you guys so much for watching and. I hope you guys soon. Bye [Music] by John! Wow, [Music]!