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Bride And Groom Cake Topper Hearts: Wedding Cake Toppers Fondant Bride And Groom Love Hearts


In this video, we’re going to make some little heart-shaped and bride-and-groom cake toppers or cupcake toppers. I should say now. I’m going to use some colors that are ready-made and I’m going to dye a flesh Call myself, but I’ve bought some black ready-made. I’m just using the wrench as one. Now if you die your own black, and it can change the consistency to being really soft and sticky, so I’ll buy that ready-made and I’ve got pink because music going to have a bit of a pink color theme and then white, another item of the white into flesh color. Do apologize! I have got em food coloring all over my hands that don’t seem to be able to wash off from earlier today, so I do apologize, so I’ve just suited my work surface with some cornflour so that my fondant doesn’t stick now. I’ve just dyed a flesh color here, and I’m just gonna roll it out Reasonably thin, not too thin, big stretches when you pull it apart. So this is for a lady one that we’re going to use the flesh for now. I’m using a heart shaped cutter now. If you’ve got just one heart shape code to just choose one and can use it twice and what I’ve got is another hardship cutter. That’s slightly less arch to the top, so we’re going to use both of these, but we’ll use this one for the initial background piece, so I’m going to cut out a few of these ready for my cupcakes, screws another one out of that and for the back, we’re going to leave those just start to harden a little bit for the background of the male cupcake toppers we’re going to do in white. We’re just gonna roll this out Same thickness as the other one. So we’re gonna cut out our hearts again, so I’ve just rolled out a little bit more white fondant for to go over like my peachy colored ones and what I’m going to do is taking a textured rolling pin. I’m just going to roll over to create pattern. This one’s just a little Venice kit company one. I’ve found so I’m going to push this on rolling a pattern in to my fondant watching the whole thing, cuz. I only need a little bit, so we’re gonna cut some hearts out, try and get a heart where the patterns kind of the deepest that you can see at the mast. Okay, so we’ve got those and what I’m going to do now is this is going to go over the top of that one, but as you can see, it completely covers, they believe in the same size. So this one this cutter that? I’ve got, that’s slightly less curved at the edges. I’m just going to use to cut just the top little pieces off like so, and I do that on all of them and just using a small brush. I’m going to just put a small amount of water on the bottom section of each of my peachy colored hearts. There’s still quite soft at the moment. If you want to let them hat in a little bit, you can do and I’m gonna line that up. So the points come together with the bottom, so it goes on line like that. So you just want a little bit of the peach color showing over the top. Try not to squash the pattern out when you put in them. Um, so what we’re going to do now is taking a little bit of white fondant again. I’m just going to roll it into a nice, thin line. What we’re going to do is we’re going to just put this on the edge, the top edge of the white, so try or follow the line along If you can, and then we’re gonna cut it off either side, just tucking it in respect as before under there to stick it down. I’m just using a modeling tool or a cocktail stick. We’re just gonna put little indentations in along the top. I’m gonna do that with all of them, so taking a little bit of pink. We only need a small amount. I’m just gonna roll on one piece like so what I’m gonna do is just flatten it. I’m just squash in it with my fingers to thin it out. If you want, you can roll it on the board with the rolling pin. What I’m going to do is start to curl the end up to create a little rose. Obviously, the longer the piece that you’ve rolled the bigger bra is it’s gonna be : Just put a little bit of water on to try and keep it together and what we’re going to do is put a bit of water on the back again. You can use edible glue and I’m just going to push that into the corner like, so hopefully you can see that. I’ll lift it up and show you Okay, What I’m going to do is I’ll repeat that all of them, but then just let them set, and then when the hard it just makes them easier to push in the top of you. Butch cream on a cupcake. So we’ll move on to the men’s ones next. So we’re just taking a bit of the black model appears now not model impaired. Sorry fondant. It’s just no more funding. I’m just gonna roll out. It’s a bit softer with it being black, so it’s a little bit sticky to use, and I’m going to cut some hearts out again using the same cutter I used for the white bits and I’m gonna go back to my whites. I’m just gonna pop a line or two lines down front of each one. You’ll after Nappin a little bit wide. You can be a little bit more careful with yours and spend a little bit longer. I’m making sure they’re nice and even I’m just gonna take some tiny black balls of the fondo nostra. Run a line of water down the middle of each my heart. So really small little balls probably we’re to see them very well to put them on, and you’re just gonna put them on each one, so these are the little buttons. You shouldn’t need to go all the way down because we’re going to be doing like a suit jacket that will cover the rest of it. You might even find that these bottoms end up being covered. So taking the black heart now. I’m going to cut a triangle from the top lets. Charge it upside down, Okay, what I’m going to do is just cut this bit in half, we’ll use. These is the all the PALS on the jacket. I’m going to put a little bit of water down either side and then see if you can line that up at the bottom. So now these little bits that you’ve cut out, we can stick on either side. So one there put the watch on here. I’m the other one I’m like, sir. Okay, now we just need a little bowtie. And then that one’s done so. I’ve put a little bit of watertha’t. Ready can use whichever color You want fee bowtie. So I’m just gonna use the pink again. I’m just going to roll out and I’m just going to get a little harder for my bowtie. So we’re going to cut out two hot chips like so. I’m going to stick these to the lip coming from the center. Will you put a little bit of water and again? I’ll put a lot of water just in the middle. You can put an indentation either side if you like. I’m just using the bottom of a paintbrush to do that. I’m using a bit of the pink that’s left. She’s gonna roll a small ball. I’m just gonna drop that into the center like so now. I’ll finish all those. But those 82 the two different designs and they’re just they just look nice on the top of cupcakes. 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