Groom Gift From Bride | Bride’s Gift To The Groom Will Make You Cry 😭- Dream Point Ranch Wedding Video

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Bride's Gift To The Groom Will Make You Cry 😭- Dream Point Ranch Wedding Video


[music] Dear Bailey. I don’t know where to even start. It seems like just yesterday that we started talking back then. I had no idea that one day I would be marrying you today before you open your gift. I know today is a little hard to do. Without your grandpa here? He would be so proud of you. So happy to see you get married today. Even though he’s watching from heaven. I wanted to have a physical piece of him. Today you’ll get to wear the ring. He ordered 20 days. [MUSIC] She’s very loving and, uh. I couldn’t ask for a better future. Life, she’s beautiful from the day we met. I knew that she was always gonna be the one. [MUSIC] Super goofy. Just I wouldn’t go as far as say funny, and that’s me, but just anytime I think about any memories we have together. The majority of it spent laughing. [music] Bailey has been the closest thing I’ve had to a sister since we were kids. I’ve always looked up to her for so many reasons turn around. [MUSIC] Jace, we are moments away from finally becoming a husband and wife. We rode the same elementary bus grew up less than five minutes down the street. You quickly became my best friend and I will forever. Be grateful for the love you give me. I love you more than anything and can’t wait to finally become your wife Love Bailey the day. I knew you were going to be. The one was the day I figured out. My grandpa wasn’t going to make it. You sat by my side in the hospital room and let me cry on your shoulder. I truly believe God put you in my life for a reason. [MUSIC] Yes, take you, Bailey. Thank you, Benny. To be my wedded wife to be my wedded wife with deepest joy with the deepest joy. I receive you into my life. I receive you into my life that together. We may be one together. We may be one for better for worse and better for us for richer for poor courage in sickness and in health and sickness and health to love and to cherish swimming to cherish until we are separated by death. And so you are separated by them. I now pronounce you husband and wife. [MUSIC] I watched you grow into an amazing woman and I’ve enjoyed watching you and Jace fall in love over the past few years. I truly am so happy that you found the person that makes you happy and loves you the way we all know you deserve to be loved. [MUSIC] [Applause] [Music]. Oh, [Music] Jace, you are a great guy. Someone who is kind, caring and fun to be around, Bailey. You have found your perfect match. Although I must admit, she might be more fun than you are Jace. So let’s raise our glass and wish them both best years to come [Music] [Applause] it just feels good [Music] [Applause]. You feel so good [Music] you!

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